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    Truly a Taurus
  1. mtQui

    Lost my first love

    Getting over my first love was a nightmare! I cried a lot too.. it's really totally normal. It's gonna hurt, but you'll be okay eventually. Let yourself feel what you need to feel, but then let it go. Do you meditate? I'm sure it would help to. :) Or, if you prefer, try to direct your energy into something physical. Run, bike, do yoga, dance, go out with your friends.. the possibilities are endless! You could even pick up a hobby, like knitting or something! Many doors have opened for you now. I know it feels hopeless and I know that it really does feel hopeless! But you'll get through it :) Oh and btw, I'm with an AMAZING guy now who does his absolute best to take care of me.. and he does it so well.. He and I get along at least 100 million times better than I did with any of my exes, even the ones I sincerely believed I would marry.
  2. mtQui

    Startled in my sleep- Help

    This is exactly what I do. I try not to do it in a threatening manner, like "get out or else!" but more stern than anything.
  3. mtQui

    Readings on your animals

    I hope this is still open! :) This is Zorro :) Thanks for doing this!
  4. mtQui

    twin flames

    That's really cool, but that would just freak the heck outta me. :wacko:
  5. mtQui

    twin flames

    Hey, I know the part about being a skeptical Taurus but having enough "proof" to deny it all too well! Taurus represent! How were you able to hear his voice on tape?
  6. mtQui

    twin flames

    From what I've learned and experienced with my Twin Flame is that if you aren't absolutely ready (emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually unstable) to meet each other, and something happens that brings you two together, because of the very strong polarities between TFs, your life will be uprooted, spun around and around and around until you can't bare to live anymore. You will bring out the best and very worst in each other. You will spark something in their life that they will carry for the rest of their lives, and they you. Your life will never be the same after meeting your Twin. I don't know how to make it clear that TF relationships are very, very, very intense. Romance didn't work between us, and frankly I don't think that it ever could. As I mentioned, we brought the best and worst out of each other and it did not work. We weren't ready to meet, but we (or I, I don't know about him anymore. We've stopped speaking since) are continuing down the paths we set each other on in the beginning of our relationship. I know it sounds like a usual "bad/unfitting relationship" but I truly do believe that Twin Flames exist, and that it's damn near impossible to meet yours except for under dire circumstances. Not that I think my Twin and I are special, but something in our lives made it so that we could meet this lifetime. I believe that usually, one is incarnated and the other is in Spirit, watching over you.
  7. mtQui

    FDragon's Log

    I have to admit I only read a few of the posts here, but I'd like to give my two cents. Praying is great, but it feels like you expect things to get better by doing so. I can't say they will or won't, but your power, your will, your strength to keep going and change the circumstances you're in lies within you. You thank God every time things start to look up a little bit, and that's great. God is always with us, watching us, guiding us and protecting us. But where's the praise for FDragon? "Thank you, self, for hanging in there long enough to see a brighter day, even it's only a little bit brighter than yesterday." Only we can change our lives. God won't do it for us, and he won't carry us to where we need or want to be. But he will hold us. He will guide us. He will give us everything we need to get there. But it's up to us to take the necessary steps. The light which shines within us is like the sun. Even when it is away from our sight, even on the darkest of dark nights, we see the light on the face of the moon. She shines no matter what, just like we do. Forgive my corniness, but to lose hope in yourself, in life, is to lose hope in God and everything he has created for us. He never gives us anything more than what we can handle. If you're lonely, make friends with yourself. For me, meditating helped me realize my own potential and get to know myself better. Changing my thoughts took a long time [ something like three, four months? ], but of course nothing happens overnight. A line from a song I really like: "if you don't let you in, you'll always be alone." When I'm faced with difficult emotions, I've learned a very effective practice to calm it. I found it in a book I read by Thich Nhat Hanh called Peace is Every Step. When I do this, I find a quiet place [ sometimes at work I'll go outside, or even retreat to the washroom! ] and breathe deeply, slowly. Step one, recognize the feeling. "I'm feeling sad", "I'm feeling angry", "I'm feeling hopeless". Keep breathing. Step two, become one with the feeling. According to one of the replies here, you've already tried this. If it brings you to a dark place, that's a good step forward. Let yourself feel the sadness, the frustration, the anger, whatever it is. Don't lose hope, keep going. It can potentially get very difficult to breathe here, especially if you're crying or wanting to yell, but find your breath. Keep breathing slow and deep. Step three, calm the feeling. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Sometimes I'll stay on this step for ten, fifteen minutes, other times I'll be doing this for an hour. Take your time. Don't forget to breathe! Step four, release the feeling. For me, I imagine the feeling blowing away with each breath, little by little. Inhaling fully through your nose, "good energy in", suspend your breath for a second [ like holding it, but don't force it as if you're underwater, just.. hold it there gently ], exhaling through your mouth [ slowly, let all the air out ], "negative energy out". Take your time. Step five, look deeply. Ask why, and really listen. Don't rush the answers. Don't question the answers. Listen, and breathe. Did I forget to mention, breathe? Thank yourself, thank God, and thank your guides for helping you. You can do it, FDragon. Everyone here is sending love and light to you, so keep going. You're not alone, you never will be. So don't lose hope, don't give up! :) edit ; a little something for a little hope
  8. mtQui

    really warm when meditating?

    Dot, that article is amazing! Thank you very much. :) I'll definitely try what you mentioned next time I meditate. and thank you for specifying that by "visualization", you don't necessarily mean by sight. I have terrible visual visualizations [ haha ] and was getting frustrated just reading through that until you mentioned that part. Many more thank yous!
  9. mtQui

    really warm when meditating?

    About fifteen minutes or so into meditating, my body begins to feel really warm. At first it's okay--actually, it feels kind of good; however, it just keeps getting more and more warm! It gets hot enough to make me sweat, which is strange because I don't usually sweat [ even on really hot days ], and when I do it's only very little. When this happens, I can feel sweat forming and starting to drip down my back, my forehead.. it's really strange! Saying all that sounds kind of weird, but it's really perplexing. I thought that it might be my room, but after I come out of meditation the heat almost instantly disappears. This has only started happening very recently. Does anyone know what's going on?
  10. mtQui

    A new soul is born!

    Congratulations! All the best to you two :]
  11. mtQui

    Ascension Symptons

    From Dictionary.com : ascent, "movement upward from a lower to a higher state, degree, grade, or status; advancement" A mental/neural growth spurt is a pretty good way to put it! :) For me, it's moving from our lower human vibrational frequency into one closer to that of our higher self. Becoming the best "me" we can be. Plus all the lovely dormant abilities we all hold.
  12. mtQui

    Evil? What's around me that's going on?

    You seem pretty convinced that it's dark, it's evil, it's a curse, etc.. Well, it is. But only because you're making it that way! It's your own negative energy manifesting into your daily life. Denial, resistance and fear will keep this energy around, indefinitely. Fighting has never solved anything.
  13. mtQui

    Ascension Symptons

    watch this [ http://lightworker.com/EvolutionCenter/Events/Fundamentals/Symptoms-2010_06.php ] if you have time. He mentions some other symptoms that weren't listed here.
  14. mtQui

    Ascension Symptons

    Great article, thanks for the share! http://lightworker.com/ is also an amazing place led by amazing people.