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    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    I got the impression that the picture is "stuck" to something......I feel it is in the same area you were looking but it is stuck to a book or a box side and you did not see it. But be careful when you look because I also think that you might move it while looking for it and miss it again.... Good luck! My missing item skills are not great but sometimes I hit it.......
  2. UniquePsychic

    why are you psychic?

    I agree with the others..... I feel all humans are psychic. I believe we can all read minds, and see the future and the past...... Problem is that being in tune with all these things is very rare, and often fleeting for those that are in tune. Instead of admitting psychic energy, people will cite things like "bad vibes" or "deja vu" or "intuition" or "gut feelings" etc...etc...etc.... I believe all the knowledge of the entire Universe is right there for us to see, and use. But we humans as a whole deny it, we look away...... Because science cannot quantify it, it cannot possibly exist to the main stream. Its like UFOs, people have been seeing them, drawing them writing about them, and filming them for thousands of years....yet because science cannot measure one, or take one apart (well in the mainstream) they cannot exist.... As someone who has been a student of science most of their lives, I will be the first to admit that science is the anchor that drags us down. In spite of the fact that on the surface it appears to be the arrow that shoots us skyward. We humans has constantly handicapped ourselves in the name of science all though history...... Sadly, science is still very much a "flat Earth society" in all the worst ways..... they prove themselves wrong every second of the day, yet they cannot admit the slightest possible unexplained things might be real, until they prove they are real after exhausting every single other explanation. They constantly fall back on "Occam's Razor" every time and walk away as "that's that!" and not other option can be viable. But maybe it is better that we all cannot see...........
  3. UniquePsychic

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    Good thing you canceled the card....... I'm not exactly sure where you lost it but I get the feeling the card is in the possession of someone who is thinking of using the card....perhaps someone young who is "on the fence" so-to-speak about whether or not they want to try using it.....With that I also see them perhaps turning the card in or destroying it if they decide not to use it...... I see a young girl in a white or silver car. Not sure.......I've been off a little lately......
  4. UniquePsychic

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    I would like to help, but I'm new here and I don't know the etiquette for offering free services. I am hesitant since no one has responded until now.
  5. UniquePsychic

    Radio turning on

    Well the stereo going on/off is a totally normal electrical appliance malfunction. Anything that is solid state can do this, I have a 10 year old stereo that had the same malfunction years ago when it was new. The GPS screen you've never seen before, well that does not mean its never been there. It could very well be some sort of firmware or software update through the VPN connection. Those GPS gadgets run on their own network and updates are possible. The cellphone problem? Well cellphones are glitch-filled little gadgets. I've seen my phones do all sorts of odd things over the years. My current Sony-Ericsson phone for some reason automatically deletes my call records....the screen will go blank and turn off, it makes an dd noise and then I get a message saying "all calls deleted" ....... I had an LG that used to whistle.... for no reason.... I had a Motorola that would dial totally random numbers from what I punched in....... Just about everyone I know has had odd things happen with cellphones..... All in all, I suppose it is strange that all these things are happening at once, but it might be nothing more than coincidence......sometimes the most mundane answer is the right one....