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    meditating,reading, a bit of gardening occasionally,anything to do with learning psychic abilities,hence joining this site.Socialising and meeting new people.
  1. Golddust

    mini psychic game for fun

    I see the next person has recently been in church,with a veil on,it some kind of head garment worn out of respect and wearing black leather gloves., sorry it not cheery like the rest. For those of you not liking this game, don't slate it. It is for fun but it also helps beginners use some train of thought i think, whether right or wrong. cheers guys. :)
  2. Golddust

    mini psychic game for fun

    Hi guys and Gals, please remember to leave comment on prediction left for you even if you cannot relate to it please say, then leave ure own prediction,cheers everyone. :D
  3. Hi Butterfly1, this is just a general reply,i am no expert, but felt i wanted to reply just in general. I have had a few readings over the years,some more informing than others.Looking back i guess it could have been less informative due to how i was feeling at the time,or if i was expecting a message from 1 particular person it never came, maybe i was blocking others from communicating or i was too tense,not sure.I now find that if i go with no expectations and just with love in my heart,then the messages seem to flow.I go to a local spirit church which i find very calming in itself,and a few days before i go i send a thought to family friends and loved ones in spirit just to let them know i will be there,that may sound a little mad but it seems to work. You don't actually mention if the medium gave you any message that you related to? Maybe they are like Councillors,it may take a couple to find the one that is right for you.Sincere wishes to you, i do sense your disappointment,don't give up hope or faith.xx
  4. Golddust

    mini psychic game for fun

    This is a great game, add comments to prediction left for you,if you can relate to it or not. Then leave your own prediction for the next person,and so on.It is just for fun so lets see if we can keep it going,tune in don't try too hard,just write what comes to you.I will start it off with........... I predict that the next person has an Aunt coming to visit and staying with them for a weekend. Very colourful person because i got rainbow.Maybe a little eccentric or just a little over the top,bit to much to bare at times. :dance: She also loves wearing hats,large ones.