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  1. Tarryn

    Question Game

    I was thinking of Bono. However I also thought to myself, I bet the first person who answers this will say Brad Pitt...so you are kinda right too.
  2. Tarryn

    Question Game

    What celebrity am I thinking of right now?
  3. Tarryn

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    Not a phone or toy, but I do have a piece of jewelry with these colours in. Do you have any connection to Cornwall? Sophia Alice I see someone quite young, as well as a small child around you.
  4. Tarryn

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    pinony, the word motorbike popped into my head for you, I also got longish brown hair.
  5. Tarryn

    Favorite Quotes!

    “There never will be a time When we will cease to be” Heaven Is Here Dancing The Dream Michael Jackson
  6. Tarryn

    Staying in the NOW

    It is quite a challenge to stay in the now, I find that having a trigger helps a bit. For example, you choose a colour, object or word, then intend that everytime you hear or see this word or object, you will make an effort to draw yourself back into the present. There is a lovely quote from Deepak Chopra that goes something like this " When your mind is in the past, you are in the past. When your mind is in the future, you are fragmented. But when your mind is in the present moment, you are in the presence of God and God is present in you" Great topic!
  7. A HUGE Thank You to everyone here who has helped me in anyway. Bless you all! With LOVE.
  8. Tarryn

    My item

    oh, ha ha! The name doesn't ring a bell at the moment, but I dont know where the pendant was actually made, but maybe you are picking up the name of the place or something connected to that.
  9. Tarryn

    My item

    Spot on Angel it is a moonstone. I will make sure I wear for all kinds of communication. Thanks so much.
  10. Tarryn

    My item

    Thats excellent Victoria! That is the exact reason why I got it, to develop my own psychic ablilty. I'm not sure where it was made, I was hoping to ask the lady I got it from but dont have her contact details. I agree with you though, I also get the feeling it was made in India. Thank you for the advice about rubbing it between my thumb and forefinger for answers needed, and about recharging it under a full moon. Should I just leave it outside when there is a full moon?
  11. Tarryn

    My item

    Here is a bigger one. Sorry about the quality though, I took it with my cell phone which is awful.
  12. Tarryn

    My item

    The type of stone in this pendant does have associations with an ancient culture, but not Egyptian. And the stone used to be very popular with royality. Thanks for your reply Nigel.
  13. Tarryn

    My item

    Would love to see what anyone comes up with.
  14. Tarryn

    meditation,sinus and Third eye

    Hi Flower it could be that your third eye is being energised and starting to open up, due to you meditating. I suffer from sinus as well as do meditation, and find that sinus cause me to feel blocked - up together with pressure not just around the forehead area, but around the ears and nose too. You said you have only had this since you started to meditate, so it sounds like third eye to me. The warm rush you feel when do breathing exercises may be energy you are feeling - perhaps you are more sensitive to feeling it than others.
  15. Tarryn

    Dream Consciousness

    Thanks Big Island Dreamer. I have to say I'm not too attached to the physical - meaning I can see it for what it is - I believe it to be as much of an illusion as a dream. I also do believe you can exist outside of the physical body as well as inside it at the same time. That said I need to experience it for myself...