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  1. BloomingCherry

    Mahjong Readings

    That's awesome! Thanks again for the reading!
  2. BloomingCherry

    Mahjong Readings

    Nope, no "B". Neither first nor last. He has a brother with a "B", but I really have nothing to do with him, he's married and yeah...
  3. BloomingCherry

    Mahjong Readings

    Thank you, PhilosophersGate. To give you feedback, I am most likely done with school, unless a miracle happens and I can afford to get a master's degree. I am unsure about permanency of my job, it's a great job but it certainly doesn't feel like a forever company. So you're probably right, couple more years and I'll be looking again. I'm sure some others see me as wandering being my age, not married, and no kids, my soul might be young, but I am not that young. And I am certainly not giving up on my current relationship. What do you mean by "charging off into the world"?
  4. BloomingCherry

    2 Egg Yolks!

    They sell Jumbo eggs here and it double yolk happens quite a bit. Not so much with smaller eggs. However... what is a simple and common thing for some, can be a sign for others. Every time I see a rainbow, it always makes me feel extra happy like it's specifically there for me to smile.
  5. BloomingCherry

    Too picky?

    It's not too picky to follow your heart and what is important to you.
  6. BloomingCherry

    Relationship reading

  7. BloomingCherry

    Mahjong Readings

    I could use a reading. Thank you!
  8. BloomingCherry

    Unexplained feelings/emotions

    For the past maybe 10 years I've been suddenly feeling these strange feelings and I do not understand their source. All of a sudden I'd start feeling fear, or anger, or being nervous. These feelings never correspond to what I'd be doing at the moment. I'd be driving to work, or watching tv (home alone), or shopping and all of a sudden I'd get "hit" with them. I question myself every time if I have a reason to feel that, which never yields in a "yes". Until a few days ago those feelings were mostly either negative, or related to fear, but a few days ago I felt happiness and excitement, to the point where I was almost cheering of joy. Any ideas how I can learn the source of those feelings? Is it from my past, future, or from someone else? Mostly, I'd like to know from where that happy feeling came.
  9. Eye Crystals... rationalize and justify. This way you will see why you want someone. Literally ask yourself why you want him in particular, what qualities he has that you like (and "hot bod" shouldn't be the only one :)). List both good and bad, trust me it helps in more ways than you think.
  10. BloomingCherry

    Would love some advise!

    People see me as guarded as well. I don't let a lot of people into "the world of me". I have to partially agree with some of the previous suggestions about raising your self-confidence. Still, the fear of getting hurt again, of showing your true self to someone and it ending up being a waste of time is always there. On that note, try to show yourself to people through actions, or participate in gatherings, committees, events. You may still be seen as guarded, but people would be more attracted to you due to those interactions, and, in turn, they will help to be more open.
  11. BloomingCherry

    Keeping Healthy the Natural Way

    Only lately I decided to do anything about staying healthy. I took vitamins here and there, more so now. Joined the gym. I guess the age is showing its toll. I try to eat fruits and veggies, nearly not enough but I do my best.