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    middle of a corn field lol
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    I enjoy my 2 sons, my cat, my home, and my herbal , brews. and flowers, the outside, and making perfumes, creames, knife colllecting, reading , wiccan, christian, pagan, flowers, knitting, crochet, painting, cleaning, cooking, tanning, makeup, making unique oils, ect.

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    metal detector, sales, tons of stuff. as far socializing and dating has been a issue with me its been hard realiated to my disabity I feel i do not want to introducde the situation into there life, and it took along time to get my life were it is now. so this is a problem for me.
  1. rebirth1

    Sorrowful no more!

    Hello, I used to be a RN, I go to a doctor for mood disorder, for my MS, I have 8 lesions on my brain. even if I did'nt, If I felt like I needed to see a dr. or therapist, or anyone, I would not ask permission, from anyone, I would just go. Your and adult, and i am hearing you asking for permission in your paragragh. If you feel bad, go and feel better, and make you life tolerable, life is way to short not to grow, and have it effect the people around you and yourself. I hope this helps you in your decision. sometimes, we just got to do what's best for us regardless of what other's may think is best for us. believe me I have........ whatever makes you feel well. alll the best love in the light rebirth1.
  2. rebirth1

    Sorrowful no more!

    I am sorry you hurt inside, and been hurt, it is never easy to find out you were right about someone, however it does not meaan all are like that but it unforunately makes you feel that way, when being hurt by someone , and all it takes is one, it will leave you feel damaged inside, but its only you to become sealed, and bless yourself, asking to seal that damage back up. its not stange behavior, you been hurt, hurt is hurt, either way, now you need to forgive yourself, because you feel like you didnt listen to yourself. but really you did. so no more guilt for you. You were aware, you were smart, and the wolf was not in sheeps clothing. you knew all along he was guilty. so forgive him first, and let yourself no you don't care for him anymore, then move on to you, and forgive yourself for really nothing. but being sensative and smart. have a happy day...... love in the light. words crazy, sabotage, are self defeating and you are miss lead with those words, keep postive, and grow like a flower........... rebirth1. life is to short to stop growing........
  3. I was just thinking about this, and why would the spirts of our loved ones be any different than what they were like when they were alive. maybe some questions are things they are still uncomfortable with, they may not want to answer, because they feel there protecting you, See, just like all of us, we have all grown up protecting people for the most part. All of us, from the profiles i have read, protected the less fortunate, animals ect. there hole life, and mostly are humble people here. I think thats what makes us who we are, one of the counterparts, of the differences from the rest of society. We, notice when the door get slamed in a handicap's face, or a poor kitten is on the side of a road getting ready to get run over, we are sensatives, born that way. Thank the spirts above, and blessing i can say.... thank you over and over for this. but, the souls that have passed are not us, they are still aunt millie, or gramma, and they still have the soul they died with. and the protective soul they died with. with your name stamped on it. So, they are not being a rude soul but a protective soul. and may not give you or us the sign you may be wanting , because they see it as a bad sign, and still trying to protect there littel grand daughter. or son. all the blessings to all of you, you all saved my life, I have been looking for people that are just like me. since i been a littel girl, and isolated myself, because being so sensative it is hard to live amonst those less sensative, and that hurt others, but in the world it is called the norm. but in my world it is far from the norm and in makes my ora, and soul feel heavy and intollerable , to the point i have to turn and walk, but if i see abuse of children , i do not turn , i act. and that is not what society is not used to, but again they are not used to me. and never well be. blessings. rebirth 1.
  4. rebirth1

    Sorrowful no more!

    Hello, you don't know me, you sound like me, lol, maybe its not funny I have MS, and you know what, I have done the same along the way, not with friends, I wouldnt allow myself any, it was mostly with my MOM, and its because I have a mood condition with MS, I have 8 lesions on my brain, but besides that, i have a condition called boarderline, its behavior that you learn when your raised, and it has fits of rage. and my MS does not help, lesions press right on the centers. so, I basically isolate myself. I find it easier that way. and when i was young , i helped those that others would hurt so i would get hurt. and i was sexuall hurt. so not such a pleseant start. i am not complaining i am letting you know, your not alone, nor do you need to have to feel bad. sometimes we are raised, a certain way, and so were are parents they are not even aware they are raising us the same way. and we end up the same way, we swear we will never be like them, yep. " we will say, I never be like my dad , he was such a dick. and we will not in our eyes. but we turn out like the enabling mother helping others to the point we let the men we ever get with , we take care of them support them ect.. just like a stray dog, but we love them far more. and we have abadonment issues, we will tell them to leave , but when they do , we will do anything to get them back. well for me eventually, after years, it got easy to be alone, so easy infact, i have become more isolated than anything, i am to scared to date. i get phyiscally sick. I can not do it. I have not even gone from my house much and i clean all the time. but i am more spirtual than i used to be. I love the outdoors animals i only have one cat. i am too moody to have to many indoor animals. so, your not so bad, i also study wicca, also silver raven wolf, and my mom catholic, i do love god. i also love hecate, and my grandmom, who is passed, and the four quaters and the spirt in the center light. see there is someone different. I used to be a RN, pretty good one, because i could tell what was wrong before i took them back. when i was young i got visited by some spirts, some ugly ones, mostly, freaked me out. never real nice. i studied witchcraft in 5th grade out of a enyclopedia thats all we had. i had a knife set to do my rituals. then became a nurse, christian, 10 years kinda forgot about it. was a soccor mom, then bam multiple sclerosis the big D and moved from ga, to michigan back home and all the nightmares came back so did the spirts. and thats when i had the big depression and told i had ms, and spirts, and i was able to tell people including my doctor about his dead sister for closer, it was a cold reading , i didnt have to ask them one question , i liked it that way, i didnt want them to think i was full of ######. and i was not. i didnt see a spirt, the knowledge came from my gut, and i knew i was right, i also helped a lady on the interenet this year, from being abused. another cold reading. and now i am telling you . because i feeel your allot like me. and blame yourself for getting on your friends when the bottom line is , its not your fault, it is the way you were raised the rage is within, and nothing you can do, other than as you get older it will calm , and be aware, the type of men you get will jump from job to job and if your wellng to care for them you will continue to stress out and care for them because thats a part of you. i only wish you find one that is true at heart. however unfornate for us they do not circle our colormysoul, our color is mother of pearl lol, they know it. take care. your a good person always rebirth 1
  5. rebirth1

    Does DMT cause psychic visions

    I am a newbie myself kevin also a past RN, as I read your composition, it is very explanatory, as you answer the other man's question you surly are answering several of your own. I do understand recover must be hard related to the repeated quotation back to God, but, I feel that, in reality if as people, if we would take responsibility for are own decisions, such as, yes, i will drink that, or i guess instead of drinking smoking MJ, is a more reasonable solution is a human decision and has no relationship to gods, decision other than what he gave us is simple consequences, and that is were most get confused. Most everyone says, God, would have it, or God wants us to, basically, its what we want God too have us to do.or best fit our life style . But, all the context of a descriptive paper wrote on Drugs stating what is good and bad, to me , really does not make a reasonable argument with the lords name included. In the bible , it really does not address the issue. I hope you see what I am saying. And one drug does not equal another . Actually I came here ? to discuss the physic realm. but, i found more of a large context of literature on gods kinda drugs, whats better for you and whats not. well, I have MS, none are good, and I am sure in the bible it does not say Ye, take the plant a made and smoke it and get high , it is much better than any man made substance that any brain i help created for any woman or man.... if you say that. i think you will see my point. I just get tired of people using God, for there own lifestyle choices. Let's talk about Physic ability's why do we have those? I think that's quite amazing , I obtained mine when I was a child. No, one else in my family at the time that I knew of, until later had them. when did yours start. I feel a good way of becoming healthy , away from the drug scene is to stop going back to it. I wish you all the luck in the world Kevin, but you research it so much, you maybe trying to justify another. that's always another path creator is ourselves.