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  1. neleh

    seeing spiders

    I have always been highly alert ot spiders, luckily I don't have a phobia about them or else it would make my life hell. I've walk into rooms and zoomed right in on them without a second thought as to why I went in there in the first place. I have had a few harmless bites,(Huntsmen, Garden Browns) one a little more annoying with the venom taking a week to settle down without me using a hairbrush to my skin....'Drove me insane' :/ But it wasn't until I bought a 'Signs & Symbols Book' and read that a common thread with dreaming about spiders was 'WEALTH.' I try not to freak out about it, but Iv'e woken bolt upright sometimes dreaming about the critters and been wide awake in seconds looking for them.......I often wonder if our "CRAWL-DAR" is switched on at all times! 8]
  2. neleh

    When there are two options

    Good advice........so long as your absolutely sure the one with past is not motivated with the thought of being replaced with the present. The questions asked as to why now instead of before meeting the new flame should be examined. Good luck.....lucky to have two choices. :) Neleh
  3. neleh

    Hey Everybody!

    Enjoy the mutual interaction.......it's always interesting when one re-opens chapters. :) Neleh
  4. neleh

    Reading request please

    Salvador.............or Stevedore [Docker].???? :/
  5. neleh

    My Lost Stone..

    Was the stone in a small bag, and have you had any young children visit your home...............kids LOVE SHINY? :)
  6. neleh

    My New Chinese Tarot Cards

    Just beautiful, and already blessed with such positive energy. Great! ENJOY! (As a painter enjoys working with new quality brushes) Kindest regards Neleh:)
  7. neleh

    Dream of my grandmother's house and a tornado?

    It's nice though....to still feel as if you can go back to that safe house, I think it's her gift to you. Communication is tricky once they pass over...but they can still stay close to us and send us the love we need to feel them nearby. I have the same relationship with my grandmothers. I like it. :) xXx Kindest Regards Neleh :)
  8. neleh

    Chinese Astrology

    That's interesting...............I must read up on this one day. Thanks for your research. Kindest Regards Neleh :)
  9. neleh


    Well, yes....and I know I've said it before...but as Eckart Tolle has pointed out in 'The New Earth"......Sin has been defined as "to miss the mark". [To miss the point in other words]. Neleh :)
  10. neleh

    TV Psychics

    I get your point. I have two friends who have strong gifts, and yes....there are times when tact has no boundaries, but I wonder if they have a choice. If the word Medium means the conductor.......receptor.......or.....vessel for which which the message travels. Maybe they don't actually have any control over this, lightening does not come down to earth gently nor politely. I wonder if all the unbridled energy coming through those that can receive is already putting on the brakes as much as it possibly can?:huh: Food for thought. Kindest Regards Neleh :)
  11. neleh

    had something interesting happen

    On a Technical level Nigel.....or a kind and gentle nature angle. :)
  12. neleh

    What is going on

    I'm afraid I don't know much..if anything in the way of dark entities. Which I'm thankful for, maybe I am protected and for this I am eternally grateful. However I will be praying for your answer and liberation of an unsatisfied energy (and actually.............it sounds jealous and possessive of you). Is it possible the answer lies within yourself to ask it to leave?....Firmly? We all have so much more power within us that we're not aware of it's full potential. May the blessings and protection of St Michael be with you. Kindest Regards. Neleh :)
  13. neleh

    Soul Mates and Marriage

    Iv'e been in relationships many times, I have less expectations than ever. (Only IN LOVE three times). The notion that our sole purpose in life is to have a sole mate no longer interests me, as it does not define who I am nor limit me to this position. Was it John Lennon who said "Life is what happens to you when your busy making other plans". Accepting that not everyone living at the same time will find their soul mate in their lifetime is only sad IF they are ALL sad about it. I for one am not. I have family and friends that fill me up with love every day.......they carry me through. I have purpose, creativity and goals that keep my world busy from doting on the negative and although I could be fitter....I have my health which keeps me positive. I pray for all those wishing to find their soul mate that they find what they are looking for, me......too busy. And that's OK.
  14. neleh


    Welcome to UPG 'ohallboyz'[interesting handle]. You will find many interesting contributions here. Kindest Regards Neleh :)
  15. neleh

    had something interesting happen

    And is there anything that Michael said that you want to share Nigel?.....it all sounds fascinating :D Regards Neleh :)