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  1. Happy and grateful for the change in weather. No more snow and milder temperatures! Thank you Gaia.
  2. Happy for this thread which has recently been revived. Took me a while to even think of something positive. And I am not a negative person. So this is a good reminder to appreciate the little things in life. I just had a brownie YUM!
  3. Dorkyguy the pictures are hilarious. They are great! I am going to share these with friends!
  4. Sapientia

    Tarot Readings

    I would like to learn Tarot too. Where is the Course?
  5. Sapientia

    Real Zodiac sign?

    I am still a Leo My friend who is astrologist and still learning says to Use Both. If your sign shifts to another. Incorporate qualities of the new sign into your personality. Why not use Both? Makes sense. Get the best of both signs. It is the same as those born on the cusp of signs! You now have two!
  6. Sapientia

    What sign are you?

    Leo Sun Virgo Moon Scorpio Rising