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  1. si12

    White Wizard Wednesday

    Thank you so much PG. Early summer might mean around march or april, which is not very far from now. So i am quite happy reading this prediction. I am actively applying for jobs everyday in the job portals and started to study for the interviews. I will definitely come & update this thread, once i land in the perfect job.Thank you PG. Hope you have a great year ahead.
  2. si12

    White Wizard Wednesday

    Hi PG. I am happy to see you back to the forum :). Hope you are doing fine. If you are still offering, i would like a reading too. I am into job searching now, i have completed my 1.5 years in my current company. So can you pick any messages related to my job search. Thank you.
  3. si12

    Healing for me and my little one

    Thank you so much Angel Soul, Village Witch,Victoria and Posibilities.
  4. Hi All, Hope you all are doing fine.My work schedule and life in general has become very hectic from past few months. My ex is also not leaving us to live peacefully, he keeps threatening with the custody case :(. From the day i got married (2009) to till now, i have been put into endless suffering. I am a bit tired and worn out now. Can anyone please send healing for my broken heart and protection for my little one. He can now understand the separation part and telling me that he do not want to leave me. After hearing those words from my son, my heart is in great pain :(. Please send some healing. I am not getting any closure to this issue, even after separation.
  5. Hi Angel Soul & PG hope you both are doing fine. Angel soul the healing you have sent me really worked. I was bit worried about few things which was about to happen during this month and you sent healing and PG predicted this "My first impression is that whatever you are dreading in May will not be as bad as you think. " I came here to update you both that my problem got solved miraculously and i am not worried about that situation anymore. Thank you so much to both of you. Hope PG is doing fine, i am bit worried that he is not active in this forum like before :(. Come back to the forum PG. Missing your presence. Angel soul thank you so much for your timely help. Sending lots of love and blessings.
  6. si12

    Power Healing Circle 11111

    Thank you so much for the wishes Angelsoul :). I am praying for your back pain.I will surely pray for all those in need of healing. So many good-hearted souls in this forum, who help each other. Its an honor to be a part of this wonderful forum.
  7. si12

    Power Healing Circle 11111

    Thank you so much for the healing Angel Soul. Much Appreciated.
  8. si12


    Thank you so much PG. Hope you are doing fine. Today is my birthday :), i would like to receive your blessings.
  9. si12


    Thank you so much Angel Soul. Yes kindly send some healing to both of us. I am feeling really low.Please ask the angels to protect us and give us courage to face the hard times (especially during may). Since 2012 we both are facing lot of difficult situations. I just need a peaceful life for both of us. Thank you for your help Angel Soul.
  10. si12


    PG hope you are doing fine,how is your health now. I am happy you are back to the forum. Can i ask you for a little prayer or healing for my son and me. We both are bit sad. It's bit difficult to explain, the issue is related to my ex's visit to my city in may 2017.Send healing to my little one. Can you pick anything in may. Do you sense any trouble for me and my son during may? Sorry for the trouble pg. Your advice always helps me heal myself and face the harder times.
  11. si12


    PG how are you feeling now? Please take care of your health PG.I am keeping you in my prayers.
  12. si12

    Months Ahead

    Thank you for posting this PG.I always wait for your weekly and monthly predictions post.
  13. si12


    Thank you so much PG. No PG we are not in talking terms now, he has an online visitation with my son every sunday. Could this be in my future?
  14. si12


    Thank you so much for the reading PG. Good to hear that there will be an opportunity for us to return to US.The pay in my current job is very less and i am planning to change the job after august 2017, so do you see any change of job this year?My son is well settled in his school now, he enjoys going to school:).He is growing up and now he seems to miss his dad's presence. He is looking at the other kids parents in his school and says he misses his dad. This is the only concern i have about my son.
  15. si12

    My shoulder

    Praying for your health nigel. Sending healing.