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  1. free-spirit

    court cards

    Court cards represent the people in your life. Mother, father, siblings, work associates etc.
  2. free-spirit

    dream symbol?

    Some sources state, it is possible to dream events that have taken place in a previous life, but that is only speculation.
  3. free-spirit

    Love your enemy

    Our worst enemies usually tend to be our selves. We can not hate another before hating our selves first. We can not truly love another until we have learnt to accept and love our selves first.
  4. free-spirit

    Returning member

    I know the feeling Sam
  5. free-spirit

    The Worst things to tell a student of tarot

    The worst thing you can tell a student is that they don't have what it takes.
  6. free-spirit

    Astrology and Reincarnation

    Esoteric Astrology teaches a very in-depth understanding of the soul’s journey, and the purpose of reincarnation is to purify the soul so it will evolve into the 5th kingdom in nature. This Kingdom is the Kingdom of Souls. When you review your birth chart and pin point the moons position, the sign it’s in is the sign you took your first breath in your previous life cycle.
  7. free-spirit

    Astrology and Reincarnation

    Hi Alex, Here are a few recommendations in regards to your research. Fundamentals of vedic Astrology - Vedic Astrologers Hand Book Vol 1 Planet’s in the signs and Houses. Vedic Astrologers Hand Book Vol II By Bepin Behari There are many secrets that hold truths Alex, and allot of these secrets are withheld because not everyone is able to accept and apply these truths. Also, allot of the ancient teachings had to be interpreted and translated into different languages. This is where allot of the secrets get watered down, washed away, or even misinterpreted. Being able to speak and write in the language of these ancient texts may allow you the opportunity to understand the secret teachings. In many ancient traditions teachers would teach the secrets orally, and they were never written down, so the teaching were passed down only to a select few who were the priests of those ancient civilizations. This is quite common for allot of the ancient teaching of the past, but we just have to work with what is available, and make the best of it.
  8. free-spirit

    Astrology and Reincarnation

    There are many different systems of Astrology worthy of investigating Alex, and at times it can be quite daunting to grasp and understand this science, unless you’re a professional astrologer. But it would be best to stick with a system that works best for you, and then branch out to other systems. Jumping into to many systems at once can be quite confusing, and seem contradicting. When you dedicate yourself to a subject like this with passion the material will find you in time, and you will be able to expand your consciousness. Nothing is lost in time, for time is the revealer of all truths. Astrology is the study of Periodicity which is the absolute law of the entire universe known to control all matter, now revealed as the law of all life and the periods discovered. Death, reincarnation, spiritual realms, and soul levels (etc) are all subjective to astrology; they are just different segments of the same subject. Your birth chart is based on the day, time, and location of the day you breathed your first breath. These specific details will help give you an accurate readout of your birth chart. Providing you have the right resources that can help you pin point each planet in their exact positions in the 12 signs of your horoscope. Astrology is actually based on mathematics Alex. As an example a birth chart that displays sextiles, and trines are favorable when reviewing a birth chart. These configurations express the positive attributes of the planetary energies working for you in their respected houses. Oppositions and squares are unfavorable configurations and reveal areas in your life that need work. While the trines in the horoscope reveal future events that will take place. You can get a pretty good understanding of your karma, and how to work through it by understanding your birth chart. Birth charts is basically a snap shot of your life, past, present, and future, I can go on, and on with this, but I'd probably be here all night writing pages upon pages of details about Astrology and reincarnation, which is good, but I am leaving on Vacation and projecting my visualizations down south for a needed shot of vitamin D from the Sun. The main reason I joined this forum was to discuss these subjects and debate them while sharing open opinions and understandings. Forums with likeminded individuals are great to help stir up creative juices for my writing projects that deal with these subjects as self-help methods for people who hold interest in spirituality, and such. Alex, I prefer not to label myself as a Psychic, I do communicate with peoples loved ones that have crossed over to the other side, and pass on their messages for guidance. Though, I am a Spiritual Guide and Teacher in service of the greater good. There have been some tense moments for you I see, however there is an opportunity presenting itself, nothing great, but a start. This opportunity deals with advancing physically, soon, could be a new job, whatever it is take it, don’t be picky. Also, Don’t let the competition get the best of you.
  9. free-spirit

    Open Eye Gazing Meditation

    Open eye gazing meditation is a powerful emotional cleansing tool which also radically deepens the capacity for intimacy. It dissolves the barriers that make intimacy on a deep level impossible. This medication is best done with a partner, friend, or (self when staring into a mirror). Has anyone had, or have any experiences with this practise.
  10. free-spirit

    a storm in Paris

    This could have some meaning in regards to what has been taking place last week.
  11. free-spirit

    Astrology and Reincarnation

    Quite an interesting experience. There is so much we can learn about our souls journey through past lives, and reincarnation. But it's not uncommon to have dreams that are reflecting parts of our past lives.
  12. free-spirit

    Creation of your reality.

    How else can we define success. Our the thoughts and feeling of past successes help fuel future success.
  13. free-spirit

    Love your enemy

    Love your enemy as you love your self.
  14. free-spirit

    Let's talk about dealing with crazies.

    Pretty interesting thread, I find talking with the individual in private helps. Especially if they are expressing aggression, and hostility, and if it don't help then I leave them with their personal issues that is the root of their aggression. Not everyone will have a good grasp of the subjects and content in this forum, but not everyone is as serious as others who hold such interests. We all come from different walks of life, and have different experiences and opinions that should be respected. It's a psychic forum, so yeah!! expect all kinds of interactions, and expect the loopy conversation, and the honest opinions. Not everyone who comes on this forum is on the same wave length in regards to the subject matter. Subject matter in regards to psychic phenomenon and education does have deep roots, and can take a life time to truly understand, if one is serious. These communities in my opinion should be fun and friendly, and if we don't agree well, then we are missing the point in coming together. Everyone here has something to offer each other, and sometimes even the aggression holds a message. If we allow someone's opinion to cause our aggression then we let their opinion control us. That's my 2 cents, so now I will put these new string on my guitar and forget about it all. Peace be with you all.
  15. free-spirit

    Creation of your reality.

    Visualize your most important goals and desires being met. Use positive affirmations and/or treasuremapping to help make your dreams come true. Keep a positive attitude. If you need doing so reach out for it. There are plenty of positive influences available to you, you just need to know where to look.