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  1. martic

    Career Paths

    I can definitely see what you mean! This system of endless job searching, working like a dog, and then having nothing to show for it all in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar is really coming to a head. In the US we're getting ready to make a big change to the way health care is distributed to the general public. People won't go into debt just to see a doctor and maybe that will mean children will get more time to spend learning from parents and elders who aren't working to the bone. Maybe the meaning of a family will be once again restored and values will be upheld.
  2. martic

    Are We Meant To Be?

    Yes and it's driving me up the wall.
  3. martic

    Career Paths

    I often ask my mom if we ever find what we truly want to do with ourselves in this life. The misery I've experienced at all these two bit jobs was so intense I felt like I had to make myself a different person to fit the mold of the perfect worker. It was like my identity had been stripped. My last employer was a call center doing fraud investigations for a major credit card company and I loved it because I was able to type up reports about my experiences talking to various cardholders, but hated my supervisors for being so overbearing. Since I left that job I have no desire to pick up and enter back into the work force without a degree so I'm in college continuing on my Associate's Degree. When I do go back to work I don't even want to be a manager or supervisor. I rather work for myself and own my own business which is why writing will likely be the way I go. I can deal with deadlines from publishers, but not with people breathing down my neck. The job market where I live is completely over saturated with people looking for work because of the recession so hearing about individuals being unemployed for 5 years is almost a daily occurrence which is absolutely devastating. Hopefully soon a job will come to you that brings you enjoyment and prosperity.
  4. martic

    Are We Meant To Be?

    Prior to getting married I was hopelessly single and thought once I found someone I'd never argue with them because I'd be so grateful to not be alone anymore. I've since been rudely awakened to the fact that things can't be perfect all the time. Thank you so much. I feel like I'm being honest with him and he makes me feel bad all the time for caring so much. MY husband is always having to leave and hates being cooped on up in the house. Sometimes I feel that he prefers outsiders (friends) over me and I resent him for it. We did marriage counseling and the counselor said we're not on the same page at all about having a child and it's my call if I want to stay in the relationship. This was a few years ago and I chose to stay so it's no shock that I'm dissatisfied. I suppose we could go back to therapy, but my husband isn't interested and talking to him is like trying to get blood from a turnip.
  5. martic

    Getting over an unrequited love

    Eventually the feelings will fade and one day you'll meet someone who will make you forget the guys that didn't work out. Good luck.
  6. If he's taking pictures with another girl shortly after breaking things off with you then this is all a big game to him to see how he can make you squirm. Not healthy at all and this is probably why your friends and family are concerned. However this is your life and you're going to live it the way it suits you just be very aware that one sided relationships can become abusive fast so guard yourself and be careful. Also don't forget that there are plenty of fish in the sea that will adore you.
  7. martic

    Are We Meant To Be?

    My husband and I met and married rather fast back in 2010. When our eyes locked for the first time it felt like I'd found my happily ever after. I didn't think he felt the same, but when we got to talking we knew right then and there this was it. Lately, however, things have become strenuous. He worries me when he leaves the house all the time to go on walks because I'm afraid he'll leave and never come back. Then when he's here I just want to be alone and away from him. He's angry, aloof and I'm annoyed, scared. We mostly argue over money and starting our family. He says he's ready, but his actions say no and he already has a child with an ex girlfriend. I'm more than ready and all of this is back and forth about the subject of having our own children together is making me anxious. My husband talks constantly about moving back to his hometown (2 hours away) and I have no interest in leaving because this city is my home. He's been living in my city for a total of 5 years now so it's not like he just arrived when we met. My husband's birthday is November 29, 1984 and mine's is April 5, 1988. Is this a match that's likely to work out? How can I help my husband open up to me? It came so easy in the beginning and now not so much.
  8. I've always been into the paranormal. I joined this site years ago, but I've been MIA for a long time. Since leaving I've married, moved into my first apartment with my husband, worked odd jobs, and now I feel like I'm back to square one. The jobs I've worked (retail and call center) I absolutely hated; it felt like the life was getting sucked out of me and I'd quickly quit. I have my high school diploma and I'm in school again, but I'm not sure what I want to do. I love writing and I found that when I would write fictional stories that my story lines would come true in real life as if these characters I made up were actually close family members and friends. Crazy, right? Well now I'm not sure if I should try to become a writer or what. I feel aimless and I'm almost 25 years old. My birthday is April 5, 1988.