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    Hi lady moria, Hope you are doing well. Could you please answer these two questions. Right now there is a lot of confusion in our life, how are things going to be? And a general overview, thank you.
  2. guideme

    Oberon's Psychic Readings

    Thanks for the suggestion oberon.... Will give it a try.
  3. guideme

    Oberon's Psychic Readings

    Hi chamuel.... Thank you so very much. I also practice reiki and angel healing in a very small way and i try and combine both. Lots of love to you, for your kind and generous heart... May god bless you always.
  4. Thank you chamuel for your response...mi dont know the beauty of my soul, howevere, your name and the angel corresponding to it are truly beautiful.
  5. Hi, I bought this quartz crystal which is a dow , phantom and also has some green and red deposits like a pyramid inside the crystal. It has about 3 to four rainbows. I have read about each characteristic separately on the internet... However was wondering if any of you experts could put all this into perspective. I use it as a master crystal in the reiki grid. It has a fantastic energy. It takes me in yo deep relaxation when ever i sit to meditate with it. Can anyone here let me know about all the things this crystal is capable of? PS: I was shopping for a master crystal, i almost picked something else, however, this crystal kept pulling my hand towards it till i picked it up. :unsure:
  6. guideme

    Oberon's Psychic Readings

    Hi oberon, thank you so much for the reading. All that you have written spoke to my life. How can i ever thank you. Yes, i am having a very difficult time forgiving a few people...they have hurt me badly, betrayed my trust, scandalized and made fun of me. Not only me, a new situation in life is tthat my husband has been through the same very recently. I will take a little time, but yes i will forgive them all. Thank you angels for your sweet msg. Yes, i feel stuck and all the circumstances are just jolding me and pulling me back.... All this is very true. I have amost lost hopes on a few areas of my life and starting to lose what ever hope is left. I somehow feel it is too much of asking from me when agels say have hope... It has been a long hard life and situations.... I am better of thinking something will turn around and have my hopes misplaced. This good time for me is just not turning up.... I thank you once again oberon for this ver accurate and wondeful reading. I thank the angels for loving me and watching over me alwas. Thank you so very much.
  7. guideme

    Oberon's Psychic Readings

    If you are still doing readings, you can try on me as well. Just let me know what ever angels wish to tell me. Thanks. :angel2: :angel2: :wacko:
  8. guideme

    Tarot/I Ching Fusion Reading

    Thank you.
  9. guideme

    Tarot Reading

    Could you give me a reading please? Any one which you are guided to do.
  10. guideme

    Tarot/I Ching Fusion Reading

    If i am not late, can you do one on me ad well. I would like the 6 lotus spread.
  11. guideme

    Angels watching over you

    My IET teacher told me, finding pennies and feathers unexpectedly is way of angels communicating with us and telling us that they are around us and with us.
  12. Yes, Let her be her and you be you. If she still dislikes it after some time, let her go... you can't change anyone. The only thing you can do is let everyone be... people generally come around, all we need is faith and patience. :D.
  13. Hi candylane, This sort of people occur in every religion... Christians, Muslims, Hindus and etc. I have met all sorts of people and have realized beliefs have nothing to do with the religion these people follow. They do not have an open mind and anything can't get through to them. The only thing which may get through to these people is life and it will take a long time. Some people don't learn and in turn keep thinking wrongly all their life. Sadly, if you would want to make her understand, she will be more rigid and will talk more and in turn hurt you more. And as in the earlier reply, She will make it a point for you to see she is right and will want u to change... No use arguing with such people. Just be yourself and next time tell her to agree to disagree and that you would not want to discuss on these topics any further with her. If she atleast understands and respects this, your friendship will survive or else, she will not talk to you any more. Life lessons come in different forms to different people, may be she has to learn to be more open and only time and life can teach her that. Unfortunately, you can't do much about it. The greatest way you can help her be more open is, be yourself and let time show her the truth about you. Good luck.
  14. guideme

    Does anyone have any reoccuring dreams?

    I have been having a dream which has the same theme "PREGNANCY" or "BABIES" or both. Either I am pregnant or someone i know is. Or someone somewhre is pregnant... just pregnant all the time... (FYI we are TTC and had a miscarriage about 7 months ago and no luck till now....)