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    New with wet feet already

    Welcome to the forum whiteringmoon! :)
  2. aladytimes777

    'chills'- spiritual significance

    I have experienced this phenomenon as well as most of the people I know. Those who 'speak the language' as it were, call it "the chill of truth;" others will comment during conversation, what you just said gave me goosebumps (or chicken skin)! If you find yourself a frequent recipient of these types of comments, then I would surmise you are highly intuitive and tend to hone in on the truth of a matter.
  3. aladytimes777


    Yes, I believe what you were doing was a form of meditation. One can even meditate whilst walking or driving! If you wish to explore further, making (or purchasing) a CD of rain sounds may prove engaging.
  4. aladytimes777

    Past Life

    I don't know about Tarot decks but I do know that anyone seriously interested in investigating past lives would do well to look up a hypnotherapist specialising in past lives research.
  5. aladytimes777


    This isn't exactly what you asked for but I hope it helps; the following is an abridged list of animal wisdom attributed to snake: Transmutation Exploration of the mysteries of life Primitive or elemental energy Goddess energy Psychic energy Creative power Immortality Adapted from Shamanism: Working with Animal Spirits.
  6. Lucid dream control was also the first idea which popped into my head. I would begin with Patricia Garfield's book, Creative Dreaming, before moving on to such titles as Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge or Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self by Robert Waggoner. There is, of course, information available on the web but the books are tried-and-true resources. I recommend Patricia Garfield's, The Dream Catcher: A Young Person’s Journal for Exploring Dreams as well as Mountains, Meadows and Moonbeams by Mary Summer Rain for your niece.
  7. aladytimes777

    I'm new, and hopefully not crazy...

    I, too, affirm your sanity. What may interest you is learning about Empathy; its benefits as well as the means of staving off any negative impact. Information on Empathy widely available on the worldwide web (or internet).
  8. aladytimes777

    Do we create signs?

    Hi Moopurple! I think you have more belief in your ability to create "signs" than you do your ability to attract the job, flat, friendship, etc. that you desire. It may behoove you to step back, examine your belief structures and, especially, examine your notions about your own worthiness. Should you determine that you need to work on any of your belief structures and/or internal feelings, there is help in the form of affirmations and meditations widely available in the form of books as well as web content.
  9. aladytimes777

    FDragon's Log

    I agree that plant medicine has it's place when used responsibly. I didn't intend to come across as strongly "anti," though I have seen the ravages of abuse and don't care to see anyone go down that path.
  10. aladytimes777

    Sorrowful no more!

    As long as you're happy, that's all that matters. Is this the young man you began dating last month? If so, is it safe to assume you've added a touch of artistic (or poetic) license to your expression?
  11. aladytimes777

    FDragon's Log

    It's escapism and a means of dulling an internal sense of pain, frustration, shame, guilt, etc.
  12. aladytimes777

    Sorrowful no more!

    Neither one of these people (Jeremy and Erika) gives two hoots about you. You feel the way you do because you are genuinely picking up on what's going on. Their behaviour in front of you is outrageous, disrespectful and rude. If you allow this to continue, it will damage your self-esteem and erode your self-confidence even further. Neither one of them is worth doing that kind of damage to yourself. It's not about Erika winning, this is about YOU winning. Winning back a positive sense of self. Jeremy is not in a place in his life to have a healthy relationship with you or anyone else. What he is currently having with Erika isn't good either, it is all so twisted and warped. Take care of yourself and remove yourself from the influence of these two toxic people.
  13. aladytimes777

    Favorite Quotes!

    I love it! Here's another nice one from Rabindranath Tagore:
  14. aladytimes777

    Favorite Quotes!

    I just love this! :dance2:
  15. aladytimes777

    Seeing auras

    I agree with this 100%.