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    Ohhh can you tell what I look like? born--- august 29, 1981 8:13 pm canton ohio usa
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    suicide lives

    Have you ever committed suicide in a PL? Did you get reincarnated? what was your next life like?
  3. obie1

    Life After Death?

    Louie, I really hope things start looking up for you and getting better for you. I know sometimes the teenage years can be hard. Especially if you have overbearing and strict parents, you are kept apart from your friends, maybe if your parents come from a different culture and cant relate to you, if you come from a family that is overly educated and you dont feel like you fit in with them, etc. I know b/c I have been thru all that when I was your age. And I definitely can sympathize. Keep in mind you are not the only one going thru all this. You said you are 16 and you have had only 1 gf. Thats not bad at all. When I was 16, I didnt have any bfs (I'm a girl). Not until I was in my early 20's. You are only 16 and you will meet other girls. By the time you are older you will find a girl whose right for you, I guarantee it. At this age, try to find out what you want in a girl. The teen years are great for figuring out what you want in a partner. By the time you are older you can settle down. I'm sorry your relationship with this girl didnt work out, but if she doesnt want a guy who treats her well, well screw her. She isnt worth your time. She will probably meet guys who treat her like sh*t and then once she's older she'll regret how badly she f*cked up the relationship with you. I know b/c my gfs regret their past mistakes with nice guys. My advice is to see a psychologist at your school. They are free and confidential. Also get involved in an activity/new hobby or sport. THere you will meet like minded ppl. Hope it helps and good luck.
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    A lot of times those who are drawn to the medical profession are very compassionate and care a lot about helping people. Perhaps that is your purpose in life, since you mentioned you want to practice medicine. Maybe you will help a lot of people in your profession, and your spirit guides are just helping you get to the point where you will be in a position to help others.
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    What sign are you?

  6. obie1

    past lives

    Could you see into any of my PL's? I would appreciate it very much if you could.
  7. obie1

    Tarot cards

  8. obie1

    Tarot cards

    this post has been modified
  9. Have any of you used a ouija board to delve into PL info? has a ouija board ever told u who u were in the past? i was reading about alice cooper & i heard that his stage name came from a ouija board telling him he was a 17th century witch by that name.
  10. obie1

    Psychic Abilities

    have you had any psychic premonitions in the past? have u had psychic stuff happen to you? can u predict the future? thats the only way to know if your psychic. Do you have family members who were into this type of thing?
  11. obie1

    Tarot Readings

    i give as well as receive also.