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    Did it really happen?

    Funny you said that. While working on a task the other day, where my mind was really occupied, I felt my sister who we lost 7 years ago. It stopped my train of thought and I felt how she made me feel. (She was always a joy to be around) Then I caught a whiff of her perfume. It only lasted a second or two, but whether it was, or wasn't, it was a wonderful feeling and a welcome happening.
  2. complexity

    Acceptance thread

    I accept the fact that I have to stand on my own two feet. I accept the fact that if I have one or two good people to hear me out, I can let things go. I accept the fact that not everyone will like me and sometimes theres just no swaying them. That's OK.
  3. I have known churches that looked down on playing card games, dancing, going to modern movies and listening to modern music. Even was told once that God liked me better showing up in Church in a dress as opposed to dress slacks and nice blouse! (excuse me, but God knows me in my birthday suit... what I put on it is a moot point!) I highly doubt that God looks down on all of that. Those, I believe are more man made rules. But of course, I believe in a graceful. forgiving God, as opposed to the one that wants to flame me at any given moment. Another thought: If Jesus were to walk the earth again and we didn't believe in God's powers to do the incredible, would Jesus be persecuted again? Maybe we have learned to be more open to miracles and angels and the power of love. How is it OK to pray to the heavens, to ask angels to guide your path, but not intuition, or 'hearing' warnings, guidance or serendipity. Wouldn't we be blind to the very signs that we ask for? The world would be a better place if we opened our minds a little. Too much rigidity can be a bad thing.
  4. complexity

    Poll on Rising Signs...

    Leo with a leo, from what I heard. Although not sure what that all means.
  5. complexity

    mini psychic game for fun

    Ok, Moo, I left the other day because I just don't know if I fit in here or not and have been contemplating not coming here anymore. But I came back again today, and read again, and you are still here with your prediction. Then I thought, Oh, I just applied for a job drawing maps. Hopefully, not catastrophically. But since nobody else was responding? Might be a stretch. After breathing, and calming myself and trying to let something come into my thoughts I just saw orange and yellow. Nothing else. I don't think I am very good at this. I'll leave it to you folks.
  6. complexity

    Twin Flames - Reincarnation & Graduates

    Thank you for your information. So much of this rings true with me. I tried to write it all out, but it was so long and I wondered if I really wanted to put it out there to the universe, but yes! to so many things written here. I neither knew what a twin flame was, (had never heard the terminology actually) nor really explored reincarnation /other existences before I met a particular person, but it has made me look into it, and many things ring true and resonates. Its both scary and curious at the same time. I don't think you can SEARCH for your soul mate or your twin flame. I think it finds you, and is drawn to you. And you KNOW it. Every fiber of your being tells you. I think everything happens in its own time, and rushing it will not give you the time you need to meet it with good results. And for what its worth, maybe twin flames seem to be romantic because love is the ultimate vibration and the strongest energy of them all, so maybe it is based in that? I don't know. Just a guess. Maybe if you could see what has gone on previously (in other lives/planes, etc.) and see the whole story...
  7. complexity

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    Aww, I wish there was a way to see how close you folks are coming....but understand it messes up the game. I don't find myself too psychic, but I do get feelings about people. Can I try? Dot, I see a victorian lady with a parasol. Sorry. Thats what popped into my head when I closed my eyes, breathed, and thought of you.
  8. complexity

    ~Let it Go~

    Wow, good stuff! I like them all! While I was reading that and thinking of someone I lost and think about often I heard "better than Me" by Hinder and then " I DOn't want to know its over" Not sure what all that means. I get my signs through music a lot.
  9. Thankful that although the water heater went out this week that DH has the ability and know how to make sure we all have warm showers! He's so handy! :love: :lol:
  10. complexity

    Some things to consider

    I gave my report back when I was in school. My comment at the end of my post was smart-aleck: I still think I am in the classroom of life. I think the creative, or problem-solving dreams and perhaps the psychic dreams too, come when we are in the deepest sleep. I have had OBEs that I have woken up from and its in the very middle of the night, so it holds true for me. I have noticed the truth in what I studied for years. The psychic phenomena kind of stretches all kinds of bounds I think too.
  11. I went and applied for a job yesterday and was given a creative assignment instead. Not sure if I was supposed to, or if they had me confused with someone else, but it IS something I can do, and I have been praying for something fun like this to come along... hopefully it will work into something like a job! :dance: There will more of that dancing if it does! Wooot!
  12. complexity

    Some things to consider

    Once in school for a speech class, I reported about dream interpretation. I was so fascinated with it that way after the project was over, I continued to read books about it. Here are the things that stuck with me through the years. The sleep state that is supposively getting down to your psyche is the deepest sleep in the middle of your night: The ones that problem-solve or work with your instincts. While your brain is getting to that point, and while it is climbing back out of that state, is usually not anything but recreational. So if a dream wakes you up in the middle of the night, its probably something you are dealing with. If its just before your alarm goes off its probably just your mind making things up or allowing itself free time. This seems to hold true for me. I also read and agree that symbols used in dreams are as individual as you are. I remember reading that a rope to one person, may be a symbol of a noose, where a rope to someone else is a saving device to hold on to. This stands to reason. A lot of the books I read said that its hard for someone else to really interpret your dreams. They can suggest, but its what rings true for you and only you. So to try to interpret some of your recreational ones would drive you crazy, as they don't mean anything anyway. I try not to figure them out unless I have been woken up by them in the middle of the night or have a gut feeling about it. Take all this with a grain of salt. I am just doing my report on dream interpretation for a good grade... ;) :P
  13. complexity

    The Rant Thread!

    ^^ Wow. That must have been an ornery day for me.. My apologies. I am asking and receiving calm more now. Sorry to inflict that on you folks.
  14. "Darwin's Theory of Evolution describes how creatures evolve to adapt to their environment. Those who are unable to adapt to their environment will eventually become instinct." Yea! I knew years and years of temporary employment would come in handy!!!! My life has been one big adaptation. Bring it on!
  15. complexity

    The Rant Thread!

    I am trying to take the high road, and I feel the support to do that all around me. I am probably hurt so much, I am just numb. Some of the closest people to me, want to see me in a different light, a bad one. Well, I know that there are moments in ones life that can't be do-overs, and you get one chance to be there or not. And they weren't there when I needed them. In this, somehow, I am the bad guy, and they are spewing dirt. Thank you Angels, for letting me see them as spoiled rotten brats throwing their tantrums, and not letting me get carried into it. When they choose to stop the rant, I will visit the situation again, as they are family. But not until. Do you hear me??? NOT UNTIL!