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  1. i don't know why, i have medium raven-black hair and no motorbike.


    Tarryn, a very girly color, pink or violet, and it's a phone strap or i don't know some small thing/toy?

    Not a phone or toy, but I do have a piece of

    jewelry with these colours in.



    Do you have any connection to Cornwall?


    Sophia Alice I see someone quite young, as well as a small child around you.

  2. It is quite a challenge to stay in the now, I find that having a trigger helps a bit. For example, you choose a colour, object or word, then intend that everytime you hear or see this word or object, you will make an effort to draw yourself back into the present.


    There is a lovely quote from Deepak Chopra that goes something like this " When your mind is in the past, you are in the past. When your mind is in the future, you are fragmented. But when your mind is in the present moment, you are in the presence of God and God is present in you"


    Great topic!

  3. Haha that bit wasnt really psychic, I thought it looked like moonstone.


    Does Sheba or Sheila mean aything to you?

    oh, ha ha!

    The name doesn't ring a bell at the moment, but I dont know where the pendant was actually made, but maybe you are picking up the name of the place or something connected to that.

  4. Oh Well done Nigel!


    Tarryn, I dont get anything other than what Victoria has already said, other than I see a clear mid blue around your head and shoulders when you wear this, which enhances all aspects of your communication (psychic and otherwise). You could wear this when speaking is important, you know in public or at an interview for a job for instance.


    I also heard the name or the place Sheba or Sheila.


    Is it moonstone?

    Spot on Angel it is a moonstone.


    I will make sure I wear for all kinds of communication.

    Thanks so much.

  5. Ah, I thought so... now I can see the violet aura that your stone has. (Of course everyone can see it now as the colour is so clearly in the pic.)


    I was hoping that it would show up to affirm my initial thought that this stone will help you to develop your own psychic abilities guided by your increasing spiritual awareness.


    It is a calming and elegant energy that it has.


    I feel it was made by someone who meditates as they work.


    I wonder if it was made in India because as I type this I see an Indian man...


    Wear it on your neck to aid in speaking spiritual truth and rub it between your thumb and forefinger when you seek an answer.


    It's lovely. Of course it will need recharging under the full moon and the magical sliver of the Isis moon. :angel:

    Thats excellent Victoria! That is the exact reason why I got it, to develop my own psychic ablilty. I'm not sure where it was made, I was hoping to ask the lady I got it from but dont have her contact details. I agree with you though, I also get the feeling it was made in India.


    Thank you for the advice about rubbing it between my thumb and forefinger for answers needed, and about recharging it under a full moon.

    Should I just leave it outside when there is a full moon?

  6. Hi Flower it could be that your third eye is being energised and starting to open up, due to you meditating. I suffer from sinus as well as do meditation, and find that sinus cause me to feel blocked - up together with pressure not just around the forehead area, but around the ears and nose too. You said you have only had this since you started to meditate, so it sounds like third eye to me. The warm rush you feel when do breathing exercises may be energy you are feeling - perhaps you are more sensitive to feeling it than others.

  7. Tarryn, for someone that the lucid dreaming and OBE thing just kind of happened to without really trying, I can't give you a step by step "how to". But my advice is to examine what your belief system is regarding the physical world, such as how attached are you to it and do you believe that this is the only reality? Secondly, what do you believe about your conciousness/soul/spirit? Do you believe that your spirit can be separated and exist outside of the body?


    Prior to having these astral/lucid experiences, I practiced transcendental meditation and self hypnosis (I learned this at one point to control physical pain).


    I have read about people who have been abused as children who report leaving their bodies and watching the abuse from above themselves. In psychology, it's referred to as dissociation. As an adult survivor, maybe this is something I learned how to do as a protective measure way back when. I don't know. But, I've always wanted to talk to other adult survivors to find out if they were more prone to doing the lucid/astral projection thing.

    Thanks Big Island Dreamer. I have to say I'm not too attached to the physical - meaning I can see it for what it is - I believe it to be as much of an illusion as a dream. I also do believe you can exist outside of the physical body as well as inside it at the same time. That said I need to experience it for myself...

  8. I think humans first began to eat meat because it was inherent in us, like it is in animals - part of the whole food chain. We learnt to cook it with the invent of fire, because its our natural instict to explore new things...ideas, tastes etc... However as we have progressed we have learned to make educated choices (sometimes dumb choices due to over consumption of meat) about whats right for us.

  9. I think our world is a mirror, what you truly believe gets reflected back to you - so if you believe you don't have free will , then you allow your life to be run by karma, but if you believe you do have free will then you do have it. I think its up to you to make t.he conscious choice to use your free will at any moment.

  10. First of all - In my opinion - "God" is not a "He" or a "Father" God is an essence - everyone of us is God in a physical form. We allow ego - which causes anger, hatred, fear, and so on ... to cloud over what our true essence is...God. Clear the ego out the way, wake up to truth and you will find God. God is everywhere - in everything, around everything, through everything...yet everything - meaning everything that is manifest - is an illusion, and illusions are God too, but its not God as a pure essence. In conclusion God is a paradox, its everything and no thing at the same time. We can only know God we can never understand it.