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    Reading of whatever

    I see white... like sheeting... towel. Like a man just got out of the bath and has a white towel wrapped around the waist. Caucasian man. Image of a Ken doll. He's in a bathroom... in a mirror... looking at his face. Young guy. Heart. I'm seeing into the guy's chest... don't know if it means heart problems or a figurative broken heart. I see the heart... not working right. The message seems to be it is broken. It looks graphic and the guy has a look of pain on his face... the pain turns to anger... revenge? There is an anger seething... the guy feels he was wronged. He goes back to combing his damp hair and looking in the steamed up mirror. --- that's what I saw, I don't know your gender... don't know if the guy is you or someone you know or someone living or otherwise... or if it has some symbolic meaning. hope it helps.
  2. Bluehorn

    Medium Practice - Spirit Readings, Please read

    Thanks, same to you... I can see how it would be easy to mistake posting publicly vs PM... the format looks very much alike.
  3. Bluehorn

    Medium Practice - Spirit Readings, Please read

    Hmmm well, if there is anything I quoted that you'd like me to go back and erase then let me know
  4. Bluehorn

    Not all those.....

    One of my favorite quotations ever :)
  5. Bluehorn

    What are your roots?

    According to this I am Greek lol I guess one can't have Asian roots according to this? lol
  6. Bluehorn

    Hipsters Caught Kippers and Mudskippers

    Chump cupcakes and Bad Boyfriends It was about 9 months ago that my last boyfriend and I saw each other... we were only together for 6 months and I knew he wasn't right for me from the very first date. Yet, I continued... what is that with me and many people? Why do we ignore those big red warning flags... actually, the first warning sign happened even before the first date. He was too lazy to get on facebook to check out my photos... at first he said it was because he didn't have an account, but I called his bluff and he admitted he had a ghost account that he doesn't hardly use with no friends on there etc... He eventually very reluctantly looked at my facebook page... is was important to me that he see I have 3 children etc and see what his reaction was. Also there were many photos of me there vs the couple I had put on the profile of the dating site where we met. The first date was a Starbucks... he had on a total fake front and he was awkward... was saying some BS things too... and I asked him point blank if he was a misogynist. Now, I cut that date short and fully intended to leave right then and not see him again... but as he was behind me in the parking lot, he actually let the front down partly and gave me a weird compliment on my car haha. Which made me stop my beeline to it, to escape... then I saw his vehicle happened to be one I really like and have test driven a few times over the years... so I told him that. Then he invited me to see inside his truck (oldest trick in the book lol)... and I did because I actually was curious how he had it set up ... and I found his exposed vulnerability slightly endearing. Inside the truck... I stayed waaay to the side with my arms crossed... then he asked me point blank what about all the flirty things I had said through text versus the indifference/guardedness of now... so I lightened up a bit and we talked and cuddled just a bit... but the whole empath thing... I could feel a deep flowing sensuality in him... It felt like a fresh stream pouring out of the earth... I realize that sounds sexual.... but it was definitely more sensual... and a very good vibe for someone like me psychically sensitive... and it had been a long time since I had had a boyfriend... still.. he wanted me to go back to his place for 'coffee'... but I really didn't have the time, and I still figured I wouldn't see him again I remember texting a friend of mine telling her that I didn't want to see him again and she was disappointed... he was her 'pick' out of the contenders... red flag after red flag ensued... almost broke up with him after the first 3 weeks... not that he was a bad guy... he did lack compassion and was selfish, but most people do and are unfortunately ... he had some intelligence and some talents and we did share some good times... but the whole thing constantly had me drained... I was the one spending money even though his income was 4X that what mine was... going out of my way for him... I blame myself for not leaving sooner... the resentment. The few times I let him near my kids he said some rude things... shocking to me... he was generally very sweet to me... but I think deep down he was so mad at me for having had kids, that he just didn't like them. I kept him away from my kids from then on... so, it was clearly never going to last.... I even agreed to go to counseling with him a couple of times... I knew the counseling was BS when I was in there with the Ex as he was venting about the behavior of my most autistic son (6 years old at the time)... and the counselor said there was a chance that the child had a "bad soul" and his resentment toward him was possibly justified... LOL you can imagine who was signing the checks for this therapist ;) My self esteem was slowly chipped away and whittled down to hardly anything by the end of those 6 months... the income imbalance was not good for me... then I was going broke trying to keep up, while he was tightfisted... a miser... I always brought the issues out in the open so it wasn't like he was oblivious... I told him several times that I simply couldn't afford to date him any more... it was taking all my savings and then some... like we would plan a weekend together and I would have to pay for quality childcare... plus be expected to purchase at least half the food... and we had expensive tastes, both amateur chefs ;) Ah, we did enjoy some delicious food together... see, there are some scattered nice memories there still.. Would I ever agree to see him again? Never... the very thought insults me... what still bugs me is how it ended... he just stopped talking to me, after 6 months of seeing each other almost every day... he got angry that I fronted my childs father bail money when he did something stupid... but what was I supposed to say, no? We have a civil relationship as it concerns the child... so, for my son's sake, I'm going to help out the dad if I am able, you know? Because of that... he didn't talk to me anymore... and so... a couple of months later... I wrote basically a hate ballad 8 minutes long ...me on guitar and vocals... and then I emailed it to him lol Still never heard back... but, at least I got it out I guess... a friend of mine told me that it was probably not the nicest thing to do ... no it wasn't... but he dropped me in such a cowardly way, after all the crap I put up with... and then I had a silent breakdown of sorts... where it made it very difficult to finish the last semester... like wall had slammed down in my brain... He had no compassion. I feel better now... in retrospect I realize all the wrong moves I made and how bad it was for me to tolerate the subtle blasphemies ... the whittling away at me... constantly testing the line to see how much crap he could get away with... but the food... the coffee... the mojitos... was bliss I will never again ignore another red flag... a promise to myself. I'd rather be perpetually single with kids, cats and goats than have the life drained out of my soul again. I feel I have learned a great deal from it... mostly about what I will never again tolerate from myself or a potential mate.
  7. Bluehorn

    Strange dream

    If it resonates with you, then it could be.... does have that procrastination feel to it perhaps. I know, for me, if I'm getting too behind on chores around the apartment, then I'll start to have dreams about vermin ...and it freaks me out, so then I make an effort to get things in better shape.
  8. Bluehorn

    Medium Practice - Spirit Readings, Please read

    That's very cool... I did see a duckie, boats, toy men and things in the bath along with all the water :)
  9. Bluehorn

    Medium Practice - Spirit Readings, Please read

    Just about to get started on a lot of laundry to do.... but a couple last impressions... I'm seeing a large passenger plane climbing altitude after having taken off.. then I see a toy rubber plane as a bath toy in the water... bath scene with hot water filling up the tub, lots of suds and various toys
  10. Bluehorn

    Hipsters Caught Kippers and Mudskippers

    Hi... as I was going to bed, I was concentrating on seeing a "me" from 5 years in the future.... it isn't a method I've really tried before so I wasn't sure which way to go.... but what I did felt like moving forward in time on a roller coaster... I fell asleep before I saw too much and am not remembering it all clearly... but I saw a big high rise hotel or condo... something a bit fancy (good! after all the hardships I deserve to live a little lol).... then what I remember of the dream was like I was in some kind of institution of higher learning... and it was grueling and difficult and it felt like college and boot camp combined ... then I saw my rivel from middle school there -- the other 'smart kid' in my class from 6th and 7th grade... we were always in competition... I was telling him and some other people that I had a brilliant idea... that I wasn't going to finish my course ... that I knew enough math already to understand a locomotive.... then the guy, T, was asking some serious questions about my math background (we all look like teens in the dream right now).... then... scene changes and I see T again all grown up... and he's watching a youtube video of the real me hahaha he's got tall and attractive, too, I'm impressed... you know, I was curious, so I actually did look him up some years back.... but what little I found indicated that 1)he was married 2)got his degree from a Bible college 3)military All three huge turn offs for me... especially the first one... well.. I'll keep thinking about this, perhaps my waking method was better than the dreaming method and I should try that again
  11. Bluehorn

    Medium Practice - Spirit Readings, Please read

    Thank-you for the feedback.. I'm not sure the woman with the pony tail and the woman with the cleaver are the same person... but, if she suffered some kind of mental breakdown later on then it could very well be... like I am seeing her before and then after... or who knows if the brain tumor brought on psychosis and violent behavior because I am still seeing that. I wonder if they either raised meat rabbits or hunted rabbits or small game... I got the feeling it was her hacking up the rabbit for dinner as a way to relieve tension lol
  12. Bluehorn

    Medium Practice - Spirit Readings, Please read

    Hi... Anne... I'm just going to let it flow disregarding the details you asked about for now... so, no clue who or what will come through I see something... shiny images like a postcard or poster... Hindu religious theme... gold leafing.. Ganesha...Shiva... I see a Shiva Lingham stone I see a house... with a second story window that is unusual like half dome shape or perhaps like petals... it could be a one story house with just an attic that has that small window up there for light I'm zooming to the window like a fly on the outside... and I believe there is a desk... set up like some kind of study or office... bookshelf... lady with a dark brown pony tail at the desk... writing I think... but it looks like a typewriter to me... I see a cigarette on a long cigarette holder... a hand holds it and the smoke is coming off the end... the 'cherry' bright red orange I see the tragedy mask... and see black and white costume... feels like the spirit of James Dean felt to me when I did a seance for him once... feels like gloomy roses.. phantom of the opera.... single budding long stemmed rose... theatrics, drama... acting... a citrus tree... I can't tell if it's orange or lemon... or some other citrus... like my mind can't place this kind of tree... I think about Mary Shelley and her famous book... I see an old black and white photograph of a family... and something about a rail road... I see a cushioned rocking chair... orange cushion... someone is rocking in that while looking at a pamphlet or some piece of mail I feel glasses sitting on the bridge of my nose... a dark toned floral print dress... woman with dark hair.... curl... a perm? I see a curling iron reminds me of my mother ... the way I am seeing how she looks... dark hair, glasses, full lips, solemn expression... she is serious. She is holding a cleaver... it disturbs me... she is not acting nice at all... no... I don't like what she is doing.. the things she says and does are just wrong.. like she's lost her mind. Something huge and shadowy stands behind her... she reminds me of my mom... like a marionette for something very dark... I get some resistance from your energy about this... (I do hope you know what I am talking about)... she seems so like my mother... except different house, different clothes etc that I do hope I am not somehow projecting.... so I take a moment and clear then focus... no... this person is for you or a loved one near you... I don't know who she is to you whether a mother or mother in law ... mother figure... I think I will stop here for now in case I am going in the wrong direction for you... so, let me know if anything makes sense, thanks ETA: more impressions... I get the vivid feeling of being stabbed. In my left temple and deep into my chest. And now it's like I'm being gutted... butchered... and I see the skinned and cleaned carcass of what I believe is a rabbit
  13. Bluehorn

    Don't you just hate it when...

    when people have bad personal hygiene... and then you are stuck next to them in line or a packed waiting room, that kind of thing. :-\ And I do crack my knuckles... neck, back, arms, toes etc... haha but I try not to do it dramatically or publicly ha.
  14. Bluehorn

    In love with two men

    I believe it was Johnny Dep who said "choose the second one" because if you truly loved the first, you wouldn't have fallen for the second :) ETA -- wow that was asked awhile ago!! She's likely chosen long ago...
  15. Bluehorn


    I get the sense you could use a complete and full body massage, special attention on the shoulders.. might help with some of those symptoms you mentioned.. or something else that eases your bodily tension