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  1. Hey all Hope you are well. If you (a man) knew that a woman fancied you via someone else and not the lady herself, would you follow up with it or wait until the lady got in touch with you?? I am in this situation, there is a guy I have feelings for, and got another mate to tell him - first time I used this approached and know its a cop out! But for some reason this guy I got nervous. In the past I have had no hesitations in telling someone directly, although nervous at same time. Any advice would be great Cheers Mia
  2. meher

    Love Reading Request

    Hey All Wow, it has been a few years since I have visited this forum, nice to see some familiar names still around too :) I would greatly appreciate a reading in relation to whats happening on my romantic path. Bright blessings xox
  3. Hey Guys Hope you are well. I am going to keep this short but would greatly appreciate your advice, perhaps you have been in such situations in the past. I have liked a few guys in the past, and it was usually from the get-go (never dated them of anything), and whenever I was around them I would feel anxious or just nervous and just not myself -perhaps I thought I was at the time. Feelings were never mutual and I was naturally disappointed. I met someone else last year through a dance class and around beginning of this year I thought he was something I would like to get to know and over the course of this year I have come to develop feelings for him as I have got to know him - I never saw him as my "Type" when I first met him lol. with this guy I feel at ease and quite comfortable and be myself. With the other guys I tended to tell them I liked them directly or take some initiative, seemed like a piece of cake- but with this new guy I am sooooooo hesitant in doing so for I am afraid to be rejected again. Any advice? Similar situation?
  4. Thanks :) I hope things will work out too. xox
  5. Hey All Thanks for your thoughts. Victoria, well I feel I am in this position :(. Not sure if he "recognises" it as such or aware if that makes sense. My past post titled "Anyone been in this situation" gives more detailed information about this possible "past life" connection I have had with the person in question. But was curious if this can happen ie. not "recognising" the other.
  6. I guess now that I know a bit more about soul mates - am not thinking about the 'mating up" side of it. But coming from the same soul group, if that makes sense.
  7. Hey All Just as the subject states: What if your soulmate doesnt recognise you? Greatly appreciate your thoughts on this. xox