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    Twin Flames - Reincarnation & Graduates

    I believe I have a "twin flame". We are only friends and only positive and loving between each other. As much as I have taught her truth in this lifetime she still seems to hate people. This is funny to me because I know how useless it is to hate anything. From what I've taught her she easily figures out people and the reasons they do the things they do then cuts ties with them. Where as I try to make everything come together and work everything out and not distance myself from people for the way they are but just accept them and help them if I can muster the patience = ). It's a lonely world where we live if you strive to cut out every negative person ha ha ha! I'm about to expand her little hate train for stupidity in humanity so she can live more peaceful. Next time I see her anyways =D Also @complexity I personally believe that love is a resonance. Oh yeahhh something that tripped me out the other day! My friend has a handsome husband. Wellllll we have had so many things in our lives that complement each others. Loads of things. Anyways I met a guy that looks exactly like her husband but better looking and finer hair! If there are twin flames we are such lucky souls! She isn't "spiritually in tune" like myself but my goal for this lifetime is to protect certain people. I will say as much as certain dreams have made their way to me and it isn't pretty. Psychic children all around the world will be sought after by "controlling forces" one day and thats where I come in ^_-