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  1. CrazyC

    But why do I need Tarot card's approval?

    The cards def work in a mysterious way, I have been told to mind my own business, I have pulled the same card 3x, To tell me to look inside myself for the answer.
  2. CrazyC

    ~Let it Go~

    Wow great thanks
  3. CrazyC

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    OMG I dont know lol I dont think so.... have been staying sick at stomach.I may need to get a test asap, I have a 4 year old. come to think about alot of cards I have been drawing have been about fertility and birth OH WOW Thanks
  4. CrazyC

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    HOly crap no way..........
  5. CrazyC

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    Cassie I got the word purple when I saw U.
  6. OMG thank you, I hear usually two sets of voices sometimes when I ask questions, or speak with my guides. One is always positive , then there are the ones that are negative. I have tried to take time and to truly pay attention when hearing these. sometimes I contribute it to ego, or my negative self to send self doubt. then there are times that it is from a negative entity. My conversations are just like chatting on the phone with my guides some say this cant be, all I know is it is I now try to feel where the information is coming from my heart or my head. I also ask when meditating to not allow any lower level negative beings through unless it is for mine or someones higher good. that seems to help a bit. boy I have learned the EGO and anything negative sure does like to talk.
  7. CrazyC

    Still Seeing Sparks

    it may be your guide letting u know he is there. thats how mine does . I see bluish purple spark just a thought CC
  8. CrazyC

    Past Lives and Birthmarks

    my husband and 4 year old son have the same birthmark in the exact same place in the neck hairline a funny shaped red blotch that lights up when they r angry
  9. CrazyC

    Develop your clairaudience

    My development with this is weird then, one day i just heard a voice in my head, and I have to add being a mental health spirit guides have to have a sense of humor cause thats just not cool lol. They just chatted like a phone conversation. I immediately thought I was developing schizophrenia. It makes me wonder how many people who r awakening are being institutionalized. I realized it was not schizophrenia when they things started happening. CC