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  1. I want to practice the "Does he/she like me spread" from aeclectic forum (I won't be posting the link here). It takes 19 cards and looks into the thoughts and feelings of both people. I tried it on myself in the tarot subforum here if you're curious how it looks. I am offering to the same for you and your friend/partner/lover/etc etc.
  2. So I tried to practice tarot readings and stumbled upon a relationship spread and here we go. I tried it on myself first, here's my interpretation, feel free to tell me what you think of the way I interpreted it. I will give you background on the situation after I get some replies. I will also try to offer to do this spread for other members. 1. Question: How they see me? 7 of wands Answer: He sees me as a strong person that is a fighter-survivor and who's not afraid of being different. 2. Question: How I see them? Knight of Swords Answer: An impatient person who is constantly in conflict with others, but who I thought would stand up for me. 3. Question: How they think they feel about me? 4 of cups Answer: He thinks he feels unhappy, or he feels that he's emotionally distant to me. 4. Question: How I think I feel about them? 6 of wands Answer: I feel defeated by the situation and need a few words of encouragement. 5. Question: How they really feel about me? Strength Answer: is this about him trusting me, or him having some fears that he needs to overcome or is it about him feeling dominated by me? 6. Question: How I really feel about them? 9 of swords Answer: I feel really guilty, uneasy and confused. I am really sorry for annoying him and it's running through my mind a lot. 7. Question: Where I want the relationship to go? King of Coins Answer: She wants him to take control, and she wants him to be friendly and practical. 8. Question: Where they want the relationship to go? Queen of Coins Answer: He wants her to take care of home, her surroundings and give advice. He wants her to be maternal and nurturing. 9. Question: Obstacles 4 of Coins Answer: Someone's controlling the situation and stifling creativity and expression. 10. Question: Next few weeks King of Cups Answer: Calming down of the situation. Peace, no excitement, no quarrels. 11. Question: Next few months 6 of swords Answer: Calm, consistent, undisturbed, slow. 12. Question: Where are we heading? Knight of Cups Answer: We are moving closer to each other. It's going to be creative and romantic and he might ask me out? 13. Question: Will we end up together? The Hanging Man Answer: MAYBE 14. Question: What will happen if I tell them I love them? 6 of coins Answer: he will look deeply into the matter and weigh the situation and where he stands and the pros and cons 15. Question: What will happen if I ask if they love me? 3 of Cups Answer: He will say he's just got friendly feelings? 16. Question: How will they know I love them? 8 of Coins Answer: Through patiently studying the situation? 17. Question: How will I know they love me? The Fool Answer: I will be given insight beforehand whether they just want to bed me or whether it's something more. [i already know that the person does not want to bed me... they'd take advantage of the situation already, but I don't quite know what to think of this card?] 18. Question: What is hidden that I need to know? 10 of Wands Answer: I will be left shouldering all the blame? 19. Question: Outcome 9 of Wands Answer: Don't give up, you're almost there?
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    I have never tried a reading that would say a timing, so I don't know how it works. It was not a decision making question. It was a question about whether me and my friend would meet again and when. I pulled three cards 1. For my friend : Ace of Cups 2. For myself: 8 Coins 3. The time: Page of Swords What I made out of it is that my friend is going to be undergoing a change in life, while I will be either upgrading my skills since 8 coins is about education (a fact is that I will be teaching and studying... also in my environment I act as an advisor to many of my friends... so I was thinking that it might mean that my friend will be at a transition point in life and making a change, that is when we will meet and I will be either teaching my friend or advising and the timing I don't know...)
  4. beagle

    Practicing tarot readings.

    From the reading that I did, it seems like its a good period for you to learn, get a degree or pursue a graduate school. And yes, your family will always play a huge role for you, even when you will get married. Thank you for the feedback. I am glad it was correct. Procrastinating isn't a bad thing unless it severely interferes with your progress. I think everyone at some point wants to avoid doing some things or procrastinate. But we should learn how to discipline ourselves and kinda push ourselves to do things that are for our own good. Nope I didn't forget about you. When I was doing readings for others, you still had below 15 posts, and one person even posted in this thread that people who don't have 15 quality posts should not be given a reading unless they reach that amount. Now I see you have more, so you can expect to see your reading within 2 days. I usually like to do the readings on Wednesdays or Fridays, but it all depends on my availability because I juggle a lot of different activities at the moment, which causes me to have a little delay.
  5. beagle


    I have never did a reading where I would try to answer the question "When?" I used all of the cards and got Page of Swords as the answer to that question... Also the reading was for me, so I hate how I am trying to influence my way of interpreting the card with my overanalyzing brain. Is it 11 weeks, 11 days or 11 months? or does is mean that the time depends on the other person since the card is a court card instead of a number?
  6. beagle

    should I just ignore this and keep moving?

    My answer is: wait, too short of a time to decide it. And didn't you say you said something to him and that's why he's like that?
  7. beagle

    Funny thing called love~

    T.K. I think love is truly funny, when I look back at the times when I liked someone, I really feel like laughing at my immaturity and the choice of a love object. Moopurple, I think we ladies are more prone to like guys for the personality than looks than they are. I enjoy witty guys, some visually attractive guys can just annoy you once they open their mouth... it's ridiculous. I think if I interacted with that guy more and knew him a longer time, then perhaps I would start liking him. At some point I noticed I like his eyes. I enjoyed his personality, but it's all gone, I graduated and he only started college, I'm moving and he stays. Anyways, I felt he's a good boy, so I wish him luck. It also amazes me how consistent astrology is though in my life. All the guys I liked were Pisces, all the guys that ever confessed to me were Libras, and I'm a Scorpio. I find this also funny. :lol:
  8. Love is a funny thing. Especially crushes and our realization about who they remind us of.... and the surprised look when you learn that you're someone's crush. Teehee. I want to share, not really ask about anything, but to share something I have notice and share the surprise when I learnt something. I notice that the last few guys that I have found attractive and developed some sort of crush in the past all resembled someone I knew and loved dearly... my grandmother that raised me... this finding is ridiculous to me, their personality was the same, the same nagging, impatient, funny, flirty personality..... but not only personality! They were also on a short side (me being so tall, it has been a heartache to me that they're so short compared to me) :lol: It's kinda ridiculous now that I have come to this realization xD But I have always said that "Small is adorable", maybe that's why I was attracting those type of men into my heart? Then, there's also the funny thing about learning you are someone else's crush... The shock, the realization that you have been so oblivious to the fact... I've been wondering if I have been leading this guy on, but how is that possible when I was just being myself, I only laughed at his jokes, replied to his questions and spoke to him a few times, to me he felt like a regular guy, kinda funny guy, thats it. At the end of the class, he told me I was his crush but he was too scared to ask me out, I didn't actually know what to do, I took it as a joke but didn't laugh, since he was a clown. It has also taken me by surprise a little, because I didn't do anything to make him like me, so there was a bunch of questions running across my head "How? Why? What?" I couldn't help asking myself "How did that happen in such a short time? Why me out of so many good-looking girls?" Hah, I don't wear make-up, I dress really conservatively, plus I'm a quiet person and a "nerd" ( :lol: ), so it was actually surprising. I was oblivious to it though, I didn't realize it. A thought came across my mind twice, once at the beginning and then at the end where I thought "does he like me or what?" but I dismissed it thinking there's many beautiful women in class and I'm just a funny looking student. Nevertheless, what I have learned from this is that I should trust my intuition and I keep wondering what else have I not noticed... I seem to be so focused on my goals that I have ignored many men and many situations in my life. Crazy me :lol:
  9. beagle

    Healing Schizophrenia

    I would suggest trying music therapy, I had a friend tell me about it. He said that his girlfriend had a client who was schizophrenic and she made him improvise on a piano, and that therapy was working for that client, plus without having any musical training that man was being really good at improvising.
  10. beagle

    Practicing tarot readings.

    Nigel, I feel like you are a positive guy. You are either excited now, or you are a funny person to be around with. Nevertheless there's something "happy" about you. Here goes your reading. You have accomplished something in the past and now you are getting the rewards. Either a marriage or a job promotion. Sense of completion and achievement. Be wise and not to live in the past. Avoid conflict, do not behave like a fool. Perhaps you have an enemy, fight that person by denying them what they desire. Aim high. You should have confidence, you can take some risks in life, love, college. Your family will be a great deal of your future. (If you already didn't , then You might meet someone caring, nurturing, practical, sweet, timid, big heart. Gemini/Cancer.) Enjoy the creativity but don't spend too much time with your head in the clouds. Be charming and polite in all relationships that you have now. You will experience strong emotions. Let intuition guide you. It's time to share the emotions, tell your closed ones how much you care about them and your feelings, its a good time for that. Strong emotions are flowing. Did you move? If yes, expect an invitation to a social gathering. Some things might not go the way you will plan, but the problem will be you and how you will figure and think to deal with the situation. Or you are avoiding things or maybe procrastinating? Question your motives before you take action. Happiness and joy, maybe not the outcome you will wish for, but you will be happy. Praise and recognition, you will feel strengthened by experience. In general nigel, it feels like you will have a great life and I like the energy I feel, the excitement, happiness and strong emotions. Good Luck!.
  11. beagle

    reading request

    I will PM you at the end of this week.
  12. beagle


    Oh I didn't notice that someone responded to my question. Thank you very much Skyscraper, I feel a little bit positive about this, but my family makes a big tragedy and problem out of it and I was starting to doubt everything.
  13. beagle

    Practicing tarot readings.

    I'm sorry for the late response. I was confused, so I do not know if any of this is correct or good. I will try again if its far from the truth. Foundation of sadness. You have imprisoned yourself, the emptiness is still lingering on. Something happened in the past and you are still sad about it. You are enjoying yourself, you're either in love or there is a wonderful thing happening in your life and you should enjoy it. Opportunities, wait and look for the signs. Things might turn the way you want them to. Time heals the wounds. Do you hold a grudge or trauma from a previous relationship? Maybe you need emotional detachment from all the pain? Keep cool when you face a challenge. I think you also need to surrender yourself to the situation and don't be impulsive. A man who likes the tried road and who's conservative, obsession about the right or proper... or you are not allowing something to grow. something is being limited to the only tried things. If its a man is it a virgo or a leo? You are praying for something, or dwelling emotionally on something. Are you a counsellor or an empath? I think you are lacking emotional boundaries sometimes, you need to talk about them with those around you more. Or maybe there's a lady like that around you? Sagitaurus or Capricorn? When I did the reading, it said that the relationship might have a positive outcome. The person will be unconventional to you by your standards and you will be enjoying it. If you want I will do another reading for you after I finish with nigel's and loudsoup's readings. A specific decision? I don't think it must've been something specific, just a life lesson, I guess since its about your life direction. I'm glad to get a thorough feedback, Thank you and Good luck.
  14. beagle

    Tarot/I Ching Fusion Reading

    yup, pretty spot on. it works really good. Thank you!
  15. beagle

    Tarot/I Ching Fusion Reading

    Let me be your first guinea pig. I'll take the fusion reading.