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    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    Thank you for offering to help me and I am not sure on the proper rules to have someone to try to help me. I need to go back and read the rules, for asking help on a missing item. I do not want to post for help on something, that I am not suppose to ask for.... I did see where someone asked for help on missing keys or something similar to that effect. You are very kind to try to help me with any psychic feelings on this, but now I feel like a so called friend took this from my house. UGH! I would never want to accuse a person of something like this, but I can still not find the Last Will and Testament with the papers. Any help I would really appreciate it, but at the time my instincts tell me that I am not going to find it. Thank you again for taking the time to write to me.
  2. angels99

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    Thank you for your help and I apologize that my first post is for help. If anyone could be so kind to shed some light on this missing item, I would appreciate it so much! I always file this Will. Last Will and Testament. Yes, I know that I should have had it in a safe deposit box, ugh! Yet, for 18 years it has never been misplaced. It was always in the file box or the file folder. I took it out a few times and then I have had no reason to look for it for a year. Of all things I thought I might need to see how much land was in the will. There was also a few sheets of paper with important information, that I kept with the will. That is gone also.... I now have hardly no where to look in the house for the Last Will and Testament with the papers. Any advice on where this could be? Will I ever find it? Could someone taken this will and papers? I do not see what good it would do for someone to take it, when they would not benefit from it. Yet, I am questioning a lot of things. Thank you for trying to help me and I need this very badly. I do not know the lawyer that wrote the Will, so that is hard to go back to find even the lawyer. Thank you again for someone to try to help me.