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  1. dalsh327

    Card readings

    Thank you for the read! The desire to be protected, is this me protecting myself or someone desiring to protect me?
  2. dalsh327

    Visiting cemetaries

    I've heard about orbs showing up at various gravesites, family plots on private property is where you're more likely to feel a presence. For some reason, the bigger the cemetery, the more peaceful it is, but the small, centuries old ones, seem to have a stronger feel. I'll pick something up when someone is visiting their loved one at a gravesite, but it's a comforting energy. When I went to Yosemite, there was a small gravesite in the park and felt a presence...
  3. dalsh327

    New Old Love

    We have to remember that the people we knew from the past will always have those school years in common. There may be unresolved issues he's tackling and it's keeping him from opening up and discussing what's going on.
  4. dalsh327

    Those that have passed on

    Do I have loved ones "popping in" from time to time, and if so, what should I watch out for?
  5. dalsh327

    Card readings

    You can put me in for a read as well.
  6. dalsh327

    General reading -birthday

    Thank you for a wonderful reading! I didn't know flowers factored into cleaning, but do you have recommendations on the flowers and essential oils? The names mentioned aren't familiar ones, but I'll file them away for later. :) Puzzled by who the Joker is. Hopefully not someone I know. I've had friends turn against me before. Sometimes I do feel like there's an invisible "trickster" in my life, and I do talk to it like it's a naughty child and go "please cut it out". It's not a constant presence in my life. Thanks again!
  7. dalsh327

    General reading -birthday

    Today's my birthday and wanted to know how the outlook over the next year will be. Thanks!
  8. dalsh327

    Reading Offer

    Thanks for the read! I just wanted some clarification and appreciate it.
  9. dalsh327

    Reading Offer

    What do you mean by "The life you have chosen will become your entrapment" and what about it seemed to lack an educated choice? Is the wealthy child a physical or spiritual presence?
  10. dalsh327

    Reading Offer

    I had no preference.
  11. dalsh327

    Reading Offer

    Also interested in a general reading - thanks.
  12. dalsh327


    I like a "no news is good news" reading, and I will keep in mind the opportunities in coming months that might present themselves. There is a "waiting game" having to do with bills and finances but it's a matter of me practicing due diligence and getting through it. There's no family issues at the present time. Thank you!
  13. dalsh327


    Hi, what do the coming months look like for me and anything I should be paying attention to along the way? I feel like someone's been listening to me and being helpful, so I'm working on being cautious and keep my words positive.
  14. dalsh327

    Heart beat

    For some reason, when I start going deep into meditation, my heart skips a beat? I've grown used to it, but it's like dealing with hiccups. Just curious if anyone else has had this going on.