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    Tarot cards(still new) ,Yoga, Meditating,reading.
  1. flower

    Increasing Psychic Abilities With Meditation

    I don't use Ear plugs. Reason: there was a fire in a apartment block.It was not burnt to the ground but people had severely burned and THEY FOUND A MAN IN LOTUS POSITION dead.
  2. flower

    Real Zodiac sign?

    I thought there would be more deabte on this. need more people on the topic. I am a virgo but after reading the article below(link) Iam now a leo. I knida don't like Leo as I know they are attention seeks and Iam not that sorta person. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/8196971/star-sign-changes-spark-controversy
  3. flower

    meditation,sinus and Third eye

    @Light...Thanks for hijacking my question......lol. I have cut back on meat. Honest.The last time Ihad meat was 2 weeks ago. But I have tuna sandwich for lunch at work. Flower
  4. I have a slight sinus problem. Bearly there.I have started meditating about 2 0r 3 months ago.In the begining it was just asking Universe to show the way to reach my goal. So it was not on any specific chakra. But I have sensation or pressure on my forehead. I have never had this pressure before. not Even in Winter in past years.It's Winter in Australia at the moment.I do not have headache. Just pressure. It does not bother me but I know its there. I just want to know if any of you have sinus and meditating, how you know that the pressure is not sinus related or not related to 3rd eye.And I do not have running nose.Also before meditating I do breathing exercise. I feel a warm rush at the back of my shoulders,head and ears.What should I make out that. Flower
  5. flower

    Purple lights- peripheral vision

    Hi Ambthepro I read on this website I go(if you want I will pm the address) where there is vast information on meditaion and yoga as well as precautions. It's one of the best websites. I read that you are doing Third eye meditation. Purple colour(dark...I think its called indigo??) is for third eye. some people who have done this kind of meditation and seen purple light and some say that the purple light enters where the third eye is and they feel incredible..bliss...If the purple is lighter, lilac..its for crown chakra. If you see that purple light again close your eyes...see if you still see the purple with eyes closed.Flower
  6. flower

    A new soul is born!

    Congratulations! Don't forget to take care of yourself too.
  7. flower

    mini psychic game for fun

    oops..sorry paige i should have waited few days. no jelly or jellos.....but its still lunch time here......
  8. flower

    mini psychic game for fun

    Passports??/ of it means holiday...we booked one for December :) I like to play this as my training in tarot card. The next person I get...is spiritual,,, has 2 dogs and a I see a toddler,.. girl..may be his/ her daughter or grandchild????
  9. flower

    The Moon and the effects

    Also our fertility is associated with moon.If you are charting...BBT...also make a point of what phase moon is. I started this few month, my new cycle begins 3rd quater waning. I read it some where that if you know where the moon was when you were born you , you are most likely to have period around that time...or something like that( and not taking contraceptive pills). Also I watched a documentary..it said something around that the Moon is being pushed away from earth, as some gasses/air(don't remember gas name) forms between earth and Moon. Do you think....there will be a time when erath will be dark ONLY. like those holyywood movies.
  10. flower

    Sleep Paralysis?

    It happened to me couple of times..like you are awake(your mind is awake) but tryng to open your eyes and get up but you can't. At the same time you know what is happening around you..like if there is your sister or husband in the room..in real. It is really scaring beacuse you are fighting within yourself to open your eyes.
  11. flower

    Skin blemishes

    Hi Moopurple. I had a real bad acne on my back. I use Dabur neem soap(its anti bacterial).My face now is clean and back too. Google Dabur neem soap natural anti bacterial, it's not expensive. Use it for a month(give it a chance). I started using since January and still use it.
  12. flower

    Chilli's 30-card spread

    Hi Chilli Just to let you know, I have not done your 30 card spread yet. Too much work related junk in my head. Also i m new to tarot and not a psychic.I pratice very night for 10 mins.I need half a day to pratice your spread. Will let you know. Just to let y
  13. flower

    Chilli's 30-card spread

    Can you guys send the link to Chilli's 30 card spread original post. I am new to tarot. Thanx