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    Reading,walking,swimming and all spiritual interests.

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    I am widowed after losing my hubby 4 years ago.
  1. bluespirit

    Past Lives and Birthmarks

    Ooooh,I forgot to ask! Must email him. I also have a mole in the centre of my chest. I have had it since I was born. A friend suggested the other day that I may have shot in my past life! Something I never really thought about. Blue xx
  2. bluespirit

    Past Lives and Birthmarks

    Forgot something. Why we were discussing this,I asked Maureen,my daughter if she still had it. She told me 'No' it had disappeared. So must remember to ask my son if he still has his. Blue xx
  3. bluespirit

    Past Lives and Birthmarks

    My daughter and I were talking about this same subject the other day. When my two children were born,they both had birth marks on their arms. My daughter had what looked like a map of England and my son had what looked like a map of Australia. We emigrated to Australia in 1960,came back in 1969 but my son returned there in later years. My daughter stayed in the UK. Not really to do with past lives but thought I would mention these facts out of interest. Weird eh? Bluespirit.
  4. bluespirit

    EAM Blog

    :lol: We just can't help it. The one fault of being an Empath. Blue.
  5. bluespirit

    EAM Blog

    That is an excellent piece of advice,Chilli. I too need advice like that. I will remember the cord cutting from now on. Bluespirit
  6. bluespirit

    Twin Flames - Reincarnation & Graduates

    I have the same feeling at times but I feel i want to get rid of this twin flame. They seem to only bring me unhappiness. What can I do about this situation? Bluespirit
  7. bluespirit

    Twin Flames - Reincarnation & Graduates

    Well it has reached it's final depths now. Hopefully we have had the last battle. But for some reason I do not think it is the last of each other. Call it intution but I have been told we will meet life after life until our differences are settled. Bluespirit
  8. bluespirit

    Sleep Paralysis?

    That happened to me once and frightened the life out of me. I was dozing in the armchair,woke up and couldn't open my eyes or move. I really hope it never happens again. i was petrified!
  9. bluespirit

    EAM Blog

    Good advice. I have wondered how to tell someone or give advice when I feel they have a problem. I just hate for them to think I'm being a busybody. :blink: Blue
  10. bluespirit

    EAM Blog

    I wish I had your abilty,EAM. I often get strong feelings like that but cannot link them to anyone unless someone I know,remarks about something that links to my feelings. Blue,
  11. bluespirit

    What sign are you?

    Pisces. Ascendant Leo. What a combination!
  12. bluespirit

    EAM Blog

    Just had a thought. i think the strongest empathic feelings come from our parents. I was trying to remember when I was a child. I had broken a favourite ornament belonging to my mother and hadn't told her. Now maybe it was guilt,I do not know. But I sensed she knew even though she didn't say anything but I could feel the anger and sadness coming off her. I did own up by the way. :blink:
  13. bluespirit

    Chiili's Spirit Walk

    Some marvellous accounts there,I really enjoyed reading these records. What you have all written is down to sheer 'Perseverence'. That goes a long way,peeps. Be proud. Bluespirit.
  14. bluespirit

    EAM Blog

    I hope you don't mind if I answer your blog,EAM. Reading your account of an Empath,I want to say this is exactly the way I feel with Empathy. You have recorded my thoughts exactly but I am not as strong as you in feeling another person'e emotions. I do get vibes though not quite sure how to interpret them. I have a feel for 'feelings' from another person. Then interpret them in my own way. I also feel besides Empathy that a great deal of it is Psychic. Such an interesting report. You should record more of this subject. Thank you, Blue xx
  15. bluespirit


    My day started well by receiving such a comical email. it made me roar with laughter. I sent that email on to friends and was complimented by further laughs and giggles as they each received it. So a little bit laughter and happiness in the world. Blue xx