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  1. ChicAmarilla

    Purple lights- peripheral vision

    That is really interesting, I may say that a similar thing happened to me on Saturday. I was just laying in my bed, looking at the white ceiling, lots of light coming out from the window... I wasn't thinking in anything in particular and then I thought "Hum, why not try to meditate?" and so I did. I never meditated in my life, I mean, I've tried many times when I'm alone but I never know if I'm doing it correctly and it doesn't last long. But on Saturday it was different... I started to see some white lights, just very light shades of it. Then I started to see everything surrounded by a white shade, almost like an aura, I'm sure some of you have already seen it (this, in particular, has always happened to me, it wasn't something new). Then I closed my eyes and just concentrated on my breathing, not worried about time at all, not thinking about anything, just breathing... And moments after I kind of felt my hands "paralised" and started to see some blue dots while I was with my eyes closed. I opened them and while looking at the white ceiling I could see a purple light surrounded by an yellowish one, very beautiful... It would go away but whenever I tried to focus again it would appear again. I could look at it frontly, though. I don't know, it was like those lights that we see when we have our eyes closed...
  2. ChicAmarilla

    Acceptance thread

    This is a wonderful idea! I accept... 1. My "body muffins". LOL Gotta love them all! :lol: 2. That me and T. might not end up being together, but our souls met in this encarnation (or maybe even... reencountered each other, who knows :)) and all the times we spent together are definatelly worthy of loving life and its ways of making ourselves realize things, learn with the flaws and also with the happy moments. I accept that things may not go the way I want them to go and I accept that life is supposed to be just the way it goes. 3. That I am a beautiful soul, no matter what. I'm happy with myself, with my flaws, with my qualities... I know that the Universe loves me as much as it loves all the living things who make it what it is and I feel its love. I feel loved and happy. I feel that I will have a happy life... Just because I want to. I accept that I will try my best to never allow negative energies take over me, and if they do, I can only hope my guides and angels help me to find my way again. I know they will try their best aswell. :)
  3. ChicAmarilla

    Poll on Rising Signs...

    Saggie here! I love my rising sign! :P