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  1. DanielWoodUK

    Words of wisdom

    I like it. let it go :-)
  2. DanielWoodUK

    Book Club!

    I think this is a great idea. I'm looking forward to participating :-)
  3. DanielWoodUK

    Words of Inspiration

    I LOVE this quote! Thanks for posting it :-)
  4. DanielWoodUK

    What sign are you?

    I'm a water pig and I'm also an Aquarius :-D
  5. DanielWoodUK

    the full moon?

    I always felt an energy, and a deeper spiritual connection to people when the moon was full :-)
  6. DanielWoodUK

    Solar Eclipse

    I love watching an eclipse. I remember seeing one and it was fascinating! :-)
  7. DanielWoodUK

    Dream Consciousness

    Do you think it's possible to meet friends in a dream consciousness? I've always pondered this but now I get a chance to hear other open-minded people's views on the subject matter. Do we communicate with others through our dreams or are our dreams a pure form of subconscious thinking and analyzing?
  8. DanielWoodUK

    Meditation for Healing

    My spiritual master once taught me to breathe deeply and visualize positive energy flowing into the effected area. I always did that and it seemed to help :-)
  9. DanielWoodUK

    New Meditation Idea

    I'm always remembering the importance of having a very straight spine when meditating and relaxing every little muscle in the body :-)
  10. DanielWoodUK

    going to try hard to meditate

    I'm looking forward to learning about your discoveries :-)
  11. DanielWoodUK

    What do YOU see in meditation?

    I see my future self in vivid, clear detail :-)
  12. DanielWoodUK

    Only one God created this world

    If there's one source it seems superfluous to have multiple names. I think we humans have debates based on the concept of word variations. We're all showered by an energy of love and vitality when all's said and done :-)
  13. DanielWoodUK

    Questions for the RELIGION and we have choice.

    To me organized religion is synonymous with limitation. I think all the good books have great things in them but I try to be as spiritually open as possible :-)
  14. DanielWoodUK


    I believe that I'll continually choose to be born into a physical body, now you've opened my eyes up to a bigger question! :-)
  15. DanielWoodUK

    Dead skin rubbing off... blue?

    That is weird! I used to have this a lot. It was dark blue and lots came off the more I rubbed. Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one :-)