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  1. PrincessCatrina

    Just a little game

    My daughter's natural color,My Son. The song she blasts on her cellphone. Teenage boys love monster trucks! My son does too! It's coincidence,and teenagers are pretty easy to read (not psychically),but most have that in common :)
  2. PrincessCatrina

    Just a little game

    I'm going to use my daughters just for fun okay... Her hair changes though right now it is dark,but she is Blonde,May,1 brother Speed of Sound-Coldplay ex bf,and it's not his current girlfriend as the pw,it is a monster truck. Sunny California How did I do? Your about my daughters age right?
  3. PrincessCatrina

    meg's blog :)

    We all have days like that. You and your boyfriend are in my thoughts and prayers today.
  4. PrincessCatrina

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    They were in a white filigree box in the top droor of my dresser,slightly at the bottom. LOL Autum you picked up on my white dresser :) By my stained glass lamp :) Thankyou All I was lost without them :)[/font]
  5. PrincessCatrina

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    That's so cool! Haha any idea where my emerald earrings are?