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  1. Erickaf

    Premonitions or just me?

    I was thinking the same thing...but I don't know for sure. Honestly, I am scared to contact, afraid to be rejected...would be soooo embarrassing! Thanks.
  2. Erickaf

    Premonitions or just me?

    I've had very vivid messages (literal words), and just recently a phone call and in the background I heard crying. I've had about 5 dreams all about the same person who I haven't spoken to in about two months. I need to know what the deal is. Are these premonitions? His initials are PL. Anyone can pick up on these dreams. My intuition feels they are indeed premonitions but I am unsure. I am so confused.
  3. Erickaf

    Very depressed and anxious.

    LOL thanks beer is helping me lately :-).
  4. I just through a breakup a week ago and I am more depressed than I ever thought I could get. Can anyone give me a reading on how emotionally I will be in the near future? I don't like this state I am in, I want to look forward to the future. What is the ex thinking? I don't think I want him back because I am angry and too hurt. Any psychic insight? I can do an exchange (I read tarot).
  5. Erickaf

    Lovers card

    I used the Rider Waite deck. I asked does this man find me attractive? I chose this card. First thing that popped in my head was YES. but since its ruled by Gemini, maybe he is indecisive about it. What is your experience with this card regarding physical attraction?
  6. Erickaf

    why do people stay with cheaters?

    Well you know I feel bad when she told me her story. I was going through a terrible heart ache...I lost my first true love, I was gutted. She tried to make me feel better and she said to me 'I promise one day you will find the right man for you who will truly love you for who you are' and I looked at her and I said 'I promise you will find the same' She was speechless. But I feel she will find that man someday! Because of her I now learn so much about love. And coleb is right...we shouldn't cut someone from our lives because of cheating we should really think about it and evaluate the whole relationship. I think I would forgive and move on with my partner if he cheated if I truly deeply loved him, but if its only sex. Sex is just sex and for men it means nothing! But if its more than sex, if its like feelings and if he pours his heart out and deeply falls for another while with me, that's a huge red flag and it would mean for me a time to move on alone! I just hope it doesn't ever happen to me. So far even though I have endured a deep heart break I have been pretty lucky in the love department. Because my experiences have taught me such great things and now I think I deserve a great person. I have earned it.
  7. Erickaf

    why do people stay with cheaters?

    You know this may not answer your question but the saddest woman I have ever met was a woman who was madly deeply in love with her boyfriend over of a decade. She found out she cheated, not only cheated but apparently 'fell in love' with someone else. Anyway, they kissed and made up and as she told me the story she said (I am really quoting word for word because I still remember this like it was yesterday.) 'I am a new woman now, I understand things now and see things more clearly, its my fault he cheated and now I now believe infedeility exists in all relationships'. I could not believe she really believes this. she was cheated by her man and she cheated herself too! At that moment I realized she did not love herself as much I thought she did.
  8. Erickaf

    Tarot question?

    I still see no problem...maybe its my Mercury very near Pluto in Scorpio... :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
  9. Erickaf

    Tarot question?

    what if someone likes or is in love with someone who is already with someone? what if you are interested in someone in a relationship and you want to know what is going on? i see no problem with that. some people genuinely care. it wont work with a famous couple you never met, there are probably millions of people who want to do tarot readings for them you will get a million different answers. unless you want to go to really want to date Brad Pitt . I am just saying, in my experience you can do it. I never said it was okay to do a reading on Angelina Jolie.
  10. Erickaf

    Tarot question?

    You can still do those questions without permission if you are generally interested and you must know these people personally of course. I hav edone is many times. If its like a couple you never met, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie you can't do it.