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  1. vegasgal

    How do I know if it worked

    I guess that's why it is difficult to take pride in my work, because it just came through me. I think I'm having trouble with a broken bone turning out to be just a bruise. I know reiki can do it. But, did I really do that? I guess I am in shock that it worked so well. I gave reiki to hubby with a tootache. He went to the dentist who sent him to a endodontist for specialized treatment. I sent hubby reiki so well they weren't 100% sure which tooth was the problem, because the pain was gone. :blink: A thought just popped in my head - - I am like a fire fighter aiming the water hose at the flame. (water/reiki)(my hands/hose) So, I didn't create the water. But, if I don't hold the hose to "aim" it, it just goes willy nilly and isn't at all effective. :wacko: :angel: I love it when those thoughts pop in. :wub:
  2. vegasgal

    'Parking' guide

    I think my 'parking guide has GPS. I was on my way to a stranger's house for a channeling session with a local very gifted lady. Just as I got on the freeway I saw a license plate that said 'amazgrc'. :o I hate driving on the freeway, but managed to get on 3 of them and got off in a strange neighborhood. I had printed out a map to this lady's house and got totally lost. Tried to call home for help, no answer. So after driving around in this subdivision for 10 minutes, I finally found an exit. I had no idea where I was but something told me to turn right. Yeah, I found a traffic light, so I should turn right to find the freeway home. About a dozen houses down that street, I found my destination. :angel: The session was rewarding and definately worth the journey.
  3. vegasgal

    How do I know if it worked

    It's been a rough week. Mom woke up with pain in her chest and arm. She went to Dr & got sent to a heart Dr. She had several tests and good news arrived last Wed morning. She's fine and goes home to a phone message that my aunt has passed. :( That afternoon mom (legally blind) walks the dog and takes a spill. Back to the dr. with a broken elbow. The dr put a big heavy temp cast on her arm and said come back on Monday to have it 'set'. Yesterday she calls & says "good news or bad news?". She came home to another message, a very dear friend of the family (she was 91) has passed. :( The good news was mom's elbow is not broken, just severely bruised, so they removed the cast. :blink: I told her these things (deaths) tend to happen in 3's. Later that afternoon mom called me again to tell me that her cousin had passed. :( :blink: Ok, I have been sending mom reiki for 2 weeks, ever since she told me about the chest pain. (which never came back) I sent reiki to her heart and asked the angels to protect her. After her fall, I was very careful to ask reiki to ease her pain but not to heal the broken bones until they were properly set. Mom lives in a different state so my reiki has always been the distant one. I got all goosebumpy when she told me it wasn't broken. :angel: I would like to believe that I have aided her in some way, but still feel guilty for thinking that way. I feel good & bad at the same time. :huh:
  4. vegasgal

    To speak up or not to speak up?

    I have to agree with VW on this one. You have shared part of it with us and unconsiously with the universe by some therapuetic journaling. :writing: It's time to let it go. Go ahead and learn your next level. There were times when I had to take a few steps back and breathe deep. But, then I would remind myself to change my perspective. Take what you like and leave the rest. Make it work for you. Maybe it's just her teaching style that disagrees with you, or maybe her teachers' style. I know I said this before, but my reiki books took on a whole new meaning after I took the class. Turn it around and see it from a different view. Is there something you can learn? Newbie exuberance! That was an understatement for me. I had a lot more going on than some of the others. I felt inundated with all sorts of psychic and intuitive information. I had way more questions than answers. My teacher implied that she was always available to us via email. But, on the last day she basically said 'go learn from others grasshoppers'. Her replies to my emails became short and sweet, never more than 1 or 2 sentances. I felt somewhat abandoned and didn't bother to inform her I was enrolled in massage therapy class. :( So, now I have read 4 different books on reiki and have learned to keep an open mind. Attending reiki circles/shares are wonderful. It's a great way to learn and share with others. There will be some folks fairly new at reiki and others with more experience that have developed their own styles. All of them will be more than happy to talk. :)
  5. vegasgal

    Reiki in church

    I think it may have been 'My ghost caught on camera'. I was cleaning up old stuff on DVR, so I'm not sure when it's on. It was probably on the BIO channel, sorry I deleted it already.
  6. vegasgal


    I've done that too. I bought raffle tickets from a church for a prize. A week later Gram's TV quit working. The next day I got a call that we had won the TV. So, of course we promptly took it to Gram. :D
  7. vegasgal

    Reiki in church

    I know I watch too much TV, but I have to do something on the treadmill. :lol: I recently watched one of those ghosty shows and got a little confused. These folks were investigating a 'haunted' church. There were spooked by the fact that people practised (in hushed tones) reiki in this church. First of all, what is so strange about spirits in a church? Second, what is so scary about reiki that you have to whisper about? They were on edge because of all the 'religous stuff' on the walls. :blink: What did they expect to find on church walls? I have always been proud to tell people I know Reiki.I have never had a negative or frightened response. Did I miss something in class? Or am I just so naturally positve I didn't get it. :huh:
  8. vegasgal

    TV Psychics

    I just got an email from a local venue with the summer schedule. Sylvia Browne will be way out here in my neck of the woods...uh cacti. Tickets start at $199.00 ! And that's the nosebleed seats! I can understand charging more for the front row or even a whole section in the center. But, we all know that folks in the upper tiers will never be called on and will be too far away to even see very well. Geez, it felt good to get that out! :P
  9. vegasgal

    The Bible

    A 10 hour miniseries on the history chanel about the bible.Did you watch? What do you think so far? I thought it should be called 'Bible Highlights', it seems to be targeted to those who have never read it. I found myself questioning several things and I only watched the first hour. I hope they rerun it so I can catch up. The one thing that really struck me were the angels in hooded robes. :angel: That's how they appeared to me in meditation, only they were much taller.
  10. vegasgal


    I have always thought that abundance comes in many forms. Good moods are contagious and cost nothing. I am always looking for the positive, so much that it makes my family nuts. Yesterday I was walking along and saw a lady stop, look up & whistle to a bird. I immediately said a 'thank you' for that extra special moment that I was blessed to witness. I have been extremely poor in many ways as a child and learned to appreciate the smallest things. :angel: On the flip side, I do enjoy having a little fun. Yesterday at the grocery store and my total was $13.33. hmm... Today's date is 3/3/13 hmmm... The 3's again! Perhaps I should buy another ticket today. :P
  11. vegasgal

    'Parking' guide

    It sure feels magical when a car backs out just as you approach. I have also asked for help when going to a new part of town. Every time I missed a turn, 6 lanes of traffic disappered so I could mke a giant U-turn. After 3 wrong turns in the dark, I asked my guide to get me there on time. I arrived with 1 minute to spare. ;)
  12. vegasgal

    'Parking' guide

    My 'find me a great parking space guide' is getting better and better. The first time I read about asking your guide to help you find a space, I thought 'yeah, sure, that can happen'. Geez, was I wrong. I now find myself talking out loud to my guide every time I pull into a lot. It really does begin to work after a while. I am so grateful because pushing a full cart of groceries uphill is not fun. I always thank them and do a little 'happy dance' in the car before I get out. :dance:
  13. I love Reiki! I have noticed that most practioners also have some sort of certificate in addition to Reiki. So, I decided to do some research. I found a college very close to home that costs about 75% less than most and I can be certified by the state. WOOHOO! I have browsed the curriculum at this college before and nothing really spoke to me until now. When I told my hubby about my dream and showed him the cost I expected the usual reply, 'yeah, sure as long as you get a job to pay for it'. But, this time was different, he just said 'do it'. Yeah & double Yeah!! I printed up the overview and class descriptions and I will love every minute of it. There are 17 different classes and not a one that I want to skip. So, are there any Reiki practioners in the forum that could offer advice? :D I would also like to learn some accupressure techniques and explore polarity and trigger points.
  14. vegasgal

    Sending Reiki

    My teacher said we could put a timer on our distant reiki so that it arrives exactly when needed. I sent reiki to my hubby the morning of his dental appointment. Since I wasn't sure how long he would be in the lobby, I just said "begin when he sits in the chair'. He has high blood pressure and the novocaine makes his heart race, so the dentist tries to use the least amount possible, the balance of his pain relief came from reiki. When I questioned him, he said 'I went someplace - I didn't even feel the chair under me.' So reiki arrived right on time. One of my books says you can send reiki into the future or the past. It made sense to me to set a specific time or event in the future. I have never tried to send reiki to the past, for some reason I just can't get my head around that idea. Sending it forward is like planning ahead, sending it back is just weird. I have faith that someday I will 'get it', but until then I will try to keep an open mind. One of the ways I send distant reiki is inside a bouncing ball. (I got the idea from my dog)I fill the ball with reiki and give it a good bounce, then watch it arrive and dribble around the person before exploding like a water ballon above them in a shower of light & love. :wub:
  15. vegasgal

    Reiki groups

    I went to a new Reiki group last night and had a wonderful time. We filled out intention forms, which was new for me. I asked that my eyes get reiki because they were very dry & I have been putting drops in for 2 days. They feel much better this morning. For me, there was an instant connection with everyone except one gal.(she was hiding something) There were 3 tables and 3 people in each group. It felt amazing. An older woman whispered in my ear " Someone close to you doesn't believe you are intuitive, you are. Spirit told me you are a gifted healer." Wow! OK validation, the other gal said she could see an angel and the pink and yellow in my aura. :blink: When I was giving reiki to the older lady I saw little yellow bubbles and then a bright yellow/orange glow. Afterwards the other gal said the glow was an angel whose name started with an E. Then the older lady told me that she puts her distant reiki in little orbs/bubbles and then sends them. :angel: When I was giving reiki to the other gal, I removed something like a wet velvet ribbon from her tummy. Then I moved on and stalled by her feet. I could tell something was going on but couldn't explain it, so I asked for help. Later she said she felt something very warm in her tummy and wanted to know who was holding on to her ankle.(both of us were by her head) :blink: I can't wait to go to another one soon. :wub: