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  1. littlecomet

    Angels watching over you

    Okay, so I've gone to this psychic twice and she's absolutely wonderful and amazingly accurate. The last time I visited her she mentioned that I have Archangel Michael watching over me, closely. She said he must be around all the time because his presence was very strong. Then she told me to read Doreen Virtue's books on Angels. I'm not very religious, even though I believe in spiritual beings - so I'm not sure how I feel about Archangel Michael watching over me. I feel he could be real as a spirit and very knowledgeable one but at the same time, I'm not of the religion he's from...so I wonder. I do believe in him, though. It was interesting though, I found somewhere in Doreen Virtue's books that she associates seeing flashes of colors as the Archangels, and I always see brilliant electric blue around me wherever I go (coincidentally, that's Archangel Michael's color). What do you think? Do you believe in angels? What about if it's not your religion - do you still believe in them?
  2. littlecomet

    dreams which predict the future?

    I sometimes dream things that happen the next day. Often though, when someone visits me in my dreams (which I believe is entirely possible and happens frequently), that they pause the actual dream I'm having that is nonsensical and suddenly the dream makes sense. (if that makes any sense) I love it when they do that. I've seen several people who have passed on, some close to me, in my dreams. I suppose at first I was a little distressed, but now it's like having tea with them so I don't get so distressed anymore about it... ...and actually sometimes we do have tea or coffee somewhere, but that's beside the point :)
  3. littlecomet

    Religious Abstinence

    :lol: Dot, you crack me up! Yeah, I wonder. Or is it chemical? I always hear so many regulations for meditation - don't eat a lot, don't eat meat, don't indulge in promiscuous behavior...I wonder if it really does help with meditation or if it's just that person's take on it.
  4. littlecomet

    Religious Abstinence

    Yeah, what I said was sort of confusing...well, what I meant is yes, we are half and half of our mother and our father, but our mother's eggs were formed at birth in our grandmother because we have a set amount of eggs for life and they do not change - so we have a direct link to our maternal grandmother. I read about it on discovery or something like that - maybe watched a movie on it- so I'm not 100%...but I remember that they said that's why they can track Mitochondrial Eve all the way back thousands of years (because the mitochondrial-DNA that women inherit is linked back to their mother's DNA so closely, they can't track the same with patriarchal DNA). Hopefully that's not more confusing than the last thing I wrote. :lol:
  5. littlecomet

    Religious Abstinence

    @Arma - I do believe our half of the DNA egg does get discarded during the 'process' (that's the only way I can eloquently put it!) and that's one or two eggs a month. The difference is women are given a set number of eggs when they are formed in the womb, and they never replenish throughout their lives so they run out.. ah, genetics is so fun. I particularly like how women are not carrying their identical DNA like men do - they are carrying their mother's DNA that they received in the womb, so really, we're a combination of our mother's grandmother/grandfather and our father. Weird, right? So yes, it is true! :D Hopefully that wasn't too confusing. I think there's something about this religious abstinence that is absolutely intriguing. The further I research into Buddhism, I realized there is one section of Buddhists that do not follow the religious abstinence (Zen Buddhism). I wonder why that is? Perhaps they think purity comes from the lack of connections you have in life, because it leads to less complications (no structured schedule to pick up the kids, attend dates or celebrate anniversaries) But if people are here for experience...that is quite confusing.
  6. littlecomet

    Religious Abstinence

    @ Angel C - Well, I'd love to be completely Buddhist but some of my beliefs conflict with theirs, so I wouldn't be that good of a nun :lol: @ SS - It may be...you know, the odd thing I found was that my brothers were immensely accepting. But I guess it just depends on the different situations and people involved...I really hope she finds acceptance. Good for your brother - I think as long as you are happy with you, others should be happy too! For me, I am kind of a jack of all trades as far as religion goes. :D
  7. littlecomet

    Religious Abstinence

    @ SS - While I was reading your post, I was surprised because I am going through a time in my life very similar to your friends' - I am homosexual and spiritual, but not in any active relationships. My family (as far as I know) accepts me, but I run into problems elsewhere in my life due to either my sexual orientation or my spirituality. I hope your friend's father eventually accepts her - though it might take a lot of time. Yeah, I have been told in readings I'm here for the experience - it makes me wonder if nuns or monks know inwardly that they're not in for certain experiences. I'd also love to have kids...that would be one experience I just could not pass up! @ Angel C - I once actually thought I wanted to be a nun. When I couldn't find any places nearby where I live to go to, I gave up! :D Plus, I couldn't decide what religion I was in anyways- though now, I think I'd really like to be a Buddhist nun. @ Armadodecadron - Oh dear.
  8. littlecomet

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    Cassie - all I get is a cat whenever I look at your post. I stared at it awhile hoping I got something more specific...but it's a cat with semi-long hair, orange and white, green eyes. Very pretty cat. I want to add the cat's markings: orange on one half of the face, then white on the other, and orange down the back of the neck to the lower middle. The tail is white.
  9. littlecomet

    Religious Abstinence

    I have been wondering if it helps people to be abstinent from various desires; sexual, certain foods, and drinking. My thoughts are simply that I think it helps a bit with keeping your mind clear, as far as lifelong commitment to being abstinent from all three areas, I don't know how much that would help because it would involve a lot of suppressed feelings. They say that dedicated Buddhists are abstinent because they believe it will allow the soul to become clear. What are your thoughts?
  10. littlecomet

    Twin Flames - Reincarnation & Graduates

    I've had stormy relationships with people who are soul mates, but it is not the same as a stormy relationship with a twin flame. A twin flame is not the same as a soul mate - they're like a stronger soul mate than anyone else anywhere in the universe for you alone. I don't believe people can have more than one twin flame or switch twin flames, but that's only my opinion/belief. No matter what situation I have with my twin flame, we always work together to solve it whether it is my issue or theirs. There are ways for people to have karmic soul mates, where they reflect issues you need to settle in this lifetime due to issues unsettled from a previous lifetime. These are not your twin flames, but they will cause a great amount of distress for you until the issue is resolved that you need to resolve. Twin flames you also cannot get rid of, they are there permenantly. They do not harbor ill will towards you or try to make your life unbearable. (for instance, no one will ever try to break someone up with their current marriage partner if they suddenly find out that one member of the marriage is their twin flame. They will not want to harm their twin flame in any way, even if it means sacrifice on their part.) There are a lot of karmic soul mates that can make people believe they found their twin flame but it usually is not so if they do not match all the signs of a twin flame. However I have noticed that karmic soul mates are -very close- to your twin flame in personality, so it might be a sign to search for someone who has the same traits and personality. (but, I must add, it might not be the same for everyone as it was for me or other people.) I hope this helps you in some way! @ Chiili - I think it's possible for twin flames to both be negative or both be positive, but never one or the other (since it's not like evil/good - even though they suggest twin flames are exact opposites) but it is possible to have someone who is a karmic soul mate, who I guess we would view as "evil" depending on the situation to stimulate a person to change their life somehow and make them grow as an individual.
  11. littlecomet

    Who taught us to eat meat ... tie in to veggie topic

    I really don't think anyone (aliens or angels) showed us how to do anything. Life is a string of coincidences. I've heard that the appendix was used as an assistant to digest large amounts of leafy greens. Also, we used to have sharper teeth - if you look at someone who still has incredibly sharp canines, sometimes they have to have them sanded down because of damage to the tongue. In times of cavemen, they used both the ability to eat leafy greens and to eat meat because they could to survive. It was probably also a way to protect themselves against predators, and since they've seen other predators do it, they would repeat what they did. Also, I agree with the fact that we are naturally curious beings (think about yourself now - we're exploring the possibility of life after death, which to this date, cannot be proven for a fact though it can be studied and there's research existing on it...) So the curiosity of approaching a fire and putting things in it might have been how that chain of cooking the meat began. It wasn't until recently that we over-consume meat. Until consumerism began, we would have meat occasionally and substitute the rest with vegetables and fruits. In many countries meat is not the staple food for dinner - it's the vegetables. But it's all open for opinion. I enjoyed your topic!
  12. littlecomet

    Twin Flames - Reincarnation & Graduates

    I completely understand why you said that twin flame connection doesn't seem romantic Chiili: my twin flame connection is in no way romantic to me. (In fact, if we were, I'd be very confused because of the relationship we shared when he was living.) But, I do believe that it's important for me that I met him and continue to acknowledge him in this lifetime and I do love him unconditionally, because it helps me move forward and with that I can help so many people if I just trust him. But that's for me - a lot of people have different views of how their twin flame helps them. Some absolutely HATE their twin flame connection because it forces them to constantly reassess how they are approaching life in general, and it makes them consider new opportunities and some people are just not ready to solve all their inward troubles and fears which are brought up by coming back together with their twin flame. I sort of look at it as two polarities moving back towards one another once they reacquaint with each other in life or death, because it seems logical to me if I think of the soul as a sort of energy. When you put two magnets, they start pulling on one another in order to gain closeness. Since we're naturally emotional beings our pull brings up a lot of problems we harbor in each lifetime that need to be solved before we can officially reunite. So it doesn't necessarily have to be romantic in nature, though I can certainly see twin flames trying to make that sort of relationship work in one lifetime in order to better themselves, as romance is the closest we can physically be to another person. But for instance when two couples are with other people but then find out one person in each couple are actually twin flames, I very much disagree with divorcing their current partners in order to be together...simply because if you are twin flames, you would never want to alter that person's life in any way that might harm them (especially if they're currently very happy in their marriage or have children). As for the purpose of twin flames? I think the universe was initially created because there's always opposing forces to one that currently exists in order to make each other 'work'. Not necessarily needed to exist as a single entity, but as a function to keep each other in the same place, it's probably necessary to have another force almost 'opposing you' or at least the opposite end of the same frequency so you can reflect on one another. (Not evil, though. People often think if one is 'night' and other 'day', then they're evil and good....that's not the case.) So I do believe everyone has twin flames, and regarding how many forms they can take (whether there's more than one or not) I have no idea. The soul knows how it needs to progress so it's very possible there might be more than one twin flame in a group just for the purpose of stabilizing that particular energy/frequency.
  13. littlecomet

    Twin Flames - Reincarnation & Graduates

    There's a lot of views on why twin flames have such different lives, such as experiencing two different sides of a coin (you can only see one side physically, but the other side completes the entire coin). But he very well could be your twin flame - it sounds like you have a very special bond! I tend to lean towards 2 and perhaps even 3. With 1, I always thought that people were implying that if I didn't have my twin flame with me I was an incomplete soul.
  14. I know it's been ages since my last topic on twin flames! I've been reading books about spirit mediums and sometimes things on twin flames pop up. I also search google, and recently I found two interesting comments that someone else made about twin flames that I've seen before: First Comment: When one twin flame dies, they wait until their other twin flame half dies and then they both decide on reincarnation to help themselves grow or to help others grow. Some stay as guides and the other reincarnates, or one waits until the other is a certain age before reincarnating. But they won't reincarnate until they both are deceased from that planned out life cycle, and the deceased twin flame protects the one still living. Second Comment: Twin flames only meet when they've essentially 'graduated' and they only reincarnate to help others, which is why when they come together peacefully they gear their energy towards activities that bring good will to everyone. What do you think/what have you heard about these topics? I'm open for ideas. Explanation for Twin Flames: For everyone who isn't familiar with twin flames, they are also called twin souls or complementary souls. There's also multiple views on how it works. The main three I've heard are: 1. They split from the same soul, therefore are two halves of one soul. 2. They are the same soul frequency, but not from the same soul therefore are their own soul structure entirely. 3. They are complementary souls, which means they picked one another at some point and decided to stay with one another for multiple lifetimes (near ten or twenty life times) and therefore are kind of 'married' to one another spiritually. I lean towards number 2 myself, but for those who haven't experienced the twin soul connection I understand 3 is more widely accepted. Whatever your beliefs I'll be interested to hear your input!
  15. littlecomet

    Meditation for Healing

    Hi everyone! I've had a really difficult time lately adjusting to a new schedule and trying to be more active because I have an issue with arthritis. I was wondering, does anyone have similar aches and pains that they can get rid of with meditation? I usually meditate only two minutes every day. But my pain is really aggravating me and I want to try another approach over Tylenol or aspirin before I fall back on medication. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them!