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  1. SamDeRe81

    Overcoming obstacles and career reading please

    My card says do not listen to the criticism at work, do not get sucked into their emotions. I see you will work there longer around 5-6 months
  2. SamDeRe81

    so frustrated

    My card is showing you are not trying enough, it tells me set a timeline. Claims you are self-punishing bringing lack of positive to the situation. I believe your home sells if you perform a spell to remove the negative and invite new energy
  3. SamDeRe81

    Is she completely against me?

    I see now, kinda confusing how to see the post count I missed it :D My card says she isn't completely against you just protective and would act so with any girl around him. It shows the mom believes you are kinda lazy, but don't be offended that much it is fine. This means she doesn't know you to well personally yet. My card says show off some of your talents, show pzazz around the mom. This will quickly get her on your side. Thanks
  4. SamDeRe81

    Should we get another pet

    I see you with a small dog in a few months
  5. SamDeRe81

    Is she completely against me?

    I'd answer but don't think you've made 15 posts yet :/
  6. SamDeRe81

    interview cancelled

    I feel you will get a job offer in the next month
  7. SamDeRe81

    Inuitive Tarot

    Since I'm back I thought now would be a good time to describe how you can read your own tarot using only 1 card. Keep in mind there are a few things required for this to work. 1. Be slightly empathic, not necessarily sensing others feelings all the time but instead getting drawn into their feelings when you're with them, becoming part of their story and sharing in it. If that's you then it's a good chance this will work. 2. Focus on your third eye during the reading and interpreting. 3. Being able and willing to let the cards meaning come to you rather than looking for one that is already predetermined. 4. Letting the card evolve in your minds eye instead of remaining focused on 1 aspect of what you see. So let's start: 1. Focus on a question and repeat it in your mind while focusing on the third eye. Do this 3x as you shuffle the deck then pull a card. 2. When you see the card keep thinking of the question and look at it, allow your focus to be pulled to imagery in the card somewhere and try feeling how it applies to your question. 3. As you stare and feel the imagery it will make more sense to you, let the meaning come by focusing on the third eye and card together. 4. If the imagery you're focused on isn't revealing anything further allow your mind to loose focus and find new imagery, then continue. 5. After a few minutes you will be done reading the card, all the imagery will get used to answer your question in detail. Afterward let yourself reflect on the meaning. This process does work and can be used to answer specific questions or just give you a general feeling of things around you. Example questions: 1. When do I find a girlfriend? 2. When do I find a job? 3. Why am I single? 4. Why does Sam hate me? Let me know if anyone wants further explanations on anything, give it a try. My own experience using this was reading for a girl online, she merely asked if I had anything to tell her. I pulled a card and felt and saw darkness that could not be lifted around her, something no one could console her on. It turned out her father had just passed away and I was right.
  8. SamDeRe81

    Returning member

    I find myself lost recently in things, decided to seek out a few of my old forums. This was always a place I looked on favorably, look forward to reading some of the posts here. Thanks Sam
  9. SamDeRe81

    Seeking a new job

    Strange reading, you can find a job easily HOW? Anyways I will ignore most of your paragraph and tell you what the tarot says about your job influences. For you I've pulled THE TOWER It calls your job situation completely unpredictable at this time. Obviously because you are moving. Sudden changes and directions alter your path aka moving which you mention above. It calls this time a CHALLENGE, this implies everything will not go smoothly aka the room-mate loosing his job. It shows the room-mate may actually move out at some point in the next 3 months. It tells me you are leaving in part to escape something, I feel people whom you dislike there. This tells me you should take jobs which are unusual in nature, not retail, office. Asks you to shake things up in career meaning it is stagnent. Shows you've done more writing in the past and now not so much. As I look at this card I see a lightening strike to your life, people being burned. LOL I see right now you want yourself as the focus, lets see here....... I see behind you ideas of what to write, you haven't chosen any yet almost like your mind is not being selective on the genre or style of writing you prefer. Fear perhaps you will be bad at one? I see and feel childrens novels or writing, I believe this is a good avenue to try. I also see you leaving behind writing styles you've used in the past that didn't work. Below is sound footing but it's a long fall, or in your case will feel like it lasts forever before you are published in any fashion mainstream. I can do more later but am going to work ttys
  10. SamDeRe81

    love reading

    The tarot says you have to many responsibilities now and have neglected your love life. It says you look short term in relationships and therefore have seen them fade quickly after being initiated. Also you have trouble putting others needs ahead of yours and this leads to them leaving. It says you are realizing you will need to change in order to attract a potential partner. This shows you giving a little control up to them which will help. It says stop evaluating everyone you meet and let loose with your romantic choices, you will be much happier with the results.
  11. SamDeRe81

    a love reading

    I'll give you one although I haven't read in awhile. I'm seeing a steady relationship, someone you've known for over a year and are involved with now. I see comfortable, routine, indicating you know them well. I don't see fights or arguing, I see a sort of acceptance of the situation. I feel the change you're discussing here is job related and someone, him or you are going to need to move. I don't believe you are married but its more like you are living together. Now let me try Tarot It says you have become wise to someones betrayls and are kicking them out of your life for good. It shows you gave your power up to him and are reclaiming it now. I see his influence on your thoughts being strong, like you wanting to do something then him stopping you by changing your mind. It shows you've come to realizations this is not the one and you need to move on. That's what I get ok? Now I do like always to do something, if I examine your question "what my love life holds" I get this idea you have none currently and that is why you ask. If that is the case dear then it means you have not had a steady relationship for over a year, and are not comfortable with anyone enough to be romantic right now. The no fighting or arguing would be because you have no partner lol Thanks
  12. SamDeRe81


    I've been gone awhile, was very busy. What I'd like to do is a few readings. Ask 1 question, make it 1 sentence long. I'll need to check and make sure you have 15 posts or more but yea lets give this a shot.
  13. SamDeRe81

    What happen to my brother?

    Pendulum must be trained to answer, it takes months of tuning with it. If he just started using it this is all in his mind.
  14. SamDeRe81

    Sad to announce.. Leaving the forum..

    An event will happen that brings you back, more able than ever. Good luck :D
  15. SamDeRe81

    I'm old but new!

    I'm new, or old, err whatever. I had a good thread before using only tarot for readings but now I've returned to take more serious attempts to use scrying, tarot, clairvoyance, and pendulums. I know nothing about anything except tarot but I've witnesses the tools of divination don't really require knowledge on how to use them, they simply work. It's related to the third eye and opening it to allow for insight and clarity. I am beginning to see that the third eye in psychics is always open, it just has clutter in the mind around it so you don't use it as much. But if you can focus and learn to THINK with it then your gifts balance out and are more profound. I just need to practice and learn how to do more....... plus techniques don't hurt to learn either they are like signs pointing a way to the third eye concentration needed to be psychic.