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    But why do I need Tarot card's approval?

    Yeah sorry very shy :/ People like to yell at me :/ When I speak my mind if anyone wonders why they can ask in pm but.... I always like to say I have no intention of making anyone mad or upsetting anyone. :) Please an thank you.... I'm also glad that you have figured it out. ^_^ It is nice to be able to do stuff with out the assistance it makes you feel well. :) !@_o!
  2. BlueIzumi

    But why do I need Tarot card's approval?

    I agree about being an adult an standing on your own two feet that's practical...I'm a very practical thinker.... But I also do not think you can discount your cards... If they are unsure I think it is because your confidence is wavering an they are like a friend for you... And will not give a definite answer because you are so sure but there is always the possibility an just like a friend I think your cards to pick up on this.... I agree about all I think of it as more of a channeling tool... Sometimes... I think like when you KNOW! It's right no question! I don't think you would need to use your cards... As well as all the forces you usually channel would feel this too... An feel no need so maybe you're channeling yourself? An that not final strong outcome is the cards picking up on your lack of confidence... Weather it be in your cards or in your choice... I personally have read my cards when my blood sugar is low... An they get upset I can feel the energy of confusion an stress an struggle... An I'm like okay I need a sugary drink... But my cards at that point make no sense an give me no outcome... Because I MYSELF have influenced them even w/o meaning too.... But I do trust them like a friend... But some things I can't run to my friends for they can't always give the answer... So when you already know the answer you just channel yourself I think :/. My own personal opinion... Don't lesson the value but think of where the ADVICE came from is all I say... :/ Sorry if I'm made anyone mad with me please forgive an thank you for reading. :/ !@_o!
  3. BlueIzumi

    dealing with strong empathy

    I know I'm late but....I want to post this anyones if it can't help you I hope it can at least help someone else..... :) I feel for you about the empathy.... I have to tell you I have something similar at funerals... But mine is pretty bad I wouln't say WORSE BUT! The complete opposit.... I hate seeing people sad.... I do my best to make them happy.... When my grandfather an cousin died I was the only person not to cry... I was like do not worry I'm here for you it's okay he's in a better place. (Not my grandfather my family took the poor man for granted an I know my mom still does he's not great but w/o him my family fell apart...) IN ANY CASE! A 16 yr old boy dies! An I'm there trying to cheer people up! I'm like what is wrong with me.... They are allowed to cry.... I talked to his sister I told her I was there for her when she needed me gave her my number an I even made her laugh.... Her brother just died an I had to make her laugh.... Am I weird or what ANYWAYS! Don't worry you're not alone.... x_x.... I think another reason you might get so sad is because you hear all these stories... About this amazing person... An you never got to know this person you feel like you've really missed out on something grand.... An maybe feel really sad about that as well... Like you just saw him he was fine you were so happy to think of seeing him again but in an instant that's snatch away... So you're sad it's still a loss... Tell them you're so sad you didn't get to spend more time with him because he was so good to you an the time you had with him really made you happy you feel like you're missing out... An then can be like weirdo but then they aren't being very nice... At the same time they aren't in a great mind right now an probebly looking for someone to be mad at because they feel cheated.... You know? Anyways if you can try singing a song in your head or something think of flowers an bright stars happy things an if you can look out the window as much as you can to take yourself out of that place... When mine died I just wanted to so bad for them to get up I felt like I let everyone down cause i let them die... But I don't even live in the same state... x_x SO! What did I do... I looked out the window at the beautiful day that the earth had blessed us with to celebrate his life an thought about happy things and tried my hardest to make people smile.... That's what I did... Just try an seperate from that room go to your happy place. ^_^ See if you can practice before you go good luck. ^_^ I wish you well... :) !@_~!
  4. BlueIzumi

    Can My Cards Help me?

    One more thing after I did my cards.... They dropped a card on the floor for me to read not a bunch just one an my cards are not where this card could fall easy... An just one is kinda odd I got the Queen of Pentacles. ^_^ To me it's more then just an accident I find confort in it. Anyone has any ideas. ^_^ I think it's fun ^_^ !@_o!
  5. BlueIzumi

    Can My Cards Help me?

    Thank you Lenky for answering I gave up cause noone was answering. :/ But thank you for answering for my wheel of fortune Id id 3 for each. In front of the question under above behind ect. My mom used to do it so she has a peace of paper I used for a guide. :/ AN THOSE CARDS! They have felt that way since I got them I don't think my other cards or my spirits liked them or something I was so excited to have them! But they just felt awful... An here's the reason I haven't spoken of them... I put them somewhere safe where I kept my main cards... An they disapeared... They are gone.. I no longer have them they escaped... :/ BUt! If you're around I'd love to have help with a spread I'm having alot of trouble with the guy I love but he's a mess one day he treats me like he wants to be with me. Like he used to then the rest of the week he emotionally abuses me... So I ran from him. :/ I just wana know if I should give up cause he's got like jekle hyde syndrom. :/ So I wana use my cards to read what's going on . :/ It's so scary an I'm so attatched but I'm trying so hard to rip myself away. :/ So any help is good the yes or no spread sounds good I'm gonna give that a try tonight. :/ Thanx ^_^ !@_o! Update: I did if you're willing to talk over the layout with me I'd like that if it's okay :/ !@_o!
  6. BlueIzumi

    Can My Cards Help me?

    I finally figured out how to help myself with my cards if anyone else did this an was woundering.... I had to ask my mother about help an she asked me if I tried a new spread an i tried horse shoe spread.... Not much info there again... x_x So I said I want to try Wheel of fortune.... That one worked I finally got answers x_x.... It's a relatively large spread but I think I love it. ^_^ It's really helpful for self reading. ^_^ If anyone else needs help... ^_^ :/ I hope it's helpful for someone ^_^ !@_~!
  7. BlueIzumi

    Can My Cards Help me?

    REally thank you so much I need something... An I don't mind reading my own cards I just feel like they get so confused... An I feel bad doing it to them... It's weird but to me they are not just cards.... :/ Thank you I will go there tonight thank you so much I need something anything for help... :/ !@_o!
  8. BlueIzumi

    Can My Cards Help me?

    Hello. Sorry if this is posted but I'm asking it.... I'll give some back round first please if it's to much over look it :). I do tarot for other people an I give readings an I'm usually very good at it in fact I don't think I've been wrong once... Even with people I hardly know or don't know who just ask for it... I have two decks... One is my first deck an it's like my old friend an I use it the majority of the time... The other is a new an beautiful deck but I really get bad vibes when I even look at it, it just creeps me out to hold the box... An it wasn't like that till I brought it home... (That's an under question any one have any idea why that is?) In any case I do reading for everyone else an I do a good job but! I'm like alone here.... No one I know in person does this stuff... So I was wondering if there's a way for me to help myself because I'm in a very bad place right now an I was wondering if there's a way for my old friends to give me guidance? The main reason I ask is because I have been told giving yourself a reading is a bad thing... An I've tried an it's so messy it's like my cards get very confused I mean this, :/ it's like I can feel their confusion... Is there something I should do to prep even? Please an thank you for reading.... !@_o!