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  1. eyesopening

    Soul Searcher's Inner Feeling

    A lot of things have happened over the past months most of which were positive. My husband and I started out business officially June 1, 2013 and we've been on a roller coaster ride ever since. The ups and downs are fairly intense, but I am learning the tricks of the trade. We are going through growing pains right now and our very survival is usually up in the air, yet something always happens to make it okay again. I'd like to share our website and our Facebook with you all -- PM me for details. Years ago when I first appeared on this forum I was in a time where I felt like I was done with life and I had accomplished everything I'd wanted to. I was taking a psychology class and that was really the first time I thought about the idea of metaphysical matters. Anyway, I came here to this forum after searching the internet with no success. You all helped me, accepted me, offered advice, and pointed me in the right direction. In a sense this is your success as much as mine. I've been on a search again for something I feel like I've either lost or cannot remember. After receiving very loud messages saying, "Convoluted Universe", I decided to revisit Dolores Cannon's books. So far I am 6 books in and on Book II of the Convoluted Universe series. Everything will an open mind and perhaps I'll gain something or read something that is my Key Word. Something within me is activating or opening for me and my mind races through my lifetime memories for this life. Mainly, the lesson here is patience, belief, and trust. A couple of days ago I realized that I feel like I am more aware/awake and still missing something. At the same time, I know I am getting close to something important. I have a feeling that one day I'll say, "It was all so simple." I believe that. Take Care, Soul Searcher
  2. eyesopening

    How did your gift(s) develop?

    This is really a great thread! For me, I have always had a guidance I was aware of even as a small girl. These days I no longer have a certain desire to develop my skills beyond this point. The process of learning has directed me in many different ways that are absolutely valid. Perhaps, that was the purpose of knowing I and many others have abilities. Then there's a larger picture I gained and each day I attempt to see that picture. Recently, I have felt a little bit more psychic and I've heard this from some of the people I interact with. So, like everyone else is saying you must trust in what you feel. What ever feels right to me is where I go. Take care, Soul Searcher
  3. eyesopening

    Forgiveness from other people

    All of you have very good points. It is hard to know exactly the appropriate way to go concerning forgiveness. I pick an choose when and whom I forgive. That is probably not the ideal way to be, but for now (I am still learning what is best for me and my lifetime of experiences) this is my plan of action. Something odd is going on these days, though. I have surround myself and encouraged the people to gravitate toward me that do not require me to forgive them. I think it is because I have decided to have the mindset of just experiencing my life for each moment and my energy is I do not want to miss out on the good things because I might be afraid of getting hurt or betrayed in some way again. My heart and soul seeks out those hidden moments that can change my life or just happen in the right timing. So in my mind, I think there something about forgiving that allows a person to move on, take on the risk of being hurt, and accept the good moments that result. Take care, Soul Searcher
  4. eyesopening

    Past Life Rememberance

    This is all very interesting. I have had memories of having other lives that haunt me to this very day. Are they my real soul memories alone, imprinted memories, or the collective memory of all? That is something I do not know; however, I know I was given the memories for some purpose. For example, the memory I have of being around 10 years old in another time and life...I live near the ocean. The family/village feeds off the sea mainly. I find myself drowning in the ocean water (the water is clear). I am looking up falling down among the kelp field beneath the water. My eyes are open and I see tiny bubbles of oxygen as I descend to the bottom. I am caught by the kelp wrapped around my ankle. I cannot break free and the fright overcomes me until death. At around 10 years until 12 years old, I had love for the water and fear for it at the same time. The memory was paralyzing and caused me anxiety. Because to my memory in this lifetime, I did not have a traumatic event in or near the water. Eventually, I got over that fear and I think that was it; the fear. The fear is what I needed to address. Take care, Soul Searcher
  5. eyesopening

    Past Life Rememberance

    Sure appreciate your post Alex. Have a great day!
  6. eyesopening

    Just wondering where did the idea of past lives originate?

    That is the way to think about things. Question it and find your own truth. I always say, "The Soul Knows" and when you find your truth, you will know it. And one day, you may think that it doesn't really matter all because by then you will have found what is really important. Keep searching! Take Care, Soul Searcher
  7. eyesopening

    Past Life Rememberance

    Oh, I take these things seriously because I had a dream a year or two ago about my little one choosing to leave us through death. But, you know, I cannot live life wondering if one day I will find something dreadful around the corner. As quickly as the death talk came, she forgot all about it and has since to mention it. She's interested in fairies right now and thinks fairies like to walk on moss and live in mushrooms. She asks why can she not see the fairies and I tell her they are there, but you really have to focus to see them. One day she will see them - my 6 year old tells her the fairies may not live in this dimension. Pretty clever for a little one. So, it is one day at a time to enjoy every moment little small big or tall joyous or painful. Take care, Soul Searcher
  8. eyesopening

    Past Life Rememberance

    Yes it did for a while, but throughout the day she will mention something about dying and get all teary-eyed. It is really sad to see. Thanks for the reply SS
  9. eyesopening

    Past Life Rememberance

    Every night a little girl tells me about a bear that talks to her. Of course, when the bear is there he runs to hide. I take it as her animal guide and make her feel secure in knowing a talking big brown bear visits us. Last night was a little different, though. After the bear, something much different happened. She began to tell me that I will die, dad will die, everyone will die...she will be left all alone. She sobbed like she was really believing she would be alone. Gosh, I could feel her emotion and it wasn't just talk. She said that I would leave her and she'd be all alone. I told her that even if I did die, which we will all die one day, that I would be with her always and even in dreams. She insisted she would still be alone. Finally, I told her this is a new life (I did not know what else to say) and I would NEVER leave her EVER. This new life was good this time. She seemed to understand that but hugged me like it was the last time. Then, everything was normal again. She's kind of always been like terrified if I would walk outside without her. She'd search the house looking for me even when I'm in the bathroom. She is by my side always. I think it is a memory of a past life of when she grew up as my Grandmother. My grandmother was orphaned as a child around 4 years old or so. Her name was Elenor Victoria... SS
  10. eyesopening


    Thanks for reminding us to be remain positive. You know, this came at just the right time to keep me positive during such an exiting time in my life. See it's there when you needed it most. Soul Searcher
  11. Yeah, I and myself ramble on and on sometimes. Other times we are just chatting away when a random thought pops into my head. That though reminds me to pay a bill or doing something important. I guess the idea of controlling your thoughts helps with meditation. Many times my thoughts with myself during meditation bring me to interesting revelations or experiences. I would not have wanted to miss out on that. You may try guided meditation to keep your mind on track until you can take yourself down the road to meditation the way you want to experience it. Take care, Soul Searcher
  12. eyesopening

    Soul Ages

    I have the belief we are all the same age soul-wise. By this I mean we have a choice in our experiences whether here or there or everywhere. For example, perhaps, I have come full circle in my soul development plan & maybe next time I decide to experience, I will experience it from the perspective of a new soul or decide to experience being as a rock. I can choose this or I can decide to come back again as a human on earth fully conscious and aware of everything. I think it does not matter what level (age or maturity) your soul is, really. Each of us has a special purpose regardless if we know it or not. And we all have a specific experience during our lifetimes as humans on Earth. The ultimate thing I have learned so far is everything will come in time. The desire to learn drives our experiences. We must all search out our own truth. The soul knows... Take Care, Soul Searcher
  13. eyesopening

    Soul Searcher's Inner Feeling

    Well, we decided not to purchase an existing business because we figured we were really only buying customers. By the time the business would have been up for sale, the motorcycle season would be over. We want to start at the peak of the riding season to take advantage of riders needing service. Anyway, today we are looking at another potential building for the shop. It is not too nice on the inside, but the location is great! It is right off the highway and many potential customers will not have to hunt for the shop. A quick turn and you are there. If the terms are right we will have it by May 1st. If not, then we have another building in the same area tomorrow (less than 1/2 mile away) - terrible location, no parking, but nice inside. Feeling tired, but super excited about today. I do not look forward to all the dishes and clothes I have to wash, ugh... I cut myself down to 3 nights a week from 4 nights a week at work. We sold the motorcycle, the truck, and selling the TransAm when the season finally changes (we still have snow and more on the way). So, we cashed out about 1/2 of our 401K for start-up money and paying ourselves. Ebay is doing well - we made $26 over night without doing anything. Ah, we got a new work truck and motorcycle trailer (enclosed). We made $5000 profit in the business for the month of April, but we do not have overhead expenses yet and we only take what will fit in our garage. We can get about 6 motorcycles in that garage. Overall, kind of holding my breath a little, trusting everything will work out no matter the direction, and just supporting my darling husband. Spiritually, I received lots of 444's last night at work and many 333's and saw a bunny running through the parking lot. I know that we have support and I am grateful. Take care, Soul Searcher
  14. eyesopening

    Don't you just hate it when...

    Something that really bothers me is when I am shopping late at night/morning & people bring there children in with them. The children are tired, cranky, and just cry. The parents/caretakers become upset with the child, speak to the child abusively, and just nasty to the child all around. I think it is neglectful as a parent to expect a child to cooperate at 2am in the morning. I try not to judge, but I find myself saying ugliness under my breath toward the adults in the situation. I think in a way it reminds me of myself in younger years when I was too self-consumed to realize my children needed attention during a shopping trip. It brings up a bit of guilt on my side & I half way believe others should have better sense when parenting. Children have differing motives than I - I find shopping relaxing (the hunt & gather). Children get tired & bored. Anyway, that is my take on things. Soul Searcher
  15. Such an interesting thread. I cannot wait until the weather turns warm again. My 3 year old daughter, during the summer, told me many times that the trees were making her laugh. It was strange because she was just playing on her play set and would laugh like she was being tickled. So, I think she has that connection you all are talking about. Take Care, SS