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    Cunningham’s Law

    Cunning :D
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    Thanks pg, I guess I just needed something to calm my thoughts. It has been a confusing couple of days for me :) Thanks for all your help, I'm confident about where I am in 2017, the change has seemed subtle but when I evaluated myself against the me from last year it actually is quite significant.
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    Hey, pg I hope this is not too troublesome/too long to read. I understand this is late, and you can totally disregard my question but I'd really appreciate it if you took a look :) I've holding out for as long as I could, but your A♥ card really pushed me to finally make this move. I feel my influence/presence on this earth has been firmly validated in the last year and I truly do believe I am making a big difference, and I'm now satisfied about that. While a little embarrassed, I'm finally going to ask about things that are a bit more personal :D So I came back from the most amazing trip ever last night but it sucked just as much because it means I might never get a chance to hang out with my two new friends. It's definitely the beginning of an emotional period for me and I've really been replaying all the memories from these few days in my head since the bus ride last night. Long story short, I miss those two ladies a lot, I feel we've gotten fairly close and had so much fun in a short three day trip And now I'm confused, I know I can have more fun with my friends, but it just doesn't feel the same, I'm not sure how to describe it, or even that I know what the difference is. It has really gotten me into wanting to have someone in my life that I can seriously get close to and keep and I'm starting to feel that idea I used to have in my head about who I wanted it to be is also not what I want. Is there a person on the horizon for me? What can I do to attract her to my life? Phew, I finally managed organize my thoughts enough to formulate a question :) Again, thank you for the timely A♥, I guess it's really time to prepare for a 'home" now.
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    Card to Contemplate

    Oh geez pg!!! You have no idea (or maybe you absolutely do) how timely and fitting this card is I literally just got home yesterday with lots of questions that are related to the topics of this card
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    January Blues

    Heh, this year I'm going dog sledding in somewhere even further north :D Just the sound of it excites me, not that I like cold, it's just something I've never imagined I'd be able to do.
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    Just a reminder

    Just a reminder in case your mind is playing tricks on you today: You matter. You're important. You're loved. And your presence on this earth makes a difference whether you see it or not. -- Saw this at work today, really made my day
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    School of Genius

    So true, unfortunately, it's hard to find solitude in a world like this without sacrificing something dear
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    Ask a Question

    Yes, that's great I suppose I should make start putting leadership on my radar Thanks
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    Ask a Question

    Thank you pg! I'm actually getting promoted and getting a raise at the end of the year, haha. So I'll invest them and you can ask for a loan later :) About the less ordinary thing, haha, I guess I'm greedy and inpatient in the sense that I want to see results asap, haha Thanks, Victoria :lol: This made my day
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    Ask a Question

    This is a bit of a vague question, do you need me to specify? :) How do I be less ordinary
  11. taichi

    What more can I do?

    Since you haven't been getting interviews, I would suggest going over your resume I mean that's the only interaction you have had with the recruiter Does what you listed in your resume match what the job requires? You can get such information from the job posting, company website etc. It should be easy for a recruiter to make the match. Do you have spelling mistakes?
  12. This week ta zhuang Thunder roaring on top of the sky, constantly boosting its power This is when it's important to be cautious about the power This hexagram focuses more on individual as the lines indicate the strong really has no friends until they become more successful Here's what the hexagram teaches us 1. When you start to feel you are mighty or successful, it's important to realize it's only the beginning of success. Your foundation is not solid enough yet, trying to extend power/abuse success will bring unfortunate results. Proceed with caution. 2. It's important to keep working at it, perseverance will bring success. 3. While you keep working on your strength, it's important to realize you have other strengths, too. Do not become so engulfed with your best attributes, it may work wonders. 4. When foundation is solid, it will be easy to overcome obstacles, it's important to stay focused on the task at hand. 5. This indicates prime period will pass, do not expect to keep being the best as situation will change and the world will evolve, there is no guarantee that you can be up to date all the time 6. But you have invested so much already, put in more effort you'll still be able to gain good results.
  13. This week, the card I pulled was Please note these cards I pull are not a reading although they can be, they simply convey wisdom Tongren Meaning everyone working together with the leader to achieve greatness. Tongren follows fou hexagram which means everything is going opposite as according to plan since heaven is getting further apart from earth, no one is working with one another. This is when everyone realizes they have to cooperate to save themselves from themselves. This hexagram is about finding partners and achieving goals as a leader. Interestingly enough, Napolean Hill also advocates for a "Mastermind" group for support But how? Let's dig a little deeper into this. 1. It says on the initial stage, finding someone close to work with, someone literally outside of your doorstep, literally anyone on the path to where you want to go will be helpful. 2. This is a little further on the adventure, it's saying if you want to achieve greatness, if your vision is grand, expand your horizon, it is not advisable to search within the group you already know, or people who already share the vision, it may be a good idea to connect and find resources that are outside of your comfort zone. 3. From this stage on, you have found your followers and are venturing into your journey, but 3 is when you really struggle, there is a lot of preparations being done, while your foe still seem formidable, this is the make or break period, may require patience. 4. Now all the research are done, you are ready to put your plan to practice. Start with a test drive and discover new pieces of information, this is the perfect time to revise the plan. 5. As the operation becomes larger, it becomes easier to attract followers, your team has gone through the struggles with you and are seeing the lights at the end of the tunnel, this is when everyone shares the same goal, to see their work come to fruition. Everyone works hard and succeeds 6. Now that you have succeeded, to tackle even more challenges and maintain your results, one should expand their horizon and seek out more ideas, even if those ideas are not relevant, it doesn't hurt to know what is out there. tl;dr version So I think this hexagram tells us to be open to ideas, and really have a plan when you want to achieve something. Get a couple of friends to work with you and really spend the time to do research and plan. Test out the plan and revise as needed, there may be struggles but just know that help is on the way. When you have finally succeeded, do take care and continue searching for ideas/resources that will help you maintaining your success, even if they don't help, they couldn't hurt.
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    Oracle card for the week ahead

    Glad you all like it, please hold me accountable and make sure I post one for the next week, too :)
  15. I've been wanting to do this for a while but haven't really committed myself. Well, here it is, I've pulled an I Ching card for everyone. Tui Tui hexagram is composed of one of the eight foundamental hexagrams, it means joy, mouth, and communication. So on a high level quick glance, this should indicate success due to communication, and working together. It teaches us how to communicate Now let's take a look at more in depth explanation: Where does this card say: 1. The most basic form comes from opening your heart with a friend, and sharing the purest friendship, there is nothing to lose or gain here, just pure happiness from being able to open your heart with a friend 2. There may be a potential business partner, or someone you wish to influence, and you wish to persuade them with words, there is no harm in doing so. You won't regretting taking the first step. 3. But don't enjoy it too much, do not go out looking for fights or debates. 4. Continue negotiating if there is an ongoing item, there will be good news 5. Don't worry what other people say, stay true to yourself and listen to your heart 6. Help others by being an example, show people how to work together and influence them through your action