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  1. Fairy

    Fairy's world

    The other day I wanted to get rid of some anger and feeling that I could not express out loud, so I typed a whole big story and then instead of posting I deleted it. So maybe I was supposed to keep it to myself. Tonight I'm even more hurt and angry than then, but this time my daughter who I worship is the cause of my hurt and her boyfriend the cause of my anger. Writing it down might help me put some perpective in it as well. So about six months ago, while I was seperated from my husband, my daughter came to me and asked me if we can help her boyfriend, his mother threw him out of the house once again, an regular occurance, as she has done so every couple of months, ever since he was about ten years old. So, of course I said, not a problem, we can make a plan. When my husband and I reconciled, I left them at my mother's house, as Tanja was on her way to university residence and she does not get along with my husband. After a week or two my mother started complaining, that Daniel is lazy and only sleeps at home, when Tanja is there over weekends. After a two months, Tanja asked if she could leave res, wanting to keep her happy, I said yes, on the condition she moves back home with me, that way I could Daniel out of my mother's house, because helping him for a couple of weeks, turned to months, and he was unemployed. So they moved, in with us, I made space for Daniel in my youngers son's room, and my husband organised Daniel a job. So, with Daniel living here, I noticed that he is not the nice poor boy that I though he was, he is a big overgrown lazy manipulator. He started irritating the living daylights out of me, because I have bigger ideals for my little girl. Suddenly his mother wants him to move back, but he doesn't want to, because then he can't watch my daughter all the time, she can't even go to the loo without him hanging around in the passage, waiting for her to come out. Anyway, last week, she mentioned that they plan to go away for the weekend. I asked her, if all her work is up to date, and to make sure that she has cleaned, both the bedrooms before they go. She said sure, in the meantime, I overheard him say, we can't do anything anyway, if they do not do as asked and I cannot stop her from doing what she wants, because she is an adult. So when I came home from work on Friday, both the rooms, were in a mess. I called her, and had a go at her for leaving the rooms in such a state. She bluntly told me she will only be back Sunday evening, I sms'ed her and said I expect her back Sunday morning. She just ignored me, knowing that he is instigating, I called her, and told her to get her behind home, and that Daniel is to move out. She told me, that if I kick him out or charge him boarding, she will also move. I had such figths with her, today, and she is refusing to come home. I do not want Daniel in my yard again, and chucked his stuff out. I know I am not wrong here, but she is choosing him above her family, knowing very well if they move in with his mother, she will kick them out withing a month or three as that is what she has done to him over the last ten years, on regular intervals. Tanja says, she refuse to live in the same house as my husband and is blaming him for the trouble, yet he is the one that is saying, I should let it be, they must come home and then Daniel must look for a place to stay elsewhere when he can afford it. Earlier tonight, his gran called me, looking for him, and I told her what was going on, she was shocked to learn that they have gone away with his mother, because of how his mother have been treating him over the last 10 years. So, now my babygirl won't come home, and I do not know how to deal with it.
  2. Fairy

    My upward spiral

    Hi Angel, I'm about to turn in, lying on my bed typing in the dark, as I do not want to wake by baby. Thanks one again, I will take your advice.
  3. Fairy

    My upward spiral

    Hi Angel, Unfortunately I did not see the earlier message about meditating today. However, after feeling very low and depressed this morning, I had a lift of spirits in the afternoon. I also noticed that I did not feel as drained as I normally at the end of the day. Thank you.
  4. Fairy

    My upward spiral

    Hi Angel, I can do with some healing. Thanks fot the offer
  5. Fairy

    Fairy's world

    I have been feeling down lately, don't know why. I also feel like something is blocking my way to spitiual growth. Every now and again I get this hunch that something is holding on to my right arm, I wish I new what is was. it sound like it is all about me, but maybe that is why I'm feeling low,, because I need some time just to be me.
  6. Fairy

    Fairy's world

    I promissed myself some me time this year and yet it feels like I never get time away from the kids to be able to meditate and just have some quiet time. I bought some CD's with various types of guided meditation,but every time I try to do one, one of my kids require attention. I need to do this for myself. I discovered the most amazing chrystal shop last week. My daughter wanted a chrystal for her dorm room as she feels threatened. I've been wanting to go to this particular chrystal shop for awhile but never had the time to go. They have crystals in all shapes and sizes. I also boujght myself another chrystal book. Maybe I should get of the forum, and use this time to meditate. I'll probably be 5min into it and then my baby wakes up, and need attention again. I feeling negative about my life and the moment. I need to turn back to positive thinking. I need to connect to my angels again and start learning some more about them. A question that have puzzled me a bit over the last couple of days is past lifes. What was I in my previous life, and what is my purpose for this life. I keep on feeling I'm missing something. I have so many questions and need them aswered. I think I must go to bed now and try to meditate on it.
  7. Fairy

    Fairy's world

    I haven't been on the forum for a while, only been watching it on my blackberry, it is difficult to read the post on such a small screen. My life went through a lot of up's and downs over the last couple of months, and I found with be busy developing spiritually, it was easier to stay positive and cope with everything. I left my husband a while ago, and that just seems exactly what we needed, some time apart to find if it is that what we want from our marraige, for our family and from each other. We are back together and I am positive that we will be able to get our marraige back on track. One of the members on the forum gave me some guidance around the time that I left him, and because I was so hurt and was not interested in following it. I must remember to thank the particular member as when my husband begged me to come home, I used all the guidance at my fingertips for my desision. So what are my new years resolutions. I am going to be positive about life. I am going to have some me-time and start to take care of myself. I am going to develop and grow spiritually. I am going to enjoy those close to me. Life is too short for regrets.
  8. Fairy

    what tarot card are you quiz

    The Empress - a maternal figure. Very true.
  9. Fairy

    Favorite Quotes!

    One of my favorate qoutes is stuck on my doctors bathroom door. "I know I'm special cause God don't make no junk" and another I try to live by: " Life's a journey, enjoy the ride."
  10. Fairy


    This explains a lot..... LOL ... My daughter is a virgo born 25 Aug and boy does this describe her. Picky eater - she'd rather go to bed hungry than eat certain foods. Every time she hears about an illness she wants me to take her to the doctor for a check up. She takes her own bedding when she goes away overnight. This weekend we went away she burst into tears because her room was not up to her standards. She wants everything and every body around her to look pretty. She loooves bling . Now I want to check other starsigns
  11. Fairy

    Fairy's world

    Hi all, At the Theta Healing evening we also had a group meditation meeting with the Arc Angels. I battled with that and the only one I felt a slight connection to was Arch Angel Michael. I could not connect to any of the others. Over the weekend I did a guided connection by Diana Cooper to my Guardian Angel and Heart centre Healing. I was blown away. At one stage Diana instructs you to ask your angel for his name. Before I could ask a thought popped up "Acheal". I asked and an even clearer thought popped up "Archeal". I was amazed. I could not see a face, just a bright light. After the instruction to take my heart and heal it, I saw the bright Light was surounded by beautiful laughing cherub angels. Afterwards I fell asleep and woke up totally at peace.
  12. Hi Mia, This is exactly the point I tried to make with my story. Maybe it is not meant in this lifetime or it is simply is not the right time because of maybe "soul contract". I also hope things work out for you and you find what you're looking for.
  13. Fairy

    Fairy's world

    Hi All, I went to a Theta Healing and Angel communiction workshop the other night. I went in very nervous and yet excited. I also had a slight headache, and for a second or two thought I should rather turn around and go home. I found the whole presentation quite enlightning. When I left my headache was gone and I felt quite light headed. I guess I found out why you need to ground yourself while meditating. I have been practicing my totally inexperienced communication with the Angels skills at every opportunity since that night. Twice I drove into the parking lot at the mall. I asked the angels to help me find a nice parking, and wow..... I got parkings right at the entrance. Last night my daughter went to her Matric farewell (Senior prom) (I will post a pic or two when I manage to figure out how to upload them) and I asked Archangel Michael to keep her safe from any harm. I went to bed and had a good nights rest. Something I normally do not do when she is out. I knew that she is protected and worrying would only attrack negative energies. I have been very positive about every thing in my life since I went to the Theta healing. I am still very unsure how it works, but I know it does work. Hopefully one day I will get to learn all the secrets of the universe.
  14. Hi all, I have known and loved the person I believe is my soulmate for over 20 years. The last time we hugged, the world stopped existing for a second or two. The world could've ended in that moment I would not have cared. A day or two later he called to ask me if I was happy in my marraige. I told him I am content and that happiness is a state of mind. I would never admit that I have loved him all this time, as we had our relationship and it was not meant to be. It is only in the last couple of months, since I started to get more in contact with my spiritual side, that I realised that he is my soulmate. Unfortunately, it seems in this lifetime, we are only supposed to be friends.
  15. Fairy

    Fairy's world

    Hi Dot, I'm afraid of what I cannot see and what might be hiding in the dark. You cannot defend yourself against something you cannot see or touch. I do not do scary movies. I tried watching the Supernatural series once. Less than 5min into the program I went to bed. My husband and daughter enjoy horror movies. I go to bed when they watch them. I know I will lie awake waiting for something to jump at me if I should watch it. Rather be safe than sorry.