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  1. kayefreehling


    For a long time I have felt the draw to write. I have finally decided to jump head first into it. I run 3 blogs and it would be doing be a great survice if anybody would be willing to go and check them out.I would love any input. Constructive criticism is one of the best ways to learn and improve. I thank you for your time, Kaye Daily Shenanigans: http://dailyshenanigansandmusings.blogspot.it/ Short and Sweet: http://shortsweetstories.blogspot.it/ Wall Flowers: http://shywallflowers.blogspot.it/
  2. kayefreehling

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    Wow...I honestly didn't even think I would get that right. This is the point though where I tell myself it was just a lucky shot in the dark, and it probably was. I really want a smore btw hahahahaha. Kaye
  3. kayefreehling

    Don't you just hate it when...

    Hey, Well I'm like you, I don't like when people get in my personal space. I'm not a very huggy person, Loving, just not huggy. When someone thinks they know me. It irritates the crap out of me, and I will do the exact opposite to what they expected or thought I would do. I think when I totally know myself, it will be ok for some people (like my husband) to claim they know me. Answering a question twice. Now here is the catch, when it is something simple like they just didn't hear me, then yeah I'll repeat it. But if it is someone who tricked me into thinking they were paying attention and then ask the very same question that I answered I get annoyed. OR, I give them the answer and they misquote me! Reminds me of this saying: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted, then used against you. Being stood up by a "friend" because they thought that they had something better to do then hang out with me. And then the last one (OOOO I got quite a rant going on here!) is when people talk about me behind my back. If they can't say it to my face, they shouldn't say it at all.
  4. kayefreehling

    Question Game

    Gerard Butler? Sci-Fi is awsome!!!!!!!!!!
  5. kayefreehling

    Question Game

    The orange and white cat looks the closest to my cat. Except my cat has grey and white fur. Good try though!!!!!!!! Ok what I get from you apophis is that you are really into anime?
  6. kayefreehling

    obscure questions

    If I were God for a day? I would end all suffering. One thing I love about myself? I have been really good at seeing people for who they are. 3 things I want do do before I die? 1. Meet the Queen of England (ha!) 2. Get a tattoo 3. Find myself Ok my question: You are given a million dollars, but the catch is that you can only spend it on others and for only good deeds. How would you spend it? OooO another one: You are on your death bed, and you can grant one wish to somebody special to you, what wish would you grant/bestow on this person close to you?
  7. kayefreehling

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    Star76, Hi ya, how have you been? What I got for you is walking on a white sand beach, and picking up cool shells. I also saw a campfire on the beach at night roasting marshmellows. Yeah, probably way off but I thought that I would give it a go ^_^ Kaye
  8. kayefreehling

    Question Game

    So I ask a question and then people answer it? Ok yeah I know I am Captain obvious. Alrighty....What color of fur does my cat have?