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  1. eyecrystals

    relationship reading request :)

    Hi Guys! So I seem to have arrived at a time of my life where I have to make a couple of choices regarding my own happiness and future and whatnot! Of course after a silent few months of little to no love interests, several have popped up in the past few weeks. I would greatly appreciate any kind of insight into two specific relationships, the old one and the new one. Just wanting to know what you guys can read into them. The choice between the two is causing me some stress at the moment. Thanks!
  2. eyecrystals

    Dream of an Old House

    Spirits mostly. But not kind ones! It makes me feel uncomfortable and afraid that I'll be physically or mentally hurt by whatever is in the house. The house is foreign. I've not been in it in real life before. It's old, almost falling apart and hasn't been lived in for a while. There's a lot of dust everywhere and the wooden staircase handle has been eaten away by those bugs that eat wood, termites i think ^_^
  3. eyecrystals

    Asking Someone Out!

    This is tricky because I don't think there's ever a consistent or definite yes or no answer whenever you read something! There's so many different occurences and situations that can affect if she says yes or no. Just try it and see! Take a chance and see what happens but be happy that you know at least you tried if she does reject you.
  4. eyecrystals

    How do YOU deal with conflcit?

    Exactly!! Dealing with conflict is hard but when it comes to sorting it out between two people I think it depends on the amount of effort both parties are willing to put in to ease the tension and sort the problem out. I think I always worry that I will be the one putting most of the effort in and then fear that I'll be humiliated when they don't return the efforts I make, if that makes any sense! I think I'm too sensitive too :lol:
  5. eyecrystals

    When there are two options

    That's good food for thought, thank you guys! It's very difficult for me to chose at the moment. I need more time than I feel like they are giving me so I think I have to take a few steps away to think about it and still keep in contact so I can stay up to date. Sigh, I have zero love interests for at least six months and then about three all at one time!!
  6. eyecrystals

    When there are two options

    Regarding romances or potential relationships - and you're not sure which one to pick; if one is an old flame that wants to prove himself to you and try again and one is a new flame that still needs to earn your trust. Which path would you travel down?
  7. This was a really good little column of wisdom!! Thank you for sharing this
  8. eyecrystals

    How do YOU deal with conflcit?

    I've been struggling with trying to deal with conflict between friends and colleagues recently and have come to the conclusion that I just hate conflict and will do anything to avoid it!!! I can see now that this is not a good thing and that it will potentially set me back in more ways than one. I'm curious to see how other people deal with conflict!
  9. eyecrystals


    I think the need for protection against some energies and negative spirits is pretty fundamental when you don't know how to control your abilities. One of my friends is a good example of not knowing that she has quite powerful psychicness and being really stubborn in believing that things are happening around her. She is often telling me that she gets terrible sleep at night because she feels things are there and then is quick to say that it was probably her imagination because she maybe had been half asleep and she was just making noises up in her head. The other day, however, I asked her why she had not wanted to talk about her night one time. She told me she had seen a small shadow in the doorway and then hadn't slept for the rest of the night. I just want some good ideas on how she can go about protecting herself. What are some techniques she can visualize at night before she sleeps/crystals she could put under her pillow/scented candles she can light etc etc that could help her to have more restful sleeps and to push away whatever is trying to communicate with her? She is nowhere near ready to come to terms with her abilities and i'm not sure she will be any time soon but I feel like I can help her at least with trying to sleep better by teaching her how to protect herself.
  10. eyecrystals

    need insight

    I never thought I would be put into a leadership role either but I am currently working in one as I type this! Maybe they're telling you that you should give it a try:) So far it has been good to work as a supervisor for someone else's company but it has made me realise that I would like a leadership role that involves something more to do with overseeing the whole operation instead of telling people what they should be doing. Basically, it has made me see that I can have the potential to run my own business and it also has given me insight into how to run a business - a lot of tough work! My advice would be to see what it is like for you to be in some sort of leadership role! It's always good to have some experience even if you don't enjoy it.
  11. eyecrystals

    Five basic soul levels

    I fee like I'm a mature soul, the emotionally high maintenance part was just a big sign pointing right at me :lol:
  12. eyecrystals

    Dream of an Old House

    Hi guys!! I haven't been around much at all and I sincerely apologise for that! I'm posting again but I hope it doesn't look like I keep coming and going by my own accord or just come back when I need to /: Hope everyone is well! Anyway! I've been recently having a dream involving an old two story victorian house that is inevitably home to something that isn't human. In the dream I'm usually on my own in a room or roaming around the house waiting for someone else to arrive and help me. I can feel other beings there but am not able to see them. They cause disturbances in other rooms and scare me. I have a paralysing fear in my dream because I know no one is coming to help. I've had this kind of dream before and it seems to carry on from where I left off every time I sleep. I'm wondering what it means and if it is just my mind being overactive after watching a movie that had a similar pattern of events! Last night I did wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason but felt that something was around me. Any thoughts?
  13. eyecrystals

    Let's play a game of lost and found:D

    I still havent found it anywhere! Lucky it didn't have any cash in it. The last time I remember having it was in a taxi but I've tried all the taxi companies and nothing has turned up apparently :( after you said glove box of a car I called the companies again and made a specific request for them to look in the glove boxes :lol:
  14. Okay! So this idea came with a sense of urgency but I'm trying to stay positive. What do you know, I recently lost my wallet! It would be a lot of help to me if anyone can try to find out where it might be
  15. eyecrystals

    Tarot Reading

    Thank you for the reading!! It doesn't appear too positive does it :lol: I don't know if I've made the wrong decision about something; I have just made a decision to cut one person from my life for the time being because I need space. Was this the wrong thing to do? He has already hurt me and probably will continue to do so. In my view he is the one being unfair. Based on your knowledge about these cards, what advice would you give me?