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    Sleep Paralysis?

    Has anyone ever had this? It is where your whole body becomes paralysed and you become mute,just as you are trying to sleep. I had one a while ago, I hallucinated and life felt very dreamlike. I felt a dark presence in my room and while lying on my side, a pale white face appeared outside of my window. To the side of the face, I saw a stream of white mist, but the most peculiar thing is that while in sleep paralysis, it is believed that you can not move, I was able to wave at the face and speak to it (my voice was very low and muffled though) and as it gradually disappeared, I felt my soul being "pushed" back into my body and everything was reverted again. I'm not prescribed on any medication, nor did I intake any alcohol, so it was eerie. Is this psychic related in anyway? If it is anyone know why this happened?