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  1. ClaireEleanor

    mini psychic game for fun

    Hi Animate, do you mean girl as in young woman, or girl as in female? I AM female and fairly young looking but in my thirties so quite a bit past a girl. But if you mean woman, then you were uh, certainly spot on. I wish people would play more, this if fun! I predict that the next person who posts here will be very quiet, sweet and overall good natured. And that this person will be good at seeing clearly when they are not listening to others. I see...that that person will see Truth in the strangest of things. And he will be generally reticent to show it.
  2. ClaireEleanor

    mini psychic game for fun

    Hi Moo! Ok, here is something funny, when I was starting to do the prediction I thought hmmm...ok, now I am doing a prediction for the very next person who reads this! I have a feeling that quite a few people viewed the prediction before you actually answered. Because as soon as I left the board I thought, but what if the person I predicted for was too bothered to write because what I wrote was not all optimitstic. Ok, so, onward to your very colorful imagery! When I tried to visualize something for the next person, I see a pink heart (in the pretty shape, not biological) on a silver platter. Also a stone cottage with an alligator inside. Ok, I cannot verify this completely for you as I have not found the Mr. Perfect for Claire Eleanor in the here & now just yet, or he has not found me but I can verify that I am very much working on it! I have been focussing this week on clarifying my manifestations and he is one of the main ones. This morning I did a visualization where we both had lights over our head sending out signals...like pidgeons with homing signals you know? So I will take your image as a yes, that its working. THanks! Hmm..Stone cottage with an alligator in it. I can see that. I very recently did a really tough reading for someone. I was projecting that the person was going to PM me all ticked off that I had said such dreadful stuff...etc. I seem to be overcoming a fear of people getting angry or mean with me over what comes through in my messages. I was worried that it would be off too. I think the person lives in another country and I typically see that country as having TONS of stone houses, like most of them are stone. When I did the reading I almost deleted it twice because like the person a few posts back who saw a grieving type vision, I saw a not so great situation for this person. Because I often get readees in similiar types of spots, I felt like I did not want to do the reading. I felt like I was the 'buzz kill' of the site or something. Turns out the person PM'd me, the reading was spot on enough to made me feel freaked out...and she was not at all angry with me or dismissive or any of the things that I worry about if I don't see Beds of Roses. So I was afraid the person would be like an alligator but they were not at all. That was just my fear. So yep, spot on from a figurative standpoint. Your 2 predictions covered both the main things I have worked on/with today. Good on you! Ok, I predict/see for/around the next person who reads this, and decided to make a post afterwards. I see that the person has a Spirit Alliance with a being who is very gracious, very calm under pressure, a bit reserved and cool at times due to being very evolved...a rather high vibration. It chooses not to express as much of its enregy in emotions, but when it does it has a somewhat masculine feel to it, very strong and proud energy signature. If that sounds like 2 different beings it is not, it is just that more energy is used over strong expressions of enregy...and often it is used to signify to the person they are communicating something about their previous lifes, an energy signature if that makes sense? But that being is both really. I see that in the persons daily life they feel rather unsupported. This is definitely NOT echoed on the etheric level, as they have a very staunch supporter, a Spirit who is not technically a 'set guide' but a Spirit who has evolved well and tries to help all the time. But also knows when to give them their privacy! That too is important, most spirits do, but not all.(or that is what I get) Lets see if I can get something more verifiable on a here & now plane about this next person. I see a small pink tricycle, with lavendar thingies sticking out of the handles. Like maybe rubber or plastic decorations...ribbon like. I see a small party hat, silver metal with gay colored designs on it, also ribbons. I see the remains of a chocolate birthday cake, and someone washing up the dishes and then looking at their hands. Then putting on some lotion and thiking of doing something nice for themself. Like maybe a bubble bath. or maybe they NEED to do something nice for themself? :) I don't know if this is an indication of clairaudience in the person but EVERY single time that I typed 'here' during this post, I accidentally typed 'Hear'. Claire Eleanor
  3. ClaireEleanor

    mini psychic game for fun

    Hi Guys, I did not read most of the replies as it seemed people were pulling from three, four or more posts back & applying them & I thought it was just the person right before? But, I DID get a feeling I should start 2 back, meaning righ before Soul Searcher because even though its not in the 'game' this way I got a feeling that Tai Chi picked up on something for me. YOu guys know how probabilities work? Well, when Piper did her prediction I was debating whether to come read a bit on here but even though my gut had an urge to come here, I did not . And when she wrote her probability, I was actually sitting here, working on a website and I am wearing comfy pants & a fleece but was thinking how nice it is that I do not have to wear 'work' clothes to work on line. And I always sit with one leg over the other. And I had a mountain dew next to me on the desk which I tell everyone is like coffee times three as it has the equivalent of 3 cups of coffee in caffeine or so they say. And Soul Searcher, I was just debating over what I wanted to eat for supper. My kitchen is laid out in the manner that you described. To the left of where I'd be standing in your vision I have a small chopping block island, it is not green but it IS speckled, grayish granite. I do not have a collie but I have a german sheppherd with longish hair who'd probably be about the size of most peoples collies, she is brown and almost any time I go to cook something she comes to see what she can talk me into feeding her. And the food that I kept getting flashed of in my head was macaroni & cheese, which is under the counter on the left so I'd be standing in that spot most likely when I opened it...and while it is not brown it is a manilla envelope sort of yellow color. So that could very well fit since I am feeling too lazy to cook anything besides that.:) Ok, my go. I predict that the next person to read this will have to go to the bathroom shortly after reading this, (or they will have to go but decide not to cuz I said so...j/k) and then they will come back to do their prediction. I predict that they will have just eaten something chocolate and either they like cherries or they have had some lately. I actually have a vision of some sort of gooey, yummy chocolate hot brownie type thing with fudgey sauce and cherries in it or on it? And then I see macaroni, but without the cheese, maybe some mac salad? Great, now I am getting the craving for junk! lol. Oh, the person will have just broken up with a boyfriend/other half in the near future I meant to type past...but accidentally typed future. I will leave it in case someone is thinking about doing it instead of having done it too. Be careful, those carb cravings can get ya when that happens. lol.
  4. ClaireEleanor

    Soul Searcher's Inner Feeling

    I've heard quite a few of those 'argument' snatches. Isnt that a funny thing to pick up on? I will say that lately, more often than not the experience has been verging toward positive. And oddly, I don't remember if it has always been this way, but I never had a mix. Like I don't have a few good comments and then some good advice on the same night. Its either a period of good advice and good energies or else total crap. Which is odd since overall I do not see life as black & white. I have always thought being able to see both sides of issues was a very good thing. Hmmm..Is god telling me its all more black & white than I think? That somehow I keep trying to be all American & Democratic but that that is just me trying to put a template on it & make it fit? lol. Just kidding.
  5. ClaireEleanor

    Soul Searcher's Inner Feeling

    Hmm...SS, at times before sleeping I have the same experience. It gets very annoying for me because it sometimes causes insomnia. Other times I find that I fall asleep eventually then wake up because I hear "someones" comment. I have found that during times when this occurs I tend to feel pretty tired when I wake the next morning. I personally feel they are ghosts or astral beings but that is just my opinion. I tend to have dreams that are filled with worrisome imagery and zero helpfulness. You know the kind of dreams where you wake up bothered and feel badly all day because you are trying to figure out what it meant all day and it never feels positive? On other nights (oh, it happens upon waking too sometimes) I hear voices that I just 'know' are my Guides or my ancestral family. (my mother, my Gram, etc.) There is a very, very different feel in both mood and usefulness of knowledge. If the first type night occurs I find that I feel irritated or sometimes even a tinge scared back when it first started years ago. With the second type of night there is a very safe, wholesome feeling. When I wake I am rested and my dreams typically "solve" parts or entireties of dilemmas in my life. Or even seem to be pieces of the puzzle of my lifes work/lessons, etc. I wish I could tell you what the difference is between the two, meaning how to create the second and prevent the first but I am still working through that. For me, sometimes positve affirmations that are very 'I' based seem to help. Not sure why but if I say prayers for my family and friends or things of that nature, I tend to have the other sorts of nights that I prefer not to. I THINK that may be because one of my life lessons has been that I have to take care of me to take care of anyone else. So when I say "I" based I do not mean that they are necessarily selfish. More that I say things like "I Speak My truth and am not afraid of the consequences, I do not take on energies that are unhealthy for me and my life, and even ....lol....I do not need to obsess over 'Protection' any more than I need to obsess over breathing because I am Healthy, Well, And Well Intended!!!" Funny, I just smelled a strong sage scent while typing that. Anyways, my list is longer than that and has some goals on it but they all end up with my true family and true friends being well by osmosis if you will so I do not feel bad about it. I have tried working some with stones. I have a few that seem to enhance the problem solving aspect of these night visits. I do not know if the stones truly have a vibration that helps my guides or if it is mental but in the end, if it helps then cool right? Anyways, as i said, I do not know if the affirmations are causing the difference in the 2 types of experiences as I am still trying to nail it down. I started praying for Strong Discernment ages ago. At one point I would not have 'felt' the difference so clearly. Now I wake up aggravated on a bad night but I put the night out of my mind fairly quickly because I KNOW it was meddlesomeness, not my best guidance. On the mornings when I wake up with interference or whatever it is....the first thought in my mind is usually a fear that my dog has passed away or that something bad has happened. In fact, I usually will feel that I 'heard' someone say so so I just tell it to go away, its not my guidance. Also, if my Guidance tells me something durng those states that I don't like, warns me of something, etc. it is done in such a way that I wake up knowing it is ok, that no matter what, I will be fine. And I wake up feeling motivated to do something about it, not miserable and worried. Anyways, I have not had a chance to talk much about the before and after sleep voices so thank you for listening! ps..the funny thing is, I just realized I have looked at ths rationally but never actually done a reading per se about it. Its funny how I do readings for other people at the drop of the hat but I will stew over something for ages before I think to do a full out reading. lol. Claire
  6. ClaireEleanor

    What works for you spiritually

    Great list Angel C! I particularly like the one of things you let go of! Those are some heavy duty hitters. Brava! Claire
  7. ClaireEleanor

    Ringing In Ears

    I think this can be many different things but I am guessing that you are not rocking round the house with your vacuum cleaner and Death Metal cranking on your ipod. lol. As everyone has mentioned, sometimes, if it is almost a Tone like sound, especially if it is one ear, not both it means there is some sort of message coming through and I need to pay more attention. It especially happens when I am doing readings, probably 90% of the times that I hear it, that is when though still its not often. Again, for me, its a ringing, but is tonelike and not fuzzy and white noisish. Louise Hay says that a ringing or tinnitus in the ears is...let me grab the book, "refusal to listen. Not hearing the inner voice. Stubbornness". Not saying it sounds like you but I always run my physical stuff by her little lists too because they helped me so tremendously when I first started paying attention to signs & symbols. Many people say that ringing happens prior to some sort of advancement but I have not had it do that with me thus far. I hope that whatever it is, it is productive for you! Oddly, I am having issues with my left ear but its a bit different. Itching, redness & heat that comes with very specific situations. I was sitting here pondering who I don't want to listen to before I came upon your post. lol.
  8. ClaireEleanor

    Interesting 'craving' info

    I have craved salt all my life. My mom was a salt aholic though and I am sure she still ate that way when she was prego. I have heard some people say that people crave whatever their mother craved while pregnant. Could just be an old wives tale I suppose.
  9. ClaireEleanor

    Life is but a dream

    Hey Amb, I would geuss that you see Alec sometimes and not every time because you are both important to each other but you are also both needing to move forward. I am not sure it would be healthy to see him in dreamtime EVERY night. :) Claire
  10. ClaireEleanor

    Victoria's World

    I must be the only person who still gets tripped out by the little fruit fly looking bug on the computer screen in signatures! I have some house plants that are being chased by the little bastards (ok, ok, I know, they have their place too but really, I want healthy plants!) and so I forget about the computer buggies and then think I have a bug wandering over from my moms liriope and start 'hunting' it with this "I'll GET YOU YOU BUGGER!" stance and then there is nothing there! lol And oh my gosh, what a wonderfull story about your old flame, I just said something about old flames in the quotes topic a minute ago. I used to think often about the ones that got away. I went on a date with my first boyfriend whom I obsessed about for oh, 6 years, maybe 8 mths ago. Oh dear, he has become very dull and he never cut his hair, its down to his bum, he's oh, short as me and he reminds me for all the world of a rather bitter Cousin It. Remember Cousin It from the Munsters? lol. Poor guy, I am so grateful. Claire
  11. ClaireEleanor

    Interesting 'craving' info

    Oh thank you Dot! Well, apparently you were on the right track! Claire
  12. ClaireEleanor

    Interesting 'craving' info

    I can but I don't have too. lol. I like that. I have had similiar realizations about food in the past from having grown up for part of my childhood on government assistance. I find now though, that my body is very tolerant of just about anything I eat so long as I ENJOY it and listen to what I want. that may be because one of my major lessons was letting go of shoulda/woulda as well as guilt. I eat more than just about anyone I know but I never, ever beat myself up about what I eat. I ate far less when I was fat and worked out too. Which I don't do now except for stretching, which is new. They say that every issue you have ties together. For me, the thread is listening to my guidance, and accepting myself. Even if myself decides it wants cookies for lunch or gasp...wine with my breakfast. I used to be heavily into judging myself. Far more than others. Claire
  13. ClaireEleanor

    Interesting 'craving' info

    Yeah, as I sit here munching on chocolate chip-oatmeal-coconut cookies. lol my dog looks so ticked. ha ha. Claire
  14. Hi guys, I asked about my cheese craving in a post about my navle chakra I think. Anyways, this morning it had not abated. I mean really...TWO grilled cheese sandwhiches? lol. So I came up here to research that...I thought, no way is such a weird thing going to be on google. Wrong..good old google. Found a very interesting article about cravings. Probably a bit basic but thought others might get some use out of it. Oh, and Soul Searcher I think it was or Luna? (sorry, I forget) someone suggested fish or nuts. Turns out both are on the list of things to get rid of cheese cravings. The article is not just about cheese though.The potential cause of chocolate cravings was a realy surprise, no wonder I want chocolate with wine at night. Here it is: http://shine.yahoo.com/event/green/what-your-cravings-mean-2403515 Claire
  15. ClaireEleanor

    Past Lives and Birthmarks

    Hee hee...wicked laugh from Claire. Perhaps I got kicked really hard by a donkey in my last life? My only birthmark is on my rear. I don't recall which cheek and am too lazy to go look. I did not notice it until I was 18. I went to my mom and complained that I had a bruise on my rump that had been there for over a month. She laughed and said, you idiot, thats a birthmark. I think the fact that I had never been vain enough to view my rear until 18 is a bit hilarious. Really, who goes that long without checking out their own booty??? lol Claire