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  1. orcadragon17

    Does reiki make you sleepy?

    Sadly, there often is an imbalance in my sleep cycle. Unless I have something pressing to do (like work) I will sleep in. My Mother has such a bad sleep disorder that if my Dad has one, every single one of my siblings will have one. I do have a sleep disorder, but not the breathing kind like my Mother. My illness isn't primarily known as a sleep disorder, but does effect sleep. I wonder if anyone can guess what my disorder is.
  2. orcadragon17

    Does reiki make you sleepy?

    I went to a meditation where the leader sent healing reiki into the group. I was really happy afterwards and felt I was walking faster (tragically slow walker). The next day I almost fell asleep at work.
  3. orcadragon17

    A request for my wife

    I am saying a prayer for you as well as your family. I am glad you received such good advice in talking to your wife.
  4. orcadragon17

    Come get a cup of tea and say hello

    Thanks for the book information. I actually have been working on 'The Intuitive Way' by Penney Pierce. 'Frequency' is not at the local library, but maybe at the New Age bookstore in town.
  5. orcadragon17

    Speaking with Angels

    Yes, my attempts often left me thinking I am just talking to myself. Just another part of myself... deeper. Our Higher Self might be translating? I remember in my conversations with angels, the angels talked about a word that didn't translate into english correctly in my head. That what they are saying is limited by my knowledge. Our Higher Self might be assisting our understanding of the angels, so that it feels like it is coming from oneself. It has been so long since I have attempted speaking to angels. I think I might try once again.
  6. orcadragon17

    The Truth About the ANGELS

    I am not sure if demons are really out there or just a part of my mind getting carried away, but my attempts to contact angels do not always result in angels. My fear of satan runs deep. I, however, need to overlook it so as not to be overcome by fear. I left the Catholic Church, and am trying to find a faith of my own. I will not let fear cloud my faith. (-) the satin part I found this post uplifting. Thanks.
  7. Who am I? I am certainly not psychic. I play around with Tarot cards when I need answers to questions, but that is rare. I have been in a process of semi-awakening for over a year. What I mean is I read books and collect Tarot cards (my dream is to display them someday, but right now I hide them from my family). I do not stop to meditate (except before using the cards), or journal like I am told too. My spirituality hits me in waves. I will suddenly start going to psychic clubs and using my cards. Then I lose interest. Months later another wave will hit... there is a reason for the waves, but that is besides the point. My life is boring. I am always doing something and time keeps on flying by. My awakening seems to hit a wall. I cannot predict the future, read minds, or do any of the things you cool kid do.