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  1. frolzagain

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    i got a pickp truck, although i could be wrong so don't jump to any accusations! Maybe someone at your house played with it then set it somewhere else where you wouldn't think to look for it.
  2. frolzagain

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    Have you looke in your kitchen cupboards? I got an image that looked like glasses (the kind you drink out of) in a container. Good luck with finding your lost money :)
  3. frolzagain

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    I saw some sort of jar or container, like maybe it fell behng something or is laying on top of a container.Have you tried checking behind the things in the cupboard?
  4. I thought i'd share an experience I had. My brother died almost 17 years ago. When he was alive, I would often dream about him but as soon as he died it completely stopped. i kept waiting to have a dream about him, but never had one. I thought it was odd, but didn't worry too much about it. A few years ago, my mom told me that a close family friend had called to tell her that my brother had come to visit her in a dream. She also told me that she was jealous, because she never dreamed about it. I told her that I didn't dream about him either, and we both thought it was strange. A few weeks later, I had a dream where he came to visit me while i was riding on a train. He apologized for not being around to protect me when i was growing up. I tried to touch him, and he disappeared. I woke up in the middle of the night with tears rolling down my cheeks,and the feeling he was still with me for a few minutes. I also had the feeling that he was traveling through dreams, looking for his loved ones. I didn't tell my mom about it, because i didn't want to upset her. a couple of months later, she told me that he had come to her in a dream. In her dream he was a young child and she was in an airport.That's when i told her about my experience and we were both amazed. A few days later, I read an article in The Wall Street Journal that talked about dreaming about their deceased relatives. The artice said that those dreams almost always take place in areas of travel, like airports,cars,and trains. It made me believe that it is possible for the deceased to travel to different people after they ahve passed into the next life. I'm not sure what took so long, but i will always be grateful he came to see me that night.
  5. frolzagain

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    Ah ok. I've got nothing then. I hope she finds it though :)
  6. frolzagain

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    Has she tried her closet?
  7. frolzagain

    Beginner with meditation

    Maybe you are just trying too hard. Sometimes it helps me if i just sit and concentrate on breathing. I'll just think "in" when im inhaling and "out'' while i exhale. It makes it a little easier to clear my mind if i'm actually focused on something for a while.
  8. frolzagain

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    I think she is involved or she wouldn't have mentioned it to you in the first place. If anything she is trying to play mind games with you to make things more difficult for you. I'm not sure if there is really much you can do right now though, other than talking to the police and waiting it out. Try not to let her mind games get to you to much though.
  9. frolzagain


    So i've always been kind of curious about this phenomenon and wondered if anyone had any personal experiences with it. Sometimes I feel like i might have some untapped skill for it because i notice small objects moving on a fairly regular basis and machines and electrical stuff constantly seems to malfunction when i'm close to it.For example, I had an alarm clock that used to go off in the middle of the night when it wasn't set. I had to unplug it and put it in my closet to get it to stop. My microwave occasionally makes odd beeping noises for no reason and I have to unplug it to stop it. On sunday i was eating lunch and a fork on my plate moved when no one was moving the table and I wasn't touching my plate. Tv's sometimes turn on around me on their own and i also saw a bottle cap fly towards me once when no once was touching the bottle. Those are just a few examples. I used to think it was the result of a haunting,but stuff started happening at other places too, so maybe its a mind thing. Anyone know any excercises available to tap into this ability?
  10. frolzagain

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    I didn't pick up the specifics of who did it, but if your intuition is telling you who took it,you should follow up on it. I don't think the police could search someones place without pretty strong evidence but they could question the person/people involved. I did get a feeling that it might be helpful if you spoke to a different officer than the one you talked to last time, i think it is a younger officer. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)
  11. frolzagain

    totem animals

    I've always had a connection to whales. I dream about them more than any other animal. I often dream i can talk to them, i even had a dream that I was one once. It is kind of impractical though,since i live thousands of miles from any ocean.
  12. frolzagain

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    I saw a black bag.Im not sure if they would be inside the bag or near it beacuse i just saw the bag.
  13. I'm a Christian, and my chruch always taught that psychic ability was something sinful, so i used to try and block stuff out,which wasn't always easy. I think the idea is rooted in the belief that all spiritual wisdom should come from God, not ourselves. Chrisitanity in general frowns on searching for spiritual guidance outside of the Bible but i think that this idea also leaves out the posibility that psychic wisdom comes from God. I still avoid psychic practices, such as tarot cards or projections,mostly because of my early teachings on them, but i'm learning to accept natural knowledge and intuition that comes on a spiritual level. I think Christianity can coexist with spiritualism, and there are many instances of prophets in the bible using God-given ability to predict future events and affect people. I think it is just a matter of looking at both sides of the spectrum.
  14. frolzagain

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    I'm not sure if you have found it yet, but I saw it inside of a box about the size of a shoe box.It looked like there were some other papers or photos with it. It could be that the photo is in the same place as before, and is just sticking between things,or it got moved into another box. Hope thats some help.
  15. frolzagain

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    I "saw" it inside of a drawer. Maybe a desk drawer or perhaps fallen down in a dresser drawer.