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  1. Lissa

    what tarot card are you quiz

    Oh I'm the wheel of fortune! You are The Wheel of Fortune Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of intoxication with success The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change. This is absolutely NOT me I always complain about my bad luck and truth is,I do have bad luck. I don't know the tarot too well but I was expecting something like the lovers.
  2. Lissa

    The Rant Thread!

    So,today I was supposed to be studying accounting like crazy because my exam is tomorrow,but today I don't feel like studying.I have nothing else to do in this life and there's nothing interesting happening and I really studied a lot yesterday and yet there are still so many things I do wrong but I just don't feel like studying!
  3. Lissa

    The Moon and the effects

    Here's the story behind the term amavasya: http://mahalaxmidev.com/amavasya.html
  4. Lissa

    The Moon and the effects

    I was born at the end of the New Moon,though my Sun and Moon are in different signs and 9ยบ apart.The hindus call it Amavasya-the time when the Moon can't be seen in the sky.It is often connected with the unability to control one's emotions and separate thought from feeling. In western astrology,the New Moon,when present in a chart,usually shows an individual that is strongheaded and sttuborn,but also strong and decided.Unless there are several other factors in the chart that indicate a more relaxed personality,such as hevay JUpiter squares,these people are self starters and always very sure of their feelings.
  5. Lissa

    What sign are you?

    March 17,1991 Pisces,Aries Moon,Capricorn ascendant Year of the Goat :)
  6. Lissa

    why do people stay with cheaters?

    It greatly depends on the circumnstances.If someone cheats but feels genuinely sorry,and is ready and willing to change their ways,then it's fine.Of course the person who got cheated on tens to become a little paranoid...but I think it's only fair that the one who was cheated on is granted access to emails,text messages,phone calls,etc.It takes a while before someone wins your trust back. People aren't perfect,and stuff happens.People get drunk,people get high,people get lonely,people lose control.Forgiving is only a proof of strenght. Ultimately,love is what keeps you bound to the other person after they cheated.But as jrayvslang said,sometimes other things play into this,like not being strong enough to run away or desperately needing the other person.Forgiving someone who has slipped once is one thing but continuing to forgive someone who's a serial cheater shows a lack of self-respect...though self-respect tends to run very low in love matters...
  7. Lissa

    meg's blog :)

    Hi there Meg,so you have a cold?It's not nice to spend the holidays sick!Hope you are feeling better now.Hope you enjoyed your New Year's Eve too!
  8. Lissa

    FDragon's Log

    FDragon, I know the subject of depression all too well as I've been dealing with it for the past three years or so.Up until this day,I still have to work out on my depression issue.I am not depression free but I have my better days where my mood is a bit brighter.I like to think of my mood in terms of colours.Sometimes my mood is very pink(because I'm in love).Other times it is grey all over. I hope your path is as smooth and peaceful as possible,and that counseling (and maybe medication too) offer you the help you need.However,it will surely take some work on your part too.I am sure you will be dealing with deeply buried issues that are just screaming to be worked on.Dealing with such issues will be stressful and painful,but in taking the time to aknowledge and work on them is a very important part of the proccess.Depression usually lies very deep down in one's core and working on such issues always helps in creating a better life with better external conditions. I know all too well what it's like to feel desperate and disheartned and to have no faith in yourself.There are no remedies for that.Go easy on yourself,stay on top of your responsabilities(you feel a lot worse when you start slacking),and when you feel you're about to lose it think about someone very speacial and dear to you :) Just know that you're not alone. Blessings, lissa
  9. I finally came at terms with the fact that I am an emotional train wreck... :lol: and that I will continue to have these emotional train wreck moments...that's just part of who I am and I make up for it with my brighter side...and the right guy for me will be patient and understand that!
  10. Lissa

    Keiko's blog

    Hi there Keiko, Snow is nice.It's beautiful when everything is white.I really like white,for everything it stands for. It's good that money is coming into your pocket this year!Seems like you started off your year on the right foot :) May you have a blessed 2010, lissa
  11. Lissa

    Lissa's blog

    Well,I'm fairly new around here,but since I saw you had this lovely space,I thought,why not join in and share? :P Hopefully someone will find my life atractive lol! :lol: I just spend a hedious sleepless night-I didn't sleep the whole night!When I don't sleep my body gets really messed up-I sweat a lot and my body temperature goes crazy,I am either too cold or too warm inside.I am really sensitive and things like being hungry or sleepy have a deep,powerful impact on my mood and my overall wellbeing.If I'm hungry or tired or sleepy I simply cannot function well,no matter how hard I try!At this very moment I feel good mentally speaking,I even feel much more calm than what I've been feeling lately,but my body just feels a bit awkward lol. My boyfriend went for a small trip with his friends and he and his friends have been playing around with ghost whispering,and last night they summoned a devilish ghost...I'm a bit worried about the implications of this.He hasn't given me the details of the whole thing yet but when he does I will get back here and tell you all a bit more about it.Right now I am just worried if bad things will start happening to him and his friends.If that happens I will need to do something in order to fix it.Actually I've never been in contact with spirits but he is my boyfriend and he's done something stupid out of childish curiosity and I will do my best to make sure he is alright.I have the feeling spirits will like me and that somehow I will be able to calm them down if something bad happens...this may be stupid but it's just a hunch.I don't know,I just have the feeling that other wordly entities like me.I had a friend of mine who was a ghost wisperer and she said I had two spirits in my house,both of which were very affectionate with me,so that can only be a good thing. The other day I read something very interesting.I've been battling depression for almost three years now.While I am not sad and down in the dumps all the time,I am surely not as joyful and positive as I used to be.So,I read on the web that there's a sleep deprivation therapy that doctors use to cure depression,and that it works out well with some patients.Guess what the weird thing is-a couple of week ago I started waking at 6AM in the morning,every morning,and I've been feeling a lot better!I've been going to bed at the same time as usual,and I didn't even set my alarm clock or anything,I just happen to naturally wake up around 6/6:30AM.Around the 30th of December up until yesterday I started feeling terrible again,and that actually coincided with a period where I was sleeping up until late.How corky is that!It's like my body is naturally finding a way to battle depression on its own.Doesn't the mind work in mysterious ways? ^_^
  12. This such a beautiful thread... I love that I have a roof over my head,and food on my table...the most basic things are the most essential... I love my siblings,just because they are children,and pure and innoccent in every way. I love my parents,because I know they love me unconditionally. I love my boyfriend,because I'm a big crying pain in the a** but he stands by my side! I love my male best friend because he is wicked!He makes me laugh so much he brings me to tears. I love my female best friend because she is so strong and loyal!She really is a devoted,sensitive person. I love my compassionate side.I love my self-undoing side that provides for everyone and puts others needs ahead of my own. I love my selfish side too!Sometimes it feels good to run into your room with a bar of chocolate and eat it all by yourself! :lol: I love all my other friends because they all bring something good and beautiful into my life.All of them. I love the people on this forum,because I have never seen one word of hate or anger spoken between members around here.I know all of you have done helpful for others around here,and will continue to do so. Well this was nice! ^_^
  13. Lissa

    obscure questions

    I would meet Freud...and I would ask him,'psychoanalyze me please!' lol
  14. Lissa

    obscure questions

    To your question,Colour my Soul:I would grow a huge family with five children,three dogs and four cats!
  15. Lissa

    obscure questions

    Oooohh this is so much fun!!! I would have to take the guy I like with me...and one of my friends...my cellphone...and a laptop! My question: if you had to pick a song to describe your life,what would it be? I would pick "Let Me Go",by Three Doors Down...I feel like no one knows the real me. Can I answer the older questions too? I would make my dad see that he isn't always right,and that people have different,equally valuable ways of doing things...he is so strong-headed it's been painful,makes being around him really hard. I would like to go back to elementary school,where me and the guy I love were still boyfrined/grilfriend...soo sweet lol. My classroom's ceiling,for a change.