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  1. harleynight

    baby powder

    for the last few nights I keep smelling baby powder in my bedroom but I don't even own baby powder??? What is it?
  2. harleynight

    New Spread new deck!

    I would love one
  3. harleynight

    My brother

    thank you
  4. harleynight

    White Wizard Wednesday

    there are a few F's in my class, so I'm not sure who it could be. But thank you :)
  5. harleynight

    My brother

    hence why I am in nursing school :)
  6. harleynight

    Card readings

    yes please
  7. harleynight

    White Wizard Wednesday

    Will I graduate nursing school next year?
  8. harleynight

    My brother

    Last night I was dreaming that I was putting up laundry outside and out of nowhere came this little boy and when I looked at him, I realized he looked just like my second older brother when he was young. But now that I think back, he looked more like my oldest brother. Any meaning?
  9. harleynight

    Weird dream

    Thanks Angel, I do fear getting older :(
  10. harleynight

    sorry for all the posts

    it was saying it wasn't posting :(
  11. harleynight

    Weird dream

    I had the weirdest dream a few nights ago. I was going to see my dad, but he wasn't there, so we left. We saw him driving his scooter down the street so we drove up to him. When we got there, he was on the side of the road and looked like he was sideways and going to fall. So I got out of the truck and went to see him. When I got there, it wasn't a scooter he was driving but he was in an electrical wheel chair and it wasn't my dad, it was my husband in the chair. When I woke up, I was so confused. Any meaning to all this?
  12. harleynight

    Reading request

    thank you Victoria. I am trying to escape from pressure, but returning to school after 30 years is quite the change. As for being prepared, I am trying best I can even though I am not sure what being prepared really is.
  13. harleynight

    Reading request

    I would like a reading please. This is my last week of this semester and it is exam week. I am getting very stressed about it. I have 4 exams, an oral presentation, a practical test and a test this week. Do you see me passing my semester? Please and thank you. Stress is getting a little high. Love and Light to all.
  14. harleynight

    Those that have passed on

    can you tell my mom that I love her and miss her greatly please :)
  15. harleynight

    Really in tune right now

    Will I graduate nursing school in 2019?