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  1. Villani16

    Archangel Michael

    Thanks for sharing that experience. Archangels are the most advanced help that we (humans) can count on. I have some useful information on this; however, posting it here would be against the rules (I guess). What I can say is that faith in their power is a must for them to assist us powerfully. They always know what we need and the reason of our invikations to them. Notwisthanding, they do respect our free will and will only become involved if we but communicate and open up to them. We also have Spirit Guides who help us similarly. However, these ones have a more personal link with us and can guide us by leading us. They also respect and love us for who we are, so they do not participate in our lives unless we openly let them know that we are ready to work with them. Sometimes, it is so weird that people never get to work with their guides, shooting themselves in the foot, and not providing them with the opportunity to do their mission: help us become who we truly are beyond the ego and mind.
  2. Villani16

    Jupiter - Giver of Gifts and Luck

    Jupiter is the most positive planet in Astrology :) I remember that when it transited in conjunct with my MC (the angle for profession, reputation and the outer world), I got an unexpected job in translation for a well-known national press. It was certainly a strike of luck... but when it's time, it's time. Food for thought.
  3. Villani16

    love reading

    Hi, dear one. I feel drawn to answering back your question. When this happens is frequently because something important has to be said and understood.... so let's get started: What I tend to feel in your love life is some sort of stagnation, as if things got to a place where one asks oneself and now what? I feel that there is some sort of negativity around you or your boyfriend that is blocking the normal flow in your relationship. I feel clearly that the person you are with needs to work on loving themselves more as their heart chakra seems muddy or blocked somehow. I also feel that he may become easily upset and block communication when challenges arise. I would suggest that you rekindle your relationships by doing fun activities together like taking up a sport, or a singing/acting class. I believe that good times may come along, but it will depend on the two of you. Now that you now it, you can make the necessary steps or decide to seperate if it becomes an unbalanced relationship. However, first of all, you will have to look at your love life and examine what you want for yourself as I perceive some sort of confusión and anxiety regarding the future. I also feel the possibility of pregnancy, so if you're not wishing to have a baby at this time or in two months' time, take measures as to avoid it. Make sure to use psychic protection on a daily basis. It will improve your life and sense of wellness more tan you can imagine if done with the proper attitude. I wish you the best of luck and harmony in your love life. Adrián PD: remember to provide useful feedback on this ;)
  4. As Claire said, ground and protect yourself before making contacts with guides, spirits, energy, meditating... in short (everytime keep yourself grounded and protected hehe). Connecting with our Spirit Guides is perhaps one the best decisions you can ever make. They know you more than you think and are always watching over you... to me, they mean true friends. Anything you want and they get to work on manifesting it for you as you and they made an agreement before incarnating that they would help you fulfil your soul's purpose. Many guides help when requested as they do not interfere.. however, there are certain events where one needs strong protection from death or mishaps and they interfere positively... of course, it has to be in your path as they will not try to prevent you everyday from dying lol As Soulsearcher said, just talking as if it was someone you knew and in fact you do as you have shared life with them in past lives. Ascended masters and Archangels' help is also invaluable... just ask and you shall receive in the appropriate time.. just make sure you ask for the highest good of everything and everyone. By they way, seeing them or hearing their names is ok if you are able do this... but don't make it obligatory if you don't. I have seen and heard my guides just very very few times... I don't know their names and not sure what they look like; mostly they send me messages through intuition and has worked wonders for me, so use your best ability to contact them. I wish luck luck ;) and remember to protect yourself by using a poruous shield filled with loving frequencies so that any negativity does not feel attracted to you.. of course you will have to be emotional stable most of the time for it to work appropriately.
  5. Villani16

    Angels watching over you

    There are many beings out there in different planes, angels can be found there but usually come to this plane to offer us support. Religions are not to be respected neither looked at, they are part of the old system... humanity is coming to the point where humans need to become solely responsible for their own spiritual growth. Regarding angels, they do exist :D they have lovely energy and are always willing to help. Generally, they do not interfer in our lives and that is why they will not do something for you if you do not ask them first. Some do act in extreme situations though. On the following link you can read about Angels and Archengels, it is very useful information, I hope you enjoy it: http://www.denverspiritualcommunity.org/Source.htm#anchor153291
  6. Villani16

    Angels and Spiritual guides..

    I had the same question for some time, trust me I am enough rebel lol. Can I post a link that explains this topic very well? If not, I will post my understanding on it ;)
  7. Villani16

    Angels and Spiritual guides..

    Hi Toooyaah! here's my experience on your question: The first time I saw one of my spirit guides I did a short visualization and asked with faith and peacefulness my main guide to show themselves. A woman with a glowing bright aura appeared in front of me and she had a mind-blowing energy, she cautivated me as her energy was out of this world :) The following days I started to ask for more signs: Some days after the first encounter I asked my guides mentally "Hey, please bring me a sign that you are here with me" (I did it with much charisma) and immediately I smelled a rose fragrance coming out of nowhere while I was smoking, my jaw dropped down in excitement :D One day after these two experiences I asked my guides to show me a flower (I did it with faith and with the certainty that it would happen). I first saw a flower fall from a tree in front of me and I told them "I am not convinced yet hahaha"... some minutes after, I was walking and there was an exotic flower on the floor that called my attention, and I told them again "Mmm I still need better proofs lol". Some minutes after, I was teaching my students and suddenly someone knocked at the door, when I opened it I smiled when I saw one of my ex girlfriend's students (who was a co-worker of mine at that time) holding a white flower she had sent me through her student. That day I convinced myself they were always there with me :D ________________________ I tried -during that process- asking their names, what their purposes where, who they had been before, what they looked like, etc.... but I was usually insecure of the answers I got therefore I stopped asking, doing visualizations to meet them and made sure myself they were always with me. Now I don't bother to know who they are. I talk to them as if I knew them, ask them what I need with respect, send them kisses, hugs, tell jokes to them as if we were friends on this physical plane and it has worked very well for me. I believe in the future I will know them better but for now just the feeling of their support and love has been enough... so there is no necessity to know who they are but becoming friends with them. Their help is invaluable in psychic and spiritual development, they know exactly what one needs. My best to you! hope you develop a great relationship with them ;)
  8. Villani16

    The concept of hell

    In my experience (and also agree with Vic), neither hell or the devil exist. I have been in contact with spirits and entities and do recognise there are "mean" entities who dwell on lower planes which are filled with emotions of anger, pit, sadness and emotions alike. But the invention of a heaven and a hell is just a representation of biblic stories, the same happens with the devil. Heaven and hell could be represented in the state of counsciousness we experience.. but they are NOT physical planes as they have never been created nor will be. God does not admit anything else than perfection, therefore all that is not god does not exist even though it appears to. Hope this helps, it is just my experience, it does not mean it is right. Good luck!
  9. Villani16

    Connection with animals?

    I feel drawn to animals too.. love nature in general. We could be cool psychic friends.. you communicate with animals and I with plants :D
  10. Villani16

    Question Game

    Ok, I saw a very different cat. Like Garfield lol
  11. Villani16

    Question Game

    So cool! :D I saw you swimming at an ocean and very relaxed, it was bright though... and heard Costa Rica. Was it in a South American country?
  12. Villani16

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    Cassie I bet we have done it many times (without even knowing it) lol Imagine all those "wrong" readings you have done... they are very likely to be one of the ideas I posted in the last post. Crazy C, I have no control when going into the past or possible future yet. What I meant is once I read for a past lives regressor, and I picked up on two ideas from her past life. I'd really like to work on this, but it's kind of alarming for some sitters that don't understand why reincarnation exists or why they have a specific similar issue in this life. But it would certainly be cool to tell people some unconscious attitudes in this life that have been in a past one too, so that they can understand themselves better and change :) Ok, now let's go back to the "game of the thread" xD Cassie I feel you got the beautiful butterfly tatooed when you were 16/17. It was daylight, and went there with a friend that had light-colored hair. I hear "Susan" too. You were REALLY excited and at the same time kind of jumpy, I feel this was the 2nd tatoo you got.
  13. Villani16

    Question Game

    ;) Good try! It was a water filter
  14. Villani16

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    Ok, this might be a bit long lol I've been reading for people for about 2 months, and I've noticed that we can pick up on past lives, past events from this life, dreams, desires almost unconscious for the readers, possible future events, spirits energy or someone else's energy. THIS is a clear example of the last one: today when I woke up I was practicing a reading for a professor that currently teaches me, and I picked up on a name: Dylan. Yesterday I picked up on two kids' names that aren't related to the person I was reading for lol So velvet I picked up on your energy ;) It's good to know this! Crazy C, maybe I picked up on the feeling you had when you were pregnant since it wasn't that clairvoyantly.. I felt it as if it was me (Through clairsentencie) :S and I HATE throwing up haha Dot, that was amazingly right ;) I graduated in 2006! not in the 10th but really close: the 11th. Let's remember to say what we see, hear, feel since it is very likely to be right ;) but sometimes with the wrong person, as the examples above.
  15. Villani16

    Question Game

    My dad bought something new few days ago. What is it? :D