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  1. aLittle Special

    Victoria's World

    that was hilarious!!! well you know what i mean! -- you are such a brilliant writer. i could not wait to read each next bit (and it takes alot to hold my attention when it comes to reading!). you want to know a funny thing?! i also have been having spider incidences. the last one on monday night. i went to my grandparents house briefly to drop something off with my partner and my grandmother and I walked up to the garage to find some knitting books (as she would like to knit me a nice jumper.. lucky me:)) and on the floor just sitting there.. or standing? so casually, was a HUGE ..hmm.. maybe hundsman?? (not dangerous, but still a shock to the eye, lol!). i also would not DARE to stomp on a living thing to kill it. there is no moral or conclusion to this story really! just thought i would share. and then today i was telling Fabian about the spider.. just a couples of hours before i read your post. i tell you something i do always dream about though- and that is snakes!!!!! look forward to your second half of the story
  2. aLittle Special

    Vivid dreams while pregnant

    i can only put light on how you felt an enhanced love in your dream. we usually feel everything in a heightened sense in our dreams.. like our true selves.
  3. aLittle Special

    Drawn to a religion

    im confused! :wacko: :lol: i also dont understand this bit. i think you can 'argue' against being born with a religion. none of us are born with a religion, i believe we are bought up 'moulded' by what those around us believe (parents etc)... and even then one may be born into a family that is not religious as such but has simple beliefs. some of us just have always lived by our instinct to what we feel is 'true'. my mother was bought up with the religion: reformed engalist (anglican) and she has faith in what she was bought up believing etc BUT she has always been free spirited/minded and she says herself that her beliefs most resemble that of the bhuddism. i personally dont even understand the concept of 'a religion'.. why must one have a religion? i have faith and hope naturally... and some people think its only a christian thing to have?!
  4. aLittle Special

    Wanting to finally have a religion

    haha 'bupagism'.... funny. yes it would be interesting to research them in general. i dont know much about religions and should have a read myself
  5. aLittle Special

    Wiccudism? *shrugs* who knows.......

    here is a list i found: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_relig...tual_traditions xx
  6. aLittle Special

    Wanting to finally have a religion

    sounds like buddhism is your cup of tea ! but in the end i do not think it matters if you have a name to what you believe & feel. sometimes putting a label to things puts limits to things too :) i believe there is no limit ! what we feel & believe is just simply that. if you feel you need to call yourself for example in conversation with someone when they ask, just say you are spiritual
  7. aLittle Special

    Drawn to a religion

    thats ok.. its not my problem muuahahaha :lol: (im just playing with ya;) )
  8. aLittle Special

    Drawn to a religion

    i have never found it important to 'label' what I am. my beliefs are my beliefs and i dont feel i need to be 'part of' a religion or have a name to it. i dont necessarily believe we are programmed before we are birthed, but that what ever family we are born into is ultimately what we become.. and also with the exception of having our own mind ;)... (which i find many dont.. they remain in their structural belief of what they have been born and bought up to believe.) you will find mostly people are for instance catholic because they have been bought up as one. all i know and have ever known is that i have always believed in reincarnation/spirits/energy etc etc.. to me it has always been fact'. so i am a spiritual person but i am not part of the 'religion' 'spiritualism'. i have also never understood when one says 'before i was spiritual i..' and how some think to be spiritual is to 'develop' in certain abilities. i dont feel the need to i supose. i 'just am'. to me its a belief and it doesnt matter what you do with it (im not talking with things like being kind to animals by the way etc! lol)... i mean 'developing' (when i say developing i am talking about things like enhancing abilities/gifts). we are always naturally learning in life. i am also someone who does not believe in 'marriage' i have really never understood getting a piece of signed paper under law and having a ring and an expensive ceremony and the terms 'husband' 'wife' 'marriage' 'wedding' 'fiance' etc. so when they say that it was every girls dream to get married and have a fairytale wedding.. im not included ! :lol: i have been with my partner for 8 years and we are fine just the way we are. people find it difficult to understand me. but my point is... that i think many things are 'conditioned' into our lives... beliefs we grew up with... traditions. i had a lady just say to us the other week, that when we have a baby that 'you know.. when you will be pushing the pram.. it is nice to say to people this is my husband etc' !! so to be married for many is like a status.. an image. i have also had people say they got married for security ??! did they feel unsecure with their partner before being married ?? i find it fake :ninja: does the paper and the label of husband/wife make it secure ?! and how some say they expected to feel different after getting married ?! i believe marriage to be a state of mind :) how can our love/respect/feelings be proven or what ever by paper ? its our intentions and our love that is what matters most....
  9. aLittle Special

    Keeping Healthy the Natural Way

    hehe Dot what do you mean more ingredients ? i hope you know it is all of those listed that i make for one drink, all together... x
  10. aLittle Special

    Keeping Healthy the Natural Way

    haha! that copy paste is a good idea. ok.. luckily i have been bought up eating healthy with a health concious mum. i eat a swiss bicher museli for breakfast (grew up eating it... am swiss afterall :lol: ). MUSELI organic oats one grated apple gound powder nut mix (protein) half a yoghurt or fruche. can choose soy add some milk for moisture. i like oat milk, rice milk and soy organic sultanas add walnuts and seeds if you like add fruit. blueberries or bananas etc VEGIE JUICE i love a home made vegie juice. beetroot ginger spinach apple carrot SALAD i love filling salads. (not normal lettuce) i love rocket and baby spinach leaves red and yellow capsicum boiled egg with some herbamare salt mushrooms grated beetroot and carrot, add some vinegar and olive oil for the grated betroot, add parsley and sultanas add tin of tuna or salmon or cook some fish to go with salad kidney beans hope you could get some ideas :) wish i could add pics... xx
  11. aLittle Special

    Keeping Healthy the Natural Way

    oh no! i just typed half a page and it went ! i clicked backspace' to delete soething and it dissapeared :( i will be back to post later
  12. aLittle Special

    Why is being Psychic looked down upon in some religions?

    absolutely! same here
  13. aLittle Special

    Why is being Psychic looked down upon in some religions?

    i think it's ashame. dont get me wrong.. we all have our beliefs and i respect that, but i for one have never been 'into' religion. everything i believe in and feel has not been taught to me... its just an instinct and feeling which created my belief i supose. i have come accross christians who think they are the only ones who can have 'faith' and 'hope'... this could not be further from the truth. i also personally diclike when one thinks 'god' is in charge, that he creates our destiny and fate and that he simply decides everything. WE shape our OWN lives and stear it in the direction we want... i believe we are in charge. for instance, i saw on tv last nigiht of a couple whos daughter has cancer and should recieve chemo asap.. they choose alternative therapy, fled the country to do this in their home country and stay with their relatives. the father kept saying 'its gods will' etc.... but it was a CHOICE to go down this dangerous road of an alternative therapy (which is unlikely to do anything) than to start her on chemo and have a good chance of surviving. im sure i have moved off topic slightly ;) xx
  14. aLittle Special


    SURE ! what ever will be will be.. que sera sera.......... :)