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    God vs Guides

    As I was driving today, I was having one of my "internal conversations." These conversations are how I've always understood anything intuitively, and I've always assumed (and understood) that I was talking to and listening to God. Always, as in I can remember doing this when I was as young as six! Now, not too long ago, I had a reading and the "reader" said she saw four spirits around me and that they felt like guides. To me, the idea of guides has never made a difference, because my conversations were always with God. I figured the guides would do their thing, but I never concerned myself with listening to them. Back to today -- all of a sudden, I could "hear" more than one distinct voice, and they were sometimes talking over each other. I asked if they were my guides, and they said they were. They said.... oh, I can't remember exactly, but it was along the lines that it didn't really matter if I believed I was talking to them or talking to God, as everything is ultimately God anyway. All of a sudden, it occurred to me that if everything is ultimately God, as I believe it is, then perhaps the concept of God as an entity that I have always believed in doesn't actually exist. This is a minor (very minor) crisis of faith! I feel like my understanding of all of this is just beyond my grasp -- probably due to the fact that I can't get quiet time long enough to mull it over, or even listen for an explanation "from beyond." Can anyone help me out with understanding, or share their opinions/beliefs, or whatever?? Thanks! :) ~ Zan
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    Chilli's 30-card spread

    Last night, I found an old thread by Chilli about spreads that had been made up. In it, she described a 30-card spread used to learn about one's psychic gifts. It was five columns of six cards. Each column was a psychic gift (she suggested (and I used) Clairsentience Clairvoyance Clairaudience Empathy Psychometry). The rows created were different things about each gift: ability in the past ability presently what you don't know (block) what you need to overcome what you need to develop where ability will lead Ordering the cards was top to bottom, left to right. So, I laid this out this morning, out of curiosity. But I'm not good enough with tarot yet to make a lot of sense of this, and was hoping someone would help. I happened to write in keywords to try and help myself, so I'm going to include them. But, I'm assuming anyone good with tarot doesn't need them. Here's what I got... Clarisentience: ability in past -- Wheel of Fortune: Destiny, Turning Point, Movement, Personal Vision ability presently -- seven of pentacles: Assessment, Reward, Direction Change what you don't know (block) -- the emperor: Fathering, Structure, Authority, Regulation what you need to overcome -- seven of pentacles: Assessment, Reward, Direction Change what you need to develop -- death: Ending, Transition, Elimination, Inexorable Forces where ability will lead -- two of cups: Connection, Truce, Attraction Clairvoyance: ability in past -- two of swords: Blocked Emotions, Avoidance, Stalemate ability presently -- ten of wands: Overextending, Burdens, Struggle what you don't know (block) -- eight of cups: Deeper Meaning, Moving On, Weariness what you need to overcome -- king of cups: Wise, Calm, Diplomatic, Caring, Tolerant what you need to develop -- five of pentacles: Hard Times, Ill Health, Rejection where ability will lead -- seven of cups: Wishful Thinking, Options, Dissipation Clairaudience: ability in past -- ace of swords: Mental Force, Truth, Justice, Fortitude ability presently -- king of swords: Intellectual, Analytical, Articulate, Just, Ethical what you don't know (block) -- three of pentacles: Teamwork, Planning, Competence what you need to overcome -- five of pentacles: Hard Times, Ill Health, Rejection what you need to develop -- nine of swords: Worry, Guilt, Anguish where ability will lead -- the star: Hope, Inspiration, Generosity, Serenity Empathy: ability in past -- knight of wands: Charming/Superficial, Self-Confident/Cocky, Daring/Foolhardy, Adventurous/Restless, Passionate/Hot-Tempered ability presently -- six of swords: The Blues, Recovery, Travel what you don't know (block) -- the moon: Fear, Illusion, Imagination, Bewilderment what you need to overcome -- ace of pentacles: Material Force, Prosperity, Practicality, Trust what you need to develop -- ten of swords: Bottoming Gut, Victim Mentality, Martyrdom where ability will lead -- the hanged man: Letting Go, Reversal, Suspension, Sacrifice Psychometry: ability in past --temperance: Temperance, Balance, Health, Combination ability presently -- eight of pentacles: Diligence, Knowledge, Detail what you don't know (block) --the hermit: Introspection, Searching, Guidance, Solitude what you need to overcome --the magician: Action, Conscious Awareness, Concentration, Power what you need to develop --king of swords: Intellectual, Analytical, Articulate, Just, Ethical where ability will lead -- the devil: Bondage, Materialism, Ignorance, Hopelessness Sorry that's so long! Whew! Anyway, I've got get the kids' lessons started. There is some of this I do think I get, but I can't write it out right now. Will try to come back later and do that. Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to input from anyone who has it. Thanks! :) ~ Zan
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    Still Seeing Sparks

    Over the past few months, there have been a few conversation about visual phenomena, including seeing sparks or small flashes of light. These are something that have been part of my experience only for the past two months or so. On occasion -- usually several times a day -- I will see a flash of light, like what you would expect from a small firefly, but in various colors. Anyway, I saw an eye doctor yesterday who said that my eyes are fine. When I asked about the "sparks", he said that would be a sign of a detached retina, which I don't have. He told me it is something normal for me, but to come see him if I see an increase in the number of them, so he could check the retina again. I didn't bother telling him this IS increased activity. So, in all the discussions I'd read here before, I never really did get the idea that anyone felt they knew what the sparks represented, if anything (or I missed or forgot it, which is more likely). Has anyone learned anything more? I haven't been able to turn up anything helpful in my brief search of Google. ~ Zan
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    The past couple days I have been getting increasingly worse muscle tension headaches. (And nausea and fatigue, but I don't think they're particularly related.) It could be, and probably is, hormonal. But, these are more intense than I'm accustomed to getting for that reason. So, I thought I'd ask if anyone has a feel as to what -- if anything -- else might be the cause. If they're still bothering me in a few days, I'll call the doctor. But I know that the doctor wouldn't know -- or say -- if the reason was something spiritual... whereas many of you would. If you can help, please let me know. :) Thanks! ~ Zan
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    New Meditation Idea

    I am not good at meditating. I always fall asleep and get very distracted by my thoughts if I'm simply trying to keep my mind blank... it seems to run a bazillion miles an hour, and is near impossible to "still." So, when I was sitting outside yesterday, I had an idea that I tried. What I did was focus on each sense... sort of.... hearing, seeing, smelling, touching.... taste is too much like smell, so I left it alone. For as long as I could concentrate, I would list to myself what I was sensing. When I was focused on "hearing", I covered my face so I couldn't see or smell easily. I made a note of every sound I could hear and where I thought it might be coming from. Nature sure makes beautiful music! :) When I was focused on "seeing", I positioned my eyes on one thing -- in this case, the shed in our backyard -- and made a mental note of what I could see in my peripheral vision *without moving my eyes*. That was very hard to do. Different visual meditations I often do when I'm feeling low are to look for the colors of the rainbow, in order if I can, or to mentally list all the instances of light I can see. Those are two very uplifting exercises that are easy to do. :) Focusing on smelling and on touch, I would close my eyes and again make a mental note of each individual thing I could sense. Now, obviously, with all that mental activity, I'm not creating a blank slate for reception, like some meditations do. But, when done, I felt more aware, clearer.... and come to think of it, I saw more little circles of light yesterday. So, I suspect that even though it might not bring any psychic activity at the time (though I would think it certainly might!), it's good practice for using the sixth sense at other times... and certainly brings one more in tune with their surroundings. Anyway, it was so fun I wanted to share since I'd seen some people mention on the boards not knowing how to begin with meditation... and having been very uncomfortable with traditional meditation myself. (Not in any moral way, just.... well, I don't think ADD goes well with sitting quietly and thinking about nothing! lol!) ~ Zan
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    Chilli's 30-card spread

    http://www.psychicguild.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5198 :)
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    Seeing auras

    Dot, I completely understand your question. I feel the same way about most of my abilities - what's the point? They usually seem to only benefit me, and often the "benefit" is simply the enjoyment of something beautiful. Anyway, this doesn't answer your question at all; I just wanted to share with you that I eventually came to the conclusion that not all of has to have a practical purpose. Sometimes, it's just a gift for sheer enjoyment. I think it took me a long time to look at it that way for the same reasons I would have difficulty accepting a compliment, or help, or a gift for no reason. But now, when I can't see the purpose behind something, I try to just sit back and enjoy it. :)
  8. GypsyMama

    What do you think

    What was the explanation they found? I couldn't find it in a quick search. It's pretty, whatever it is. :)
  9. GypsyMama

    So I started seeing a psychiatrist.

    And, if you don't improve your ability, you will grow closer to death, for that is one of the sure things in life. (Unless, of course, Armo was referring to a different sort of closeness.... in that case, ignore me!)
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    I've never worked with crystals, though it's been suggested to me, so if I'm way off base here, ignore me. But..... Why? Why does there have to be a physical mechanism to the crystal itself for it to work? Stories abound about the power of belief, about how sugar pills and charms and such work, or don't work, depending on the user's level of belief in the efficacy of the tool. There's no physical mechanism to that. I'm really unsure about crystals myself, but I can't understand the claim that there *must* a physical mechanism for something to work. Why does there have to be one? Why can't it "just work"?
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    Drawn to a religion

    Wouldn't surprise me. :) I was raised.... hmm.... my parent aren't religious, but I went to church myself because I liked Sunday school. So, as a kid, I always did Christian things of my own volition. Most of my diary from when I was six is full of letters to God. And my "prayers" are, to me, the same as my intuition. Christianity has always been my "thing", even though I find others' "things" fascinating, it's what I'm most comfortable with. Then, as an adult, I moved away. When I went to church again, all of a sudden, the Christians I found were dogmatic and judgemental and more religious that spiritual. I was taught that my own "version" of Christianity had been wrong. I was still more young and naive and vulnerable than I am now, I figured they were right and tried really really really hard to fit into Their box. But I couldn't do it, and I was delighted when my husband came to me years ago to announce that he no longer wanted to attend church for a lot of the same reasons I was uncomfortable. After we stopped going to church, we explored (or at least read about) every religion we could find. I keep coming back to my childhood understanding of Christianity. (I did feel a strong pull towards wicca, but it's not the same. It felt familiar, not necessarily comfortable. I've always suspected it was a past life thing.) Problem is, it's really hard to find people like me, let alone a church. So, I feel really adrift. But that's a whole other thread. :) Essentially, the idea of being pre-programmed for a religion feels right to me, though I don't think it would be the same one every time. That wouldn't make sense. Interesting idea. :) ~ Zan
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    Still Seeing Sparks

    Paulos, that's a perfect description -- first one I've seen that matched my experience so well. Except that mine don't have any pattern as to when they appear. They show up inside, outside, alone, with people, whenever. I can't recall now, though, if I've seen them away from home. AngelC, it's hard to tell the colors for sure, because they are so small and so quick. But I think I've seen pink, orange, green, blue, and yellow. And of course white. The colors are always pastel, or very light. I think I've seen auras before, but am not sure. Sometimes when I look just right at a person or object, I can see what looks like white shimmers that go out for about 2-3 inches beyond the person, all around. It's funny, as I'm writing this, I looked at the girls playing to see if I could see anything. I don't, really, but it's like... hmm... like instead of white shimmers, it's as if the 2-3 inches immediately around their bodies is just ever so slightly distorted. Like I can see where the aura (or whatever I see) would be, but I can't see the aura itself. Like a placeholder! lol! If I can ever remember to do it when it's quiet and I can "hear", I could just "ask" what they are, I guess. But that's not as useful until I get the whole thing straightened out as to whether to trust that I'm "hearing" vs. imagining. I can try and pay attention to when they happen, though. See if there's a pattern. Meanwhile, I'd still be interested if anyone feels they know what the sparks are. :) ~ Zan
  13. GypsyMama

    Just a little game

    Really? That's interesting. Thanks for telling me, it's nice to know I was closer than I thought! :) ~ Z.
  14. GypsyMama

    Just a little game

    I could hardly have been more wrong! don't know why, that makes me chuckle. :)
  15. GypsyMama

    Quick Ways to Learn?

    I've had some free time tonight and have been looking at some of the older threads. I'm realizing that although I don't feel I need to use them as tools to get information, there are some "tools" available that I simply think are fun and fascinating. I'd love to learn more about them, but am so busy/tired/distracted all the time, I've yet to finish a traditional course of study -- self-directed or otherwise. So, I wonder if anyone knows of any quick and dirty ways to learn more about.... tarot and astrology in particular, though cartomancy and palmistry also interest me. I'd love any ideas, but I'm getting a "feeling" that I need to make myself slow down for my own good, so if I don't get any responses.... well, I'll know why. (But, please -- if you were going to leave a response until you read that, do it anyway! You can tell me to slow down -- I might listen! lol!!) ~ Zan
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    Just a little game

    I see red, or reddish, hair. A December birthday. No real siblings. Fly Me to The Moon comes to mind. can't think of a password, unless it really is "hack" because I glimpsed Dot's post before I listened for my own London, or in London, or in a place that reminds me of London -- I'm seeing a Big-Ben-style tower
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    What's It like

    Good idea, Chilli! I'm going to answer, even though I think my answers are a bit dull... this is the first thing I've seen on the boards in a while that I felt I had anything to say about, so I'm saying it -- dull or not! :D Anyway... Readings.... I don't really do readings, I don't think. Meditation... if I set out to meditate, it doesn't go well, because I'm too worried about doing it "right." However, I will often find during the course of the day that I've reached the "meditative state" I was after in the first place simply because I got into what I was doing (or not doing) and *stopped thinking*. It's a nice state to be in. The only problem I have with my "method" (ha!) is that once I realize where my mind is, it isn't! But, given how well it goes when I try, I'll take what I can get! Visualization... umm... I usually fall asleep if I try this. I guess I should point out for anyone who hasn't seen me talk about it before that I homeschool three kids, am getting ready to make a big move next year, and tend to stay up too late reading. Fatigue is a pretty-constant state. :) "Receiving" information.... this is my whole reason for answering. :) I'm beginning to suspect that I've been receiving a lot of information that I've been unaware of because I don't pay attention to symbolism and things like that. But when I do want to know something, I just ask. I've always thought of it as prayer, until I was taught in church long ago that prayer isn't supposed to be literally answered, like as in a conversation. So, now I don't know what to call it, but it's just like imagining a conversation except that I don't know the other part of the conversation until it comes... which is often before I'm even done thinking through the words of my own part. Quite often little "mini-movies" will play out as well, but those are harder for me to deal with because they seem more ambiguous. I'm just better with words, I guess. It's interesting to me to be answering this now because it's just been in the past couple of days that I've really been considering all the possibilities as far as ways I could be receiving information -- unbidden -- if I was paying closer attention. I wonder if I can remember to come find this thread in a few months, and see how my answer has changed. :) ~ Zan
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    Chilli's 30-card spread

    Part two, so I can keep all my quotes in place. Too bad about my goofy spacing -- still figuring this all out. What are those qualities? Okay, okay.... I've heard this a jillion times. Hopefully this time I'll listen. (Obviously, I think you're right on with this!) Could be that my tendency to "feel people" in passing is the superficial quality you're talking about. I can't recall that I've ever been self-serving with it, not intentionally anyway. But it unnerves me so much that I've never done anything with it -- never tried to go beyond what just comes to me, and never tried to help anyone with it. Quite possibly. I'm sure have a lot of illusions about all things psychic. I feel I'm part of it, but at the same time, I feel I don't get it -- understand it -- a lot of times. Makes sense. :) And part three... Not that I know of! I considered psychometry beyond my realm of abilities altogether. So if I am working on it, it's as you say further on -- without knowing it. Yeah, solitude. We're at a place in life -- very temporary now -- where I am very isolated. I get out a lot, but know hardly anyone in the area. Almost all my friends are in other parts of the country (or world). So, I'll keep this in mind for after we move, and maybe practice on my family. But for now, I think that "sneaky move" will just make me look crazy because it would always be with people I don't know well... and am probably trying to befriend! Okay... interesting. And quite likely, I guess. Yeah, this is a lot. Thank you soooo much for the help. Wish I could figure out a way to use your interpretations to help myself learn more about tarot. But I think that's too much of a stretch right now. FWIW, I thought that was what the "overcoming" part was -- how to overcome the block. :) ~ Zan
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    Chilli's 30-card spread

    Wow, Chilli, thanks! This must have taken some time. I really appreciate it. See my feedback below -- you cleared up a LOT for me. :) Well, I was going to say I thought this was wrong, but then I thought perhaps I'm confusing my "clairs." Simply "knowing" things without any images or internal conversations has happened just like you describe. The only difference, I think is that I don't know much about personal symbolism... at least I don't think I do. But, I do often recognize the difference between a random idea and "knowing," so maybe that's what you've picked up on. The block really makes sense. I was raised to believe this is all nonsense, and am now married to a scientist who, while accepting this part of me, doesn't really get it, kwim? I've been feeling for years like I want to develop these things, but need to learn to fully accept them first, instead of constantly wavering between believing in them (and myself) and thinking it's all fluffy fantasy. Ha! Both! lol! When I see really good things, I tend to give them little credit and call it wishful thinking. When I see bad things, I tend to try to make them into something positive, or pretend they are something other than what I've seen. Okay, I really get the overwhelmed/burdened. Especially if dreams count as clairvoyance. Oh... if they do, I think I know what the unfinished business might be. If not, I'll really have to think about that. Again, if dreams count as clairvoyance, you have used here exact words that I myself have used to describe the friend about whom I've been having vivid dreams for the past several months. Interesting.... Yeah, I can see (no pun intended) how all this is true. Not sure how to go about it, but I think I understand it. Okay, I think I'm confusing myself again here. I was thinking of clairaudience only as the voices I literally hear as I fall asleep. I know those voices rarely, if ever, say things I overhear. But one of my ways of "knowing" things is through an internal conversation, for lack of a better description. I tried to describe it to my dad once, and he sort of scoffed at the idea of it being intuition and explained that the mind files every little thing away and while I wasn't intuitive, my mind was very good at sorting through "archives" to find what's needed at the moment -- all without me even trying. I think this is what you're describing. Definitely listen to others more than myself. (That's why I've posted so many questions on this board asking someone to help me sort this out!)
  20. GypsyMama

    Chilli's 30-card spread

    Oh, you're right! And, I hate to tell you why... I don't own cards yet, so I used a random card generator online from a site I frequent. I remember my mind "glitched" a little when I saw that, but I didn't know why until you pointed it out. :::sigh::: I guess it's definitely not the same, but it's all I've got to work with at the moment. Any suggestions on what to do? Probably just leave it as is? Thanks for the help. I appreciate it! :) ~ Zan
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    Chilli's 30-card spread

    I said there were a few of these that might make sense to me. If anyone has a chance to offer their own interpretation, I'll be curious to see how it differs from mine. Good learning experience, since I'm simply going off the keywords. :) (I'll put my thoughts in italics below) What I get from this is that this ability has been.... well, I don't want to call it destiny because I'm not sure what I think of that, but since it's the word used, I can't think of anything else! Now, there's a change, I've been assessing my abilities. What's blocking me is a lack of structure... maybe a lack of a teacher?... I don't get the next two... I think where it will lead is a connection to the universe. Funny, the things I "get" seem so obvious to me, they feel too easy and I don't trust that (don't know why!). The ones I don't get, I really don't get -- no clue. What I get from this is that I've been avoiding this ability, or it was blocked. Now that I'm slowly stopping the avoidance, I find myself trying too hard maybe? I don't get the rest of this, and I'm not even sure about what I've written. This one makes no sense to me. The only one here that makes any sense to me is that last one, which looks great, but the rest of it is such a mystery to me that it's not that encouraging! lol! I don't know what it means, but the keywords for the first card -- the way they are paired sets, ways of describing feelings -- that just seems like validation of empathy to me. I know the descriptions themselves mean something else, but I'm not sure how that applies, like I said. I can see the next two as well -- I've been "dry" for a while, so "recovery" makes sense... as does "the blues" as my depression has been rearing its head lately. And I know that fear and bewilderment are often blocks to me when it comes to anything psychic. The rest of it, again, I don't really get. An aside from this particular spread -- I notice that the things in tarot I understand generally have to do with descriptions of what has been, what is, and sometimes what will be. But I always have a *really* hard time interpreting the cards that are supposed to advise. Wonder why that is... Okay, this is a skill I'm not even convinced I have -- how would I know? But working under the assumption that this is something I can even do... It would seem that it's something has been has been.... no, I can't even figure that out. Ugh, this is another problem I have with tarot. Big spreads wear me out. So, by the time I get to the end of something like this none of it makes sense any more. So, as you can see, I really need help with this. If you've got time, I'd love any input. Thanks! :) ~ Zan
  22. GypsyMama

    What are these things?

    Angel, it's a rare slow evening at home, so I've been looking over some old threads with the feeling I'd missed something important that I wasn't ready for before. I do believe this was at least part -- if not all -- of it! I've written down the terms you have in bold, and "believe in yourself." :) I'll do some searches this evening and in the days to come. Thanks for the help and encouragement. :) ~ Zan
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    What are these things?

    Hi, I was hoping some of you could help me further identify the experiences I've in my life had that might be called "psychic" (or tell me if they are probably just my imagination). Most of this is copied from my intro post in the newbie thread, because it occurred to me this morning that this seemed like a more likely place to get a response to this part of the post. Why not just call it "psychic" and leave it at that? Well, for one thing, I doubt myself a lot so I wouldn't know whether to call it psychic or imaginary. The other thing is that I can't just call it "psychic" if I want to develop it, any more than a piano player can call what he does "music" without identifying the piano as his instrument, if he wants to develop his talent well. Anyway, I have for as long as I can remember had what I can best describe as "inner conversation". I've always assumed or believed they were with God, and that everyone had them. After all, my parents taught me growing up that "that little voice that tells you what's right or wrong is God." Well, I learned right from wrong and whole lot of other things from "that little voice." About 15 years ago or so, in a fundamentalist church that I went to, I learned that I'm unusual. I was also at the time led to believe that it was all my imagination... or the devil or some such thing. Since then, I've had a really hard time sorting it all out. I certainly don't believe it to be evil, but I'm no longer so sure what it is, where it comes from, or why it happens. The "inner conversations" are the experiences that have been going on the longest, happen most easily and most often, and seem to have the most accuracy (for the few things I've been able to verify). I've had other experiences on occasion, though. Sometimes, I will also just suddenly "know" something even without the "conversation." I've seen a white shimmery light surrounding some people. I sometimes can audibly hear voices as I'm falling asleep -- used to be one voice, calling just my name; now it is more often many voices, just out of range for me to be able to understand what's being said. I usually know the history of a place, whether I've been there or not... I can name things that have happened there without any way of knowing. (I learn these things by "talking" to the trees of all things! lol!) That is something that has mostly been verified as correct by my husband, who HAS been to these places and knows the history. When I am practicing meditation or something similar regularly, in order to help myself be more "open", crowds will make me crazy from all the input. I can look at people and feel that I know what they're thinking about or feeling... and often feel the same myself. So, a crowded place can be an onslaught of thoughts and images, and an emotional roller coaster! Which is unfortunate, because I usually love crowded places, so long as the energy is good. I dream vivid and interesting dreams, but they mostly seem meaningless. The ones that did seem symbolic I've never been able to attach to any events in real life, just my own inner struggles. The one exception is a recent series of dreams about an old friend that may or may not be precognitive. I'll post about those in the dream forum in the next day or so. I've tried sometimes to use tools like tarot cards, or... can't remember what else, but you get the idea. I always end up going back to my "conversations" to validate what I think I learned from the tool. So, I eventually give up the tool and go "straight to the source" since that is so much simpler. Can anyone please help me understand what's going on, and what -- if anything -- I can do with these experiences other than just notice when they happen? (In other words -- are these talents that can be developed and used, and if so -- how?) Thanks for the help! :-) ~ Zan
  24. GypsyMama

    What's the Point?

    Took me a while to reply to this because it took a while to absorb it. Good post. :) I get what you're saying, but there is one difference in what you're suggesting in regards to being psychic vs. any number of any other things. I have no frame of reference -- or at least a very shaky one -- for being psychic. Most other things I wonder about myself, I can look at someone else in my life, or some definitive experience, and know more about myself in relation to that. With being psychic, I don't *know* anyone (personally) who shows any psychic ability at all. Period. Everyone I "know" is either from a book, or online, so the skeptic in me gets very active. Without a better frame of reference, for all I know, I might as well be believing in my ability to walk through walls. All that said, I've never been able to pinpoint what it is that's made this so difficult for me to work with before. Now, I think I know. Not having a point of reference from which I can gauge more than or less than or normal or not normal or whatever -- anything! Next step, I guess, is to figure out how to establish one. :) Going to have to think/listen on that one for a while. ~ Zan