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  1. I accept to love myself more each day .
  2. Hi Mia, if he didn't recognize you ,maybe you are not ready for each other yet or not a vibrational match to each other yet or it's just not meant to be in this lifetime ? Hope things work out for you ..
  3. I accept to let go . I accept myself exactly as I am .
  4. Feels good to have taken the day off :)
  5. hope

    The Rant Thread!

    I hate my job and tired making the effort to be friendly with my co-workers . The fake smiles make me sick .
  6. hope

    The Rant Thread!

    I hate that my life is the way it is but I also know I made mistakes too .
  7. hope

    Words of wisdom

    A word is just a word till you mean what you say.
  8. I finished a quite complex assignment at work and I'm very happy about it :)