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  1. Artist271982

    Wanting to finally have a religion

    Well, I realize that religion doesn't matter, as long as you stay true to yourself and what you believe. If you can do that, then nobody can take that away from you. But, I do have something I worship. I worship the universe, Earth, sun, rain, ect. Everything that makes me feel the energy coursing through me. The Universe is my 'god' so to speak. I take energy from her when needed, and I give whatever I take back to be recycled so I can then use it once again at a later time. It's a fascinating relationship between the Universe and people, if one takes the time to ponder it and explore it. :)
  2. Artist271982


    I don't think there is such a thing as perfection. To me, that's the beauty of life. Those little imperfections that give an object/person charachter. It's those imperfections that give me the images I see in my head so strongly. I don't judge those imperfections, though. After all, it is what makes us human, and we all have our own little quirks. It is what it is, and what you decide to make of it. It's all purely individual in perception.
  3. Artist271982


    I don't know how unique this ability is, but I got soooo close to astro projecting last night. I was laying down, thinking about my soul. Just my soul, not my body. I kept telling my soul that this body that it's in is a prison, that it was a free spirit. Free to go wherever it pleased. I told it to break free, to go explore and show me things that I havn't realized before. To maybe help me see things in a different light, because I was confused about my new ability. I was imploring it to fly. While I was doing this, my whole body started to tingle, my breath became deep and steady. The migraine I had was completely gone. I was aware of the sounds around me, but they became one with me. I saw a bright, white light as I felt my spirit lift. I could feel it almost out, almost free, but I started to get distracted by that fact, and lost focus. I was SO close, though. More practice, more discipline and I should be able to do it. But I felt so at peace, so rested in this time span of 20 minutes. My migraine was completely gone, and I was just so...HAPPY that I had communicated with my soul like that. It was an amazing experience! :)
  4. Artist271982


    I have been trying to figure out what my tallent is in that matter. My ability to see all things in abstract. Colors, shapes, numbers...even words and ideas sometimes. It just comes to me without effort, and most of the time uncontrollably. Now, I couldn't learn a language in 7 days at the moment, nor become a mathematical genious with this skill. Maybe I could if I tried? Who knows. But, is that sort of like what I do? I can see things that others can't, and can articulate things in a manner that others don't see, or would even begin to think about.
  5. Artist271982


    I spend so much time on this forum talking about what saddens me with human nature. I thought that I should post a thread about what inspires hope within the human race. This is a thread that you can post events that happen in your life that inspires hope, or something that you just saw or simply just felt. Only stipulation is that it HAS to involve humans in that experience/observation. I will have many on this thread, but one thing that inspires me is my children. I see their innocent quality. The fact that they don't care about how someone looks. All they care about is who they are on the inside and if they can make them laugh or simply just, smile. They aren't tainted by the world yet. I see that untouched side to all humans, a side that can, in a sense make them feel re-born. Not innocent, but I think everyone has the ability to tap into that innocent NATURE that we all have when we're younger. I see hope, because I know it's still inside us all, somewhere in there...trying to come out in one way or another...if only we were receptive to it.
  6. Artist271982


    I could not have said it any better. I feel the same way you do, and I truly wish everyone could see the potential they have inside of them. I wish everyone could let their spirit burn as brightly as I see mine. To me, the soul that can burn brightly, with pride...and to know oneself on the inside and be comfortable with it is the essence of beauty. It's not what is on the outside, too many selfish, vain people in this world that can't look past outer apperances. If most people took the time to look on the inside, they'd see a lot of beautiful souls that they are missing out on...including their own! It is true that I can live a lonely existence. For the simple fact that not a lot of people understand me. Even if I do not disclose everything about myself, they don't understand some of the statements I make. Like enlightenment and things like that, so they just stop talking to me. But I'd rather live life a lonely, yet enlightened person who sees her potential for love and compassion over a person who is popular and vain. I feel pain radiate out of people, I feel their souls cry out to be set free...and it saddens me that they can't hear it.
  7. Artist271982

    Psychic Abilities

    I agree with everyone who said you are born with it. Everyone has this ability. We are made up of energy. To me, phsychic abilities are being able to tap into those energies. The only way to do that is to look deep inside of yourself and get to know yourself truly from the inside. You need to be able to look deep into your soul and feel the energy flow through your body. Become AWARE of it...and listen to your body. Your body communicates with you daily. It tells you when your hungry and thirsty, so you listen. It also speaks to you on a much deeper level. If you are aware enough you can sense when something good, or bad is about to happen, and if you are in tune enough, maybe you will even know what it is before it happens. Maybe if you get to know that energy inside you enough, you can learn to control that energy. As in healing someone. Sending protection and promote healing and make that person feel it. :)
  8. Artist271982

    New one to analyze!

    No, I think you are right. I think that the little/big (depending on how close we are to him) is inside all of us. Always wanting us to look deeper, to meet him...and therefore essentially the parts that need to be woken up. Only until we meet that little man, as he takes us deeper into our journey (for he will go at our pace), can we gradually reach true enlightenment. Yours is calling to you, telling you it's time to dive deeper into your soul. :) Okay, so the meaning of my picture. At the time that I was drawing it I was struggling with myself. I was changing on the inside...going through my 'spiritual growth spurt'. I am still going through it, but I was always kind of confused. I didn't know what to make of it in this picture, and honestly...it's just a jumbled mix of confusion. Except one thing...no matter how confused I was, I always know who the true me is. I just didn't know who I was going to change into, and I was nervous and going through literal growing pains. That little drawing just floating in the right hand corner, not really connected to anything is that person that I am going to change into. I just didn't know how it connected to ME at the time. I do acknowledge it, though...and am reaching out for it in this picture. So, there ya go. I have another one to post.
  9. Artist271982

    New one to analyze!

    I think maybe that's it. Since the bigger picture isn't all that clear to you, yet the little man is. It's calling to you because it doesn't feel you notice it all that much...just a little reminder. I feel it sort start to well up inside of you...just itching to get out, but I don't see anything desprate in there. More like a curiosity thing. So this man is waving to you trying to divert your attention from the bigger picture. But he can't be overbearing...because he knows that YOU have to WANT to see it, and open your eyes more and feel yourself more. So there he is, his little light, the little man just letting you know he's there and when you are ready to come to me and aknowledge my existence then you can do great things. That's what I get from this picture. This man is talking to you in a way...this man being your soul. So, that's what I feel when seeing this and meditating on you, in general. Maybe I'm wrong though, it's the first time I've tried to analyze art in that deep of detail, and the first time I've felt what someone else is feeling who I havn't really talked to all that much.
  10. Artist271982

    New one to analyze!

    So, I looked up snake on animal totems. This is what it represents: Cycles Rebirth Patience Fertility Eternity Balance Cunning Intuition Awareness Healing Intellect Protection Solemnity Rejuvenation Transformation Occult (hidden) Knowledge Male/Female, Yin-Yang, Duality Which is very odd...or maybe not, because I feel all of these things are ME. I feel power in feeling these things deep inside me,and it's what I try to bring out of others. As far as the yin-yang. It's funny that it says that, because my husband always told me that I'm the yin to his yang. We fit perfectly. Our energies are perfectly balanced. Strange coincidence? lol Now, for your picture. I will copy and paste it when I do get the chance. But I will analyze what you said. I think that man represents someone trying to get your attention, obviously if he's waving at you. But he's trying to get you to pay attention to the light, which the candle represents. Maybe he's trying to get you to see things from a new point of view, maybe he's trying to get you to see some new revelation that you aren't quite seeing at the moment...or maybe you are struggling to fully understand your capabilities and potential, and he's trying to get you to see that? Any bells ringing? I don't know how good I am at this. lol
  11. Artist271982

    New one to analyze!

    I've never looked up snakes before, but yes. I have always loved snakes. I want a snake as a pet, actually. Just a little one. No pythons! lol But I find pythons absolutely beautiful and fascinating. I'm sorry. You tried to tell me about the doodle in a PM, too. My mind has been so pre-occupied with everything else that I can't concentrate on one thing at a time. lol Anyway, I tried to get a bigger image of it, and I can't. I would love to try to interpret it. I am practicing on my own art, to try to get more intuitive with things like that.
  12. Artist271982


    I believe we are here for a reason. We think and feel the way we do to teach those who are naive to our ways. To teach enlightenment, to share our gift with the world. What we really have to ask ourselves is...what is our greatest tallent. Mine, my art. Throw all of yourself into it, let that light that we all have inside of us shine brightly and use it to the best of our abilities to help others see. To...guide them along their path of discovery. We are too limitless to allow others to be closed minded without trying to help them, if they really want the help.
  13. Artist271982

    New one to analyze!

    I'm not sure if you guys saw this drawing, but this is my new one that I posted. So, if you want to analyze, go ahead. You guys seemed to really enjoy it. :) Maybe people are just busy with the holiday...either that, or it's getting old. If it is, you can tell me. While I am sensitive to other people's feelings...my feelings won't get hurt, honest. lol
  14. Artist271982

    Favorite Quotes!

    Well, I'm not sure if this is a quote that I heard somewhere and claimed as my own, or something I just came up with. lol But, my favorite quote is: I would rather be hated for someone I AM, instead of loved for someone I pretend to be. A quote I live by, and what everyone else should live by. Who wants to be a sheep being told what to do?
  15. Artist271982

    New one to analyze!

    Maaaaybe. :) We shall see. There are so many strong emotions to this picture that it might be a bit challenging.