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  1. I fell in love, they were my everything but they lived three hours away from me. They would tell me about how lonely they were regardless of being in a relationship with me. They claimed to love me. I decided to cast a love spell. Not to force him to love me but in hopes of sending him positive energy and showering him in my love. I felt it a very powerful spell and was satisfied. However things took a turn for the worst. He began to become cold with me treating me more as he would any other person and not like a lover. On valentines day when I wished him well he basically gave me the middle finger, he started falling out of contact with me until finally on my birthday which he did not recognize he disappeard. Five months later he resurfaced back into my life and told me he had a new boyfriend. He never even marked an end to our relationship he just ..disappeared :l I want to know if its possible that my spell backfired and I caused a new love to enter his life and effectively making him forget me accidentaly?
  2. Uriel427

    Dark Energy Removal

    I would love this! you have my permission.
  3. Uriel427

    Soul Mate Split

    First off you must realize we may have soul mates who are only meant to be in our life for a short amount of time, that we have more than one soul mat. sometimes these soul mates are lovers from your past lives , sometimes they are placed in your life to teach you lessons - to help you mature - to help you realize what you are looking for and it all adds up to you finding your true soul mate for your current life, so that you are ready for when you finally meet them. you need to be aware that if this person keeps returning to you it's a sign!!! but just because they keep coming bacck does not mean that one day they will just stop doing so. which brings me to my next part of answer you say you let her have it and break up with her. We are all guilty of letting our patience grow thin and lashing out at others. but remember love is kind love is gentle love is sweet love is patient love is understanding love is not boastful love is not envious love is not spiteful THEY ARE YOUR LOVER! you MUST treat them with the up most respect and cherish them!you not only owe it to them but you owe it to yourself! if you find yourself wanting to argue or lash out at them - take a second breathe relax light a candle or play some romantic music - go look at their pictures and realize why you love them , let those feelings of love overcome you see them in perfect light , perfect love , perfect harmony never force their love from them , use a more powerful method by rule of three and rather than ask for their love you SEND them love you will attract much more <3
  4. Uriel427

    What is the Universe trying to tell me?

    Thank you both! sorry about that it is a habit i got from another website I understand what you mean about the bias look and being more aware, maybe that is it. reason we can't be together is distance , he lives in miami while i live in central florida a good 3 hour drive away. Also he needs to organize his life. we aren't at a stable time in our life like living alone and being financially stable - he's doing his studies and working trying to get himself on his feet and lives with family (as do i). Im in the same position i have way to transport myself to see him and im afraid its going to be that way for a while. He is also lonely (aren't we all) and needs to meet people. it wouldn't be fair to him that he comes to the u.s and automatically gets tied down in a relationship that could take a while to be set in stone when he could be meeting others and find a partner that can actually hold him and be with him. oh and thank you it's my angels name
  5. Uriel427

    Can tarot really commincate with the dead?

    Tarot Cards are not the same thing as a Ouija board. Tarot Cards are to help meditate on thought. It deals with energy and what you make of the cards. So say you pull out the death card to some if most of inexperienced tarot users will automatically think its about actual death while to someone else who knows a bit more will link it to the end of something whether it be a situation in your life or a relationship coming to an end. get it? so tarot cards are meant to help you think about your life now there may be a possibility that spirits can use their energy to bring certain cards towards you, so if you ask the spirit a specific question and lay down a single card or a spread that you can easily decipher than there may be a possibility the spirit can communicate with you. however this is tricky as a single card can mean a plethora things- it would be kind of hard for you to understand the answer. and you have to be careful as a malevolent spirit might come through and taint your cards energy so if you decide to do this take extra care in protecting your cards and cleansing the energy.
  6. Long story short i have had someone new enter my life and they are very special to me - and they have assured me that im special to them in the same sense. Our current situations however make it impossible for us to be more, as much as we want to be. Needless to say im distressed and heartbroken but I know it's not their fault or intentions to make me feel this way. I've basically become infatuated with this person though i have tried to reason with myself and tried to end things between us it always fail and I end up at square one with my lover still head over heels with them. there is much more to this story but that's just everything simplified. now. Before i met them i knew little to nothing about their heritage. they are Cuban and before them all i knew was that the Cuban flag was the same as the Puerto Rican flag (my flag. that they loved coffee and ciggars and that i liked a Cuban themed song from a james bond movie. I never seen anything else about it other than that. Now anything i do is CUBAN THIS and CUBA THAT. for instance my mother starts talking about Cuban things , or people she knows that are cuban. then she starts working on a painting of a Cuban scenery i hear Cuban music EVERYWHERE. the other day i was watching the kardashian show... it was the episode where Khloe tries cortaditos a Cuban coffee, to which she becomes obsessed with them and the rest of the show is her running around Miami trying to find Cuban coffee shops. this goes on an on with various things. they love the beetles and before i knew them i wanted to familiarize myself with the group as i had never heard their music much. they come in my life and HEY wouldn't you know they adore the beetles and send me a movie (Across the universe) that is nothing but beetles music. now i see the beetles everywhere. the song i associated with my lover was I want to hold your hand. well today i was feeling down and decided to listen to happy music. i decided i would go online and try to find some suggestions...... the first website i open up... well just read this My link I feel like the Universe is trying to tell me something. this isn't the first time something like this happened however when it comes to romance the only thing i ever used to get was the persons name popping up everywhere - that's it. but this is crazy!!!! it's also interesting to note that a year ago i had a dream i was looking at a sky full of stars and i could hear very calming music. the stars aligned themselves into my zodiac Taurus. The stars then re aligned themselves to make the Zodiac Scorpio. I always thought the dream was about me and my brother since he is a Scorpio and the stars Scorpio zodiac reminded me of my brothers tattoo which is of his zodiac... turns out my cuban is a Scorpio. we've agreed to continue talking to each other and "go with the flow" but i have a deep fear in my heart that they will meet someone else and forget me all together. WHAT IS ALL THESE SIGNS TRYING TO TELL ME?? are they trying to point out that this isn't to be? like a warning? or something else? how can i decipher this? on a side note there was something i was doing or thinking of doing (i cant remember details for some reason) but i think it had to do with my predicament and i had looked at my horoscope and it was so in my face that it even used my same words (or ideas) and i was just so shocked at how blunt it was. now i cant remember what it was all about for the life of me. what do you guys think? what can i do to understand these signs??
  7. Uriel427

    Please help! creating tarot decks

    Thank you so much!! speaking of symbolism i found my high priestess card curious. i had based her on Antoinette Nikprelaj in this picture My link and in the picture she's kind of smirking but in my picture she looks a bit angry, and i recently found out the high priestess is a bit of a downer card and ive herd someone refer to her in a YouTube video as a bit of a b*tch XD so i found it curious that her expression came out as so. btw ill be uploading my cards as i finish them , just uploaded the wheel of fortune :D thank you for the feed back!i really appreciate it.
  8. Uriel427

    Please help! creating tarot decks

    Finally got to upload what i have so far , they look better out of picture but ah well :) here is the library to my cards so far. i have to label them, give them a backing and laminate them. HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE THEM :D My link
  9. Uriel427

    Please help! creating tarot decks

    I agree , and yes my cards have a lot of symbolism I would love to see!
  10. Uriel427

    Please help! creating tarot decks

    I picked up a book that explains the cards and their meanings with a bit of description to their pictures. I have been using it to create my own personal deck. As an artist i love it! i get to personalize me deck any way i want! I use prismacolor colored pencils so when im done it looks like i painted the picture! now here is where i need help. I started me first deck and it's mermaid theme. however this deck is a bit darker than you would think when hearing the word mermaid. i chose to use a more predatory version of mermaids borrowing a few scenes from the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie (although there are a good amount of positive cards).Im about 8-9 cards into the deck and it takes about a day or two to create one card (if i have the time and the urge to do it) i have been slacking and ignoring my project for a while now even though im dying to get them done! now ive recently had inspiration to do a second deck of tarot cards based on Fairy tales! (this brought on by my watching a t.v show called Once Upon A Time :) this would deal with as many fairy tales as i could possibly squeeze in like snow white , sleeping beauty , red riding hood , Hansel and Gretel etc. and about an hour ago i got yet ANOTHER INSPIRING IDEA to make a Halloween themed tarot deck!! ive been so excited for this season that ive been surrounding myself with October scents , pictures and stories and im thinking of doing what could be the darkest of all three decks. i feel like its so much work it will never get done and i would lose interest and ignore the projects! i don't know what to do now! ill post a link to a photobucket account showing pics of my cards so you all can see
  11. Uriel427


    Here is a little page that might help you out! dolphins are generally positive symbols :)) http://www.whats-your-sign.com/dolphin-meaning-dolphin-symbolism.html